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Jacking & Friging in My 57 Chevy

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My childhood sweetheart and I dated for almost two years before we married, in spite of the fact that we had known each other all our lives. This was back in the days when it was not uncommon to find a virgin nor was it unusual to wait until after marriage to have sex. This was the fabulous 50's. Duck tails were in style and condoms were the only method of birth control at the time. I owned a 57 Chevy that was the envy of all the kids our age. A typical date with my soon to be wife went kind of like this.
I would pick her up in my car and we would head for the drive in movie, usually a double feature on Friday and Saturday nights. As soon as the movie would start we would start making out. We would start kissing and feeling each other up. She had very beautiful and very firm 36C tits that I just loved. By the time we had kissed a couple of times her nipples would be hard as pebbles. Back then a girl wore either a skirt or dress on a date so that gave easy access to her pussy. She would pull her skirt up and unbutton her blouse and either take her bra off or pull it up above her tits. By the time I had massaged my girl's tits a few minutes she would lift her skirt and pull her panties down and off and stick them in her purse.
We would tease each other for the longest. She would have my cock out playing with it while I played with her body. Before the first movie was half over my cock would be dripping precum and her pussy would be soaking wet. Finally she would lay back and spread her legs and I would start sucking her beautiful tits and fingering her wet pussy. I would usually stick one finger inside her vagina while I massaged her clit with my thumb. She was a virgin and her pussy had to be really wet just to get one finger inside her tight pussy. It would not take long until her hips would be bucking up off the seat and she would be cumming like crazy. I could feel her vagina squeezing my finger with a sucking motion. She never wanted to stop at just one orgasm but would always have three or four. Finally she would ask me to stop so she could take care of me. When I would pull my hand out from between her legs my hand and fingers would be soaked with her pussy juice. I would either lick my fingers clean or wipe them on my hard cock.
I would then lay back and she would take her hand and scoop up all the juice from her pussy and lubricate my cock with her cum, mixing it with my precum. She would then start jacking me off. When I got ready to cum I would let her know and she would hold her left hand over the head of my cock. When I shot off my cum would hit her hand and some of it would fall back down on my pubic area. When I stopped cumming both her hands would be covered with my slick cum. She would usually grab both tits, which would still be bare, and rub my cum all over her tits, paying especially close attention to her nipples.
We would usually get something to eat and watch the rest of the movie, but there would still be some touching and kissing. By the time the second movie was over we would be ready for another round. We would leave the drive in and head for our parking place. There was this one particular place where most of the kids went to park but we had found this special place several miles out in the country were we always went. It was well hidden and totally deserted. We always knew that we would not be disturbe there. Once we parked we would start making out. If the weather was warm we might both strip down totally naked. If it was winter time we would keep most of our clothes on and keep the motor of the car running. Sometimes in the summer we would get out and spread a blanket in the moonlight and lie on it. Never-the-less, either with clothes or without clothes, we would usually end up in the 69 position. I would be on the bottom. My girl would have her head over my hard cock bobbing up and down on it while her hand played with my balls and she fingered my asshole. Her knees would be drawn up and her wet pussy would be just above my face and I would be licking her from her the top of her pubic hair all the way back to her puckered little asshole. I loved licking and sucking her clit until she began secreting juices around the opening of her vagina and then licking and sucking her vagina cleaning it of all her slick juice. She was, and still is, pretty hairy between her legs so I never failed to get a mouth full of pussy hair. We would spend several minutes doing our own thing, me working on her and she working on me. She had learned really well how to suck cock. She could tease me and make it last a long time or she could make me cum quickly. And I had become just as familiar with her pussy. I knew what she liked and what would make her cum.
Finally one of us would let the other one know that we were ready to cum. It was usually her that came first so she would stop sucking my cock and concentrate on enjoying her orgasms. I would put both arms around her ass and hold her down over my face. I would suck and lick her clit really fast. Her hips would start jerking and she would begin screaming out that she was cumming. I could feel her tits hanging down rubbing against my stomach, sometimes touching my cock. Her pussy would spasm and her hips would jerk uncontrollably. Her vagina would flood with juice. Again, she would not be satisfied with just one orgasm but usually have three or four. By the time she would stop my tongue would be tired and my face would be covered with her slick pussy juice. I would lie there and lick around the opening of her vagina while she sucked me to climax. After eating her pussy and smelling her with every breath I took, it would not take me long to cum. Her head would be bobbing up and down taking almost the entire length of my cock in her mouth as one hand massaged my balls and the other one played with my asshole. My body would tense and I would start cumming, shooting glob after glob of white hot cum in her mouth. She would always signal me that she was taking my cum because she would start grunting and slurping as she swallowed every drop. She would continue sucking my cock until she had drained every last drop of cum from my body. She would then lick my cock clean and then raise up and kiss me. I would taste my cum on her lips and she always commented about smelling and tasting herself on me. I used to laugh at her and tell her that I believe she loved the taste of her own pussy juice because she would almost lick my face clean after I had eaten her pussy.
By the time we dressed it would be time to take her home. Sometimes I would have my hand on her pussy as I drove her home. She usually would have my cock out playing with it. Sometimes she would jack me off again on the way home but usually I was totally spent by that point. Before we reached her house she would put my cock back in my pants and zip me up. She would than take her panties out of her purse and prepare to put them back on. I would usually kid her and tell her to give me one last smell of her pussy and she would hold her panties up to my nose for a few seconds. She would then put her panties back on. Once we arrived back at her house we would have a long kiss and I would walk her to the front door of her parents house. There we would kiss again and I would tell her I loved her and she would tell me she loved me. I would then go home and go to bed. I would wake up the next morning and the first thing I would smell would be the lingering odor of her pussy still on my face.
We had been masturbating each other about six months and one night we were talking about masturbation. She asked me if I ever 'jacked off' when I was alone and I told her I did it often. I asked her if she ever played with her pussy and she said she did. She said she slept in the same bed with her sister so she could not 'frig' herself while they were in bed so she usually ended up doing it in the bathroom while sitting on the commode. That night I jacked off while she watched me and then I watched as she made herself cum. We would occasionally masturbate for each other but we usually masturbated each other.
I'm sure our dating was tame compared to today's standards but it was exciting to us. I might add that we had sex for the first time on our wedding night and it was probably the most exciting night of our lives. At least we had something to look forward to. My wife and I have now spent 40+ wonderful years together. Sex is still just as exciting today as it was back when we were dating. I still love eating her pussy and she enjoys sucking my cock. Her tits are not as firm as they once were but they are still beautiful. Her pussy doesn't get as wet as it did back then and I don't shoot as much cum. But we both still get a thrill every time my cock enters her hairy pussy. We still masturbate each other and for each other. I'm not saying that everyone should wait until after marriage to have sex. I'm just telling you how it once was. How it was between two kids back in the fabulous 50's.



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