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Jacking in the Woods

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This happened a few years ago


There is this really cool bike path I ride down in the woods. It's not really a bike path but I use it for that. It's really just a small road in the woods. As soon as I turn off the road and get a few feet into the woods and off the road I'm off my bike and out of my clothes. I put three women's ponytail bands over my cock and under my balls as cockrings. They make my cock and balls really swell up and get all fat. I ride my bike butt naked for a few more yards then push my bike off the path and into the woods and somewhat out of sight. I love walking around in the woods naked. It feels so good. I put some lube on my cock and start jacking off as I walk. I like to get far away from my clothes. It is such a turn on.

This one day I was really daring and walked about a half mile away from my bike and clothes. I walked through the woods and came out by the road. I looked in both directions and didn't see any cars so I walked across the street. I walked back and forth across the street several time while I was jacking myself off. It felt so good and the tickling in my cockhead was so intense. I almost blew my load right there with the excitement of the possibility of a car driving by and someone seeing me jacking myself off. This is a very deserted road and no cars came by.

I walked across the road one more time very slowly and then headed back through the woods still jacking myself off. I had been jacking myself now for about an hour. All you guys that jackoff and those of you that lie about it know what a great feeling it is when the fantastic tickling starts in your cockhead, down your shaft, into your balls and asshole. I walked on and as I got close to my bike and clothes I heard voices. I eased closer and saw two young women in their late teens, early twenties. They were going through my stuff and talking about me being somewhere naked. I knew I was busted for sure and didn't have a choice.

I walked out of the woods with my cock sticking straight out and said, 'Can I help you?' they both spun around and saw me standing there butt naked with my hard cock sticking straight out in front of me. The one girl said, 'Holy crap. You scared the hell out of us.' They were both staring at my cock while the blonde was talking. She said, 'You've been walking through the woods and masturbating, haven't you? You're a dirty old pervert and we caught you. Judy what do you think we should do about this.' Judy said, 'We've seen you before riding your bike naked down this road and now we've caught you. Karen, guys don't like to admit that they masturbate so let's make him masturbate in front of us.' Karen said, 'Great idea Judy. OK you dirty old pervert, if you don't want us to turn you in you better start jacking that big fat dick off and I mean right now. Judy, look how fat his dick and balls are. Do those bands you have on make it all fat and purple like that?' I nodded my head yes.

I pretended like I didn't want to but there was nothing I wanted to do more. Judy said, 'Karen, he's not going to do it. Let's go turn the dirty old man in.' I said, 'Wait! I'll do it.' Karen said, 'Don't talk about it; we want to see you do it.' I wrapped my left hand back around my cock, put some more lube on it and walked right up to about 2 feet from them and was stroking away. Judy said, 'Look Karen, he really is a dirty old pervert. He shaves his dick and balls.' I couldn't believe how great it was feeling with these two young women talking about what a dirty old man I was and watching me jacking myself off. I started moving my hips forward and fucking my hand. Karen said, 'Fuck your fist you dirty old man. Judy this pervert is going to blow his cum right here in front of us. Come on you pervert, let us see you cum.' It was all over for me and I started cuming all over the ground right in front of them. I came so good. I kept stroking until every last drop had cum out. The girls never took their eyes off my cock and balls.

Then Karen looked up at me and said, 'We better not catch you in these woods again, or we'll make you do the same thing all over.' Judy said, 'You're a dirty old pervert for jacking your dick off and making us watch you shoot your jizz. You should be ashamed.' As the girls turned and walked away I was very ashamed and couldn't wait for them to catch me again.



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