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Jacking from Then To Now

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I grew up in the rural Deep South in the 1940's. We didn't have electricity or indoor plumbing until I was around 16 years old. When I was 13 years old my cousin, who was 14, told me about masturbation or as he called it jacking off. At first I didn't believe him so we went in their outdoor toilet and she showed me how he did it. I was totally amazed that he would shoot white stuff out. He said it felt better than anything he had ever felt. I couldn't wait until I was alone to try it, which was that night in bed.

That night after I was in bed I tried it and my cousin was right. Nothing had ever felt that wonderful. But I didn't shoot cum like he did. I also figured out that I could do it again as soon as the feeling went away. I think I must have done it 10 or 12 times that night. The next day I told my cousin about it but told him nothing came out. He said that happened to him when he first started. He told me to keep doing it and eventually I would start cumming.

I really don't remember how long it was until I shot my first load of cum but it did happen. I am sure that I jacked off every day after I learned about it and probably more than once some days. During the summer months I was always home alone. I found a little sex paper back book that my mom and dad had bought and given to my older sister. I assume it was to help teach her about the birds and bees. Anyway, I did learn a few things by reading the book. It also had drawings of the male and female anatomy in it.

There was this black girl that lived up the road past our house. By the time I was 14 I began to notice her. She was the same age. I didn't know how to approach her so one day I cooked up a plan. I know it was a stupid plan but at the time it was the only thing I could think of. She would walk by the house a couple of times every day, usually about the same time each morning and each afternoon. One day I was sitting on our front porch waiting for her. When I saw her coming I pulled my dick out and started jacking off. I was jacking when she passed and looked at me. There was no way she could keep from seeing my hard dick. She smiled like she was embarrassed and kept walking.

The next morning I was waiting for her in the same spot and was jacking off again, only this time I was standing up so she would get a better view. Again she smiled and kept walking. The third morning I was sitting on the front porch totally naked rubbing my dick. This time she took a long look at me. The fourth morning I was dressed and not jacking off. I walked out to the road and met her. I asked her if she would like to come and sit on the porch with me. She giggled and said she would. We sat and talked for a few minutes and then I asked her if she liked seeing me naked. She said she did. She said she had seen her brothers naked but I was the first white boy she had ever seen naked. I asked her if she would like to get naked with me and she said she would but not on the porch. I told her to come on in the house and that we would both take our clothes off. She was afraid my parents might come home but I assured her they would not be home until late that afternoon. She wanted to know what if someone else came up. I told her if that happened she could throw on her clothes and go out the back door and no one would ever know.

When we got in the house we each took turns taking off one article of clothing. It didn't take long because all I had on was my underwear and a pair of shorts. All she had on was a pull over dress and a pair of panties. Soon we were both naked and admiring each other's bodies. I asked her if I could feel her body and she told me I could if I would let her feel mine. Mary and I spent the next couple of hours exploring each other. Not only did I get to see my first pussy but got to feel it. She told me that she had heard one of her older sisters talk about letting her boy friend stick his finger in her pussy so naturally I tried it. The more we played the harder my dick got and the wetter her pussy got. I showed her how I jacked off and she showed me this little spot that felt good when it was touched. I learned that day what it was like to see a girl have an orgasm. I had read about it in the little book but seeing it and causing it was much more exciting than reading about it. She wanted to try jacking me off and I quickly realized that it was much more enjoyable when someone else does it to you than when you do it to yourself.

Mary and I spent every day that summer playing with each other. Not only did we learn a lot from the other but we were able to teach each other. By the time the summer was over we had tried some other things but I can't go into them here. The summer's end may have curtailed mine and Mary's playing but we continued our exploits until we were 18, at which time Mary told me that she was getting married. By that time we have become great friends. I might also add that we are still very close today, even though we have not done anything together for all these many years.

I had a good friend that lived down the road from me and as close as we were he never knew about Mary. But he had a sister who was two years older than I was. She was about the most beautiful girl I ever knew. When I was not playing with Mary I was usually down at their house. One day I spotted a pair of his sister's panties on the floor. No one was around so I picked them up. I noticed a stain in the crotch of her panties so I stuck them in my pocket to examine later. Later that day I looked at the panties and smelt them. I knew what a pussy smelled like thanks to Mary but I had never smelt a pair of panties. Smelling June's pussy juice made my dick hard immediately. I jacked off while inhaling her odour. That was 55 years ago and I still today get off smelling a woman's panties. I was never able to get June to do anything with me but I jacked off many times smelling and licking her panties.

The summer of my 16th birthday we spent two weeks at my mom's sisters and her family. I was not too excited about going because that meant two weeks that Mary and I could not play together. But the trip turned out to be more exciting that I expected. I had not seen my cousin Ann for a couple of years and was surprised to find that she had turned into a fine looking girl, Although she was two years younger than me she was developing early. The second day we were there Ann and I were left alone while the other visited different people. I asked Ann if she had ever masturbated and she had no idea what I was talking about. I offered to teach her and at first she was hesitant but finally agreed. We both got naked and I masturbated her to orgasm and then showed her how to jack me off. I couldn't talk her into anything else but she and I had lots of fun over the several days.

When I was 20 years old I married my current wife and today masturbation is an important part of our sex life. We do not limit our love making to masturbation but we masturbate together at least once a week. She does not know about all my experiences nor do I know about all of hers, although she says she never masturbated with anyone else. She was a virgin when we married so I know she had never had sex with anyone else.

I cannot understand why there is such a hang up by society about masturbation but there is. I have always heard that there are two types of people, those who masturbate and those who lie about it. I think self pleasure is one of the greatest gifts a human being has, and I am so grateful for this site. I never miss a day reading the stories submitted. Keep jacking and jilling.



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