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Jacking History

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I first became aware that my penis was capable of erections when I was six, and saw my aunt spank my cousin Ann on her bare behind. I didn't realize that there was any sexual significance to this at the time. After this, every time I was spanked I had an erection. My jerking career began one day when I was nine, and had been spanked by my mother for playing spanking games with the same cousin. I had gone first in our game, and was in the act of spanking my cousin's bare behind when we were caught. I was nude from the waist down, my behind was red from my spanking, and my juvenile pecker was raging hard and about three inches long. After the spanking I was sent to bed still extremely excited with my pecker hard and tingling. To relieve the sensation, I grasped my penis wrapping my hand around it and stroking it up and down. After a minute or so of stroking, I began to feel a sensation I had never felt before. It continued to increase, and finally became so intense, I could not have stopped if I had wanted to. Finally, my body stiffened, I gasped for breath, my pecker began to twitch, and I had a series of spasms in my penis which I later learned was an orgasm. Of course I did not ejaculate. A day or two later, after recovering from the spanking, in bed when all of my family were asleep, I tried the stroking again, and produced my second orgasm. This was so great a pleasure I had to continue having it, so I began to masturbate about three times a week. Wanting an explanation for this new found joy, I asked my 13 year old cousin Paul for an explanation of my discovery. He listened, laughed, and told me that I was jacking off, and I should not be worried about it because all boys did it. When I asked him if he jacked off, he admitted it. I next asked him if he would do it with me so I could learn to do it well. He agreed, but said it would have to wait until we could get together alone. Finally, one Saturday when he was left home alone, he called to tell me to come to his house. When I arrived, we went into his room, took off our clothes, lubed up our peckers with Vaseline, and jacked away. In about 10 minutes Paul began to stiffen, quiver, and gasp in what I now knew was the onset of an orgasm, but being older his peter began to shoot out a thick white liquid I had never seen before which he called come. It took me another five minutes of jacking before I had my orgasm. We managed to get in two more jackings before I had to go home.
I settled down to jacking three times a week usually at night in bed. This continued until I was 12, and had begun to grow pubic hair when one night in the middle of my jacking ritual, I felt a new sensation something like I had to pee, but not quite. I knew I was close to coming because my pecker had turned bright red, and I could feel my balls retracting. This time when I came, two or three drops of white sticky come oozed out of my serpent's eye. I enjoyed this so much that I increased the jacking to three times a day; once at night in bed, again in the morning when I bathed, and after school. Like all boys, I had to tell my friends about my ejaculation, and found that they were all into it. We'd get together afterward, and have circle jerks to see whose pecker was the largest, who could shoot the farthest, who shot the most come etc.
I had a friend in the same class to whom I complained that jacking as much as I did made it difficult to get it all in without getting caught. He said that wasn't a problem we could jack off at his house every day after school because he had no brothers or sisters, and his parents did not get home until six. We told our parents we were studying, and became very efficient masturbators, learning how to prolong jacking sessions by stopping before orgasms, and then continuing. By repeating the stop and go method we could make a session last as long as we pleased, but usually kept it to 30 minutes. This worked very well, and continued until we began to date girls, and our jacking off began to subside.



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