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Jacking off at a Mile a Minute

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I had a rather thrilling experience today that I can't help but share. I had just gotten off work after an eight-hour day, and I was more than ready to head home and relax. I hopped in my car, the sun still shining bright on a sunny spring evening, and took the on-ramp to the interstate for my half-hour drive home. Traffic was about the same as it always was, plenty of cars on the road, but not so many that you couldn't get where you were going in a hurry. I turned on the cruise control, and with my right hand keeping the wheel steady, I leaned back and went to rest my other arm on the handrest like I usually do when I'm driving a long straightaway.

My fingers briefly brushed against my crotch as my hand settled on my thigh, and I felt a familiar tickle. I must admit, I'd been feeling pretty fucking horny that day, I'd had some pretty intense fantasies rushing through my head while I was working, and I was looking forward to a little five-finger relief when I got home. I absent-mindedly gave it another brush, and I could feel myself starting to get a little excited. A sudden idea popped into my head, imagine if I just whipped it out and started jacking off on my way down the road? I immediately dismissed the idea, too dangerous, someone would see me, this isn't the time or place. But as I drove another mile down the road, then another, I kept thinking about the idea and I started rubbing myself through my pants with more and more intensity. My cock was quickly becoming rock-hard, and I said to myself, what the fuck, I'm going for it.

I took a breath to steady myself and gripped the wheel firmly with my right hand as I changed over to the rightmost lane. My eyes stayed on the road as I reached down and unzipped my fly. It took a minute as I reached in and fumbled with the opening on the front of my underwear, but in a moment I pulled my now-solid cock out through my open fly. I stayed like that for a moment, my palm laid flat over my cock, gently rubbing it as I drove along. I checked my mirror to verify that there wasn't another car next to me, and I wrapped my fingers around my cock and started jacking it.

I was careful at first, every time a car came up near me, I stopped. Soon, the idea of people seeing me changed from scary to exciting, though, and I was jacking off with wild abandon. It was so surreal, the landscape zipping past me at a mile a minute, exposed, imagining the people chancing to look in my window and see me going at it. I could tell I was headed towards a monster orgasm, and it didn't disappoint, my first shot sailed out of my cock like a cannon, landing two feet away across my shirt. I kept spurting much harder than I usually spurt, and in a few seconds my shirt and the front of my pants were coated in cum.

I grabbed some fast food napkins I had lying by my seat and tried to wipe some of it up, but the cleanup ended up being even harder than jacking off had been. I drove the rest of the way home with my dick hanging out of my pants, and once I got home I zipped up and wiped myself down before I headed inside, nobody being the wiser to my little thrillseeking adventure. Of course, I had to throw my clothes in the washer and swore to myself I wouldn't do anything so dangerous again, but I had so much fun, I know it won't be long before I'm on the freeway with my dick in my hand again!



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