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Jacking off on the Beach

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59 now-45 at the time.


When I lived in Vegas years ago and had days off during the week I would go to the lake (Lake Mead) and enjoy the sun and water. There was a very secluded beach that I would go to where a lot of women would go and lay out topless. I was married at the time but my wife didn't know I was going there. I went there this one day about noon. Like I said, the beach was very secluded, especially on a week day and you had to hike a long way to get to it and I always carried a cooler with plenty of refreshments in case I ran into anyone. When I got to the beach there were two young girls say in their earlier 20s on the beach.

Both were topless, with thong bottoms on and lying on their stomachs. I said hello and introduced myself. They turned over and reached up and shook my hand. I told them they both had beautiful tits to compliment the rest of their beauty. They thanked me and I asked them if they would like something to drink. The blonde, Judy asked if I had a soda and the redhead Joyce asked if I had any water. I had both and got it for them. I was being brash and asked Joyce if she were a natural redhead. She said she was and I asked her to prove it. She stood up and pulled down her thong bottom in the front. Sure enough there was the same color neatly trimmed 'V' red pubic hair. I applauded and said bravo. She laughed and sat back down. I asked how the water was and they said they hadn't been in. It was about 105 F out that day and I wanted to cool off. I had shorts on and my swim suit was in my bag.

I wrapped a towel around me and pulled my short off. I reach for my swim suit and Judy said, 'I bet you don't have the balls to go skinny dipping in front of two women.' I said, 'Oh! Ya!' and dropped my towel. Joyce and Judy were both staring at my crotch. Joyce said, 'You're wrong Judy. He does have the balls and very nice ones at that.' Judy agreed and we all laughed. When I'm hot my balls really hang down and I was starting to get a hard on from looking at those beautiful tits. I ran the twenty feet down the beach and dove into the water. After a few minutes I got out and walked back up the beach. Judy said, 'While you're up could you get me another drink?' Joyce said, 'Yes he is up isn't he,' as they were both looking at my swollen cock. Judy said, 'That is very nice. I'm sure there is a woman that you take very good care of with that. Isn't there?' I told them that there was but that there was plenty to go around if anyone wanted some. Joyce added that she thought I had a nice butt too. Their eyes on my cock was getting me very turn on and my cock was rock hard now.

I made no attempt to hide it as I got Judy's drink. I asked Joyce if she would like something and she said a soda too. I got all three of us one and walked up on their towels and handed each of them theirs. Their eyes were glued on my cock and I don't think I have ever been that hard before. Joyce said, 'Mr. Dick must be hurting. He has a big tear in his eye.' I looked down and a huge drop of precum was dripping out of my cock and fell on Joyce's towel. I told her I was sorry but looking at two such gorgeous women and having them see me completely naked was an incredible turn-on. I sat down on the end of their towels and we started talking about sexual things. SURPRISE! After a few minutes Joyce said, 'Judy bet me I wouldn't ask you if you masturbated and we both think you would lie about it anyway. Most men do.' Judy slapped Joyce on the arm and turned red. Joyce said, 'Well! You did.' We all laughed and that really broke the ice.

I told them that I liked calling it jacking off and that I jacked off regularly. Judy almost blurted out, 'Would you jackoff for us?' I told them I would love to. I got up and moved my cooler over on their towels so I could sit up at eye level for them. I grabbed three women's ponytail bands and some lube out of my bag and sat down on the cooler. Judy asked what the bands were for. I didn't say a word. I just slipped them over my cock and under my balls and started playing with myself. My cockhead and shaft started swelling and the head was turning deep purple. Joyce said, 'Judy look how fat his dick is getting.' Judy said, 'I know, isn't that fucking hot. Is that what those bands do to you?' I told them that it did and they both said they were going to try to talk to their boyfriends about trying that.

I lubed my cock and started jacking off. I told them I didn't think I would be able to last very long because I was so turned on. I was stroking very slowly to try to last as long as possible. I was sitting on the edge of the cooler and my balls were hanging down a good 5 inches and were at least 4 inches across. I had never seen them so fat. Joyce said, 'You like being seen jacking off, don't you? You are a dirty old man aren't you? Judy look at this dirty old man jacking himself off and making us watch.' Joyce was turning me on even more, if that were possible and Judy caught on to what she was doing. She said, 'Look at the way he is stroking that big thing. That dirty old man wants to cum all over us.' I was gone. My first squirt went up about a foot (good for 45) and the next one about half that. Then it just started flowing out all over my hand, down my balls and all over the towels.

Then both the girls came to me quickly and started massaging my thighs as I finished cuming. Joyce looked up at me and said that was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. Judy said she had orgasmed three times without even touching herself. Joyce said she had twice. I was so spent that the girls cleaned me up and that was great. We spent the rest of the day just laying together there on that southern Nevada Lake Mead beach. We exchanged phone numbers and had several more lake experiences but nothing ever topped that first one.



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