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Jacking in Front of My Mother

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In the same room with my Mom!


I called my mom one day and asked her if she would be willing to see me jack off. 'You want me to watch you?' She says. I said, 'Well you know not right in front of you but be in the same room with me.' 'Well I don't know. Oh come on over here and we'll talk about it OK?'

So I got there and my mom had some stuff for me to do so I helped with that. Then we went to dinner and got back. I had a long history with her wearing woman's clothing right in front of her so she said, 'You can get into your lacy things now and when you're through dressing come into my bedroom.' This is a good deal I thought.

I get my girly stuff on wearing a real neat wide at the bottom black chiffon type skirt with roses and flowers on it. I also had on a red sleeveless nylon blouse and black high heels and thigh highs. She was use to seeing me and when I came into her room she smiles and says, 'You look nice when did you get that skirt?' 'At Ross Dress for Less about a month ago.' I said. She and I had gone shopping there a few times together in the past.

My mom was in a night gown and was lying on her bed. She says, 'Sit down so we can talk.' I sat down and pulled my skirt up enough revealing the beautiful black nylon slip I had under the skirt. 'Is that the slip I gave you?' 'Yes it is!' I said and I showed her nearly half of it. 'That's just the slip I need for next week. Mike don't get any thing on that I'd like to wear that this Saturday I have something to do!' I got a big kick out of hearing that knowing she was going to wear the slip I had on. 'I won't get anything on it mom!' I said.

I always loved it when she and I would talk about women's clothing. I also loved it when she could see my slip so I left the skirt up and continued talking to her taking inviting glances at it while she and I conversed. There were countless times that she and I would watch television with me in a full slip, so she was quite use to seeing me wear one. If it was warm she'd say, 'Take off your blouse and cool off.'

I always got a big kick out that looking at the bodice to the slip and both of us watching TV.

She had given me a couple of her dresses and the very slip that I had on. We started talking about usual kind of stuff and I wasn't sure about coming out and asking her if I could get started so I bide my time.

We were talking about current events and the Monica and Bill thing had been in the news. So I took my right leg up real high and with my left hand I slipped my cock out of the bottom of my panties and started stroking on it. Now she is only less than 3 feet away from me. There is no doubt that she could see me stroking my cock!

She didn't say a word. So I wasn't quite hard enough to get my cock in the full erect position so being discreet as possible I kept at it until I got hard. Now I know she couldn't't see my cock. The skirt and slip were blocking her view and I continued. I would even take my hand off of it at times and gesticulate in the air.

So this conversation went on for at least ten minutes and I was having a blast stroking away and talking with her. She even got up from the bed to get a hair brush and she peeked but she didn't let on if she saw my erection.

'So that Monica she's one smart girl keeping that blue dress around.' This really got me going so I started to stroke a bit faster. 'I said, 'She sure is can you imagine having the foresight to keep it as evidence.' She says, 'Yes and Bill shooting his semen on it, there sure must have been a lot of that in order for it show on her dress!'

This started to send me over the top and I let out this big and audible 'Uhh Uhh type of sound and started Cumming watching my semen shoot out and hit the floor. She doesn't skip a beat and says, 'And Bill putting that cigar into her, why would he do that?' 'I don't know mom I'd rather have my you know what inside of her.' I still was in the throws of my orgasm and she says nodding her head, 'Yes I'm sure you would!' She smirked a little when she said that.

Then she gets a little red in her face and says, 'Well I guess it's time to go to bed see you tomorrow!' I lifted up the seam on the panties and put my cock back in and stood up and left the room.

The next morning I brought up what happened the night before. Saying 'So you are ok mom with what we did last night?' She says, 'Well I asked you to come into the bedroom didn't I?' 'Yes you did I said. 'So I'm ok with it!' 'Where's the slip? Is it in the bedroom?' I said yes it was. 'Ok come with me!' We both walk into the spare bedroom and the slip was on a chair. She goes right over to it and streches it out! She gives it a good look over even holding it up to the light. 'Good I don't see any of your semen so I'll wear this next week!' She folds the slip up and takes it with her into her room. Then I stuck around for a little while and went home.

Then she calls me to tell me what a great time she had showing her pictures at the city art show. She lets out this little giggle and says, 'Mike don't let this go to you're head but I felt so wicked when I had your slip on. You're a naughty boy but I did get a kick out of having it on.' She adds, 'Just thought you would like to know that so I'll talk with you later.'



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