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Jacking Off for My Ex Gf

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This woman that I dated for several years had been broken up for a few months but were still friends and would still visit each other from time to time. I called Tina up one day and asked if she was busy. She said no and that I could come on over. I told her it would be a few minutes because I was going to ride my bike.
I put on my favorite shorts that would let my cock stick out of the leg band. I got on my bike and started for Tina's. Before I got halfway there my cock was getting hard and sticking out of my shorts just thinking about her looking at me. I did this all the time and she seemed to enjoy it. When I got to her house she was sitting out front reading the paper. When I was getting off my bike my now rock hard cock came all the way out of my shorts. Tina looked at it and said 'did you ride all the way over here with your cock sticking out like that? I told you I didn't want you to show it to other women, that's my cock.' We both laughed and I sat down across from her with my cock still sticking out of my shorts. She would glance down every few minutes and take a good look.
I asked her if she had anything to drink and she said she was out. I told her I would ride around the corner and get some. She said 'O.K. but don't you let anyone see my cock.' I pulled up in the parking lot of the corner store beside this car just as this gorgeous woman in her late 20s was getting out. When I put one foot down on the ground my other leg was still over the seat and opened up my shorts and my whole cock came out and she was looking right at it. I was only simi-hard but still about 6 inches long and she just stood there looking at it. As she continued to look my cock started getting completely hard and grew to it's full 8 inches. She looked up at me and said 'that is really nice equipment you have there. Do you know how to use it? I told her I sure did and I would be happy to give her a demo. She gave me her business card and said to call her soon. She said I couldn't go into the store like that and asked what I needed. I told her a 12 pack and she said she would get it for me.
When I got back to Tina's my cock was still rock hard from that young woman seeing me. The first thing Tina said was did anyone see me like that. I told her about the young woman but didn't say anything about the business card. I think the idea of another woman seeing my cock turned her on. We sat there and drank a few drinks and Tina's looks got longer and longer. I knew nothing was going to happen and I did need to go and I told her that. I asked her if I could go in her bed room and take care of my problem so I didn't have to ride all the way home like that. My cock was already dripping pre cum all over my leg. She said sure and I headed into the house and to her room.
I went in her bathroom and got the baby oil, took off my shorts sat down on her bed, oiled up real good and started jacking off. I left the door open hoping Tina would come in. We had phone sex all the time but she had never seen me jack myself off and I wanted her to so much. I had been jacking for about ten minutes and trying to hold back as long as I could because it felt so good. Just then Tina walked by and into the room across the hall to put away the portable phone. When she came out she was looking straight into her bedroom and at me jacking off. She started to turn and leave and I asked her if she could get me a wet wash cloth. She said O.K. and came into her room and into her bathroom. As she walked by me her eyes were glued on my cock and my hand pumping up and down. She came out of the bathroom with the wet wash cloth and extended it out to me. I grabbed her hand and asked her if she would please set down beside me. She said she thought that was something that a person should do alone. I told her I really wanted her to watch me cum so she sat down. She never took her eyes off my cock and in just a few minutes I was cuming like crazy. Tina reached over with the wash cloth to catch my cum so it didn't get on the carpet and managed to get it all over her arm. It felt like I was pumping my balls out of my cock it was cuming from so deep. I finally stopped stroking and looked at the mess I had. Tina looked at me and said that must have felt really good. She said she couldn't remember ever seeing my cum that much before. I use to pull out of her and cum on her stomach or tits. She always liked me to do that. She started cleaning me up and it felt great. She licked some of my cum off her arm and said it still tasted great.
I put my shorts on gave Tina a quick kiss, thanked her and headed home. As soon as I got home I called the young woman from the store and talked for awhile. She loved to talked dirty on the phone and we made plans to meet.



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