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Jacking for His Girlfriend

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Jacking with my buddy Dirk was the most erotic experience. When his girlfriend watched, barriers fell...


I first jacked with a guy my senior year of college. We had been friends a long time, and it just happened naturally, one night when we were both horny. We already knew that we each jacked a lot, and sometimes talked and joked about it. This night, we had been looking at some erotic pictures he had, and we both got hard, and pretty soon our pants were pulled down and we were watching each other jack.

We'd hung out for three years, and it was totally, totally cool to finally jack together. The next day, I went over to his place and we hardly said anything, just pulled our clothes off and jacked two or three times again.

After that, it became kind of regular, watching each other cum was so incredibly hot! After a date, he would often come to my place, and strip, and we'd eat and talk and watch each other's cocks get hard and jack off. If he got laid, he'd tell me all the details while we jacked off. If he didn't, we'd share our fantasies.

It was always a secret. He never told his girlfriends, nor did I. Then he had a girlfriend who wanted to watch him jerk off, and got off on it, and finally one night he told her about us. A few days later, she asked if we would jack-off for her. He told me, and the next Saturday I went over to his place to meet them. We had hung out together a few times, and had fun, but I was really embarrassed now, and so was he.

After about an hour of doing nothing, Gail started taking off her clothes. She was a creamy skinned red-head, gorgeous long hair. Her breasts amazed me-full and round with little pink nipples. Her pussy hair was light and red and didn't cover her pussy lips, which stuck out pink and firm.

We began to strip while she was folding her clothes, and both of us were hard as soon as we got naked. I was really nervous, and I don't remember much, but I think the first time, we all jacked and jilled and all came at about the same time. Gail was very obviously totally turned on by watching us.

We sat around, kind of fondling ourselves, and pretty soon I saw Dirk getting hard again, and I started to swell. He was staring at me, and I knew he wanted to jack again and it made me go rigid fast. We both got very hot and were completely staring at each other, totally into jacking, until we had huge, manly-cums, spurting onto each other, legs wide. I recovered to see and hear Gail writhing in a long, whimpering orgasm.

A week later we got together again, and wasted no time stripping naked, but were still nervous. Gail made us stand in front of her, reached out her soft hands, and began stroking both of our cocks. It felt indescribably good, and watched her stroke Dirk, and gazed at her round, hanging tits and tight nipples as they swayed as her arms pulled on our cocks. I heard Dirk sighing and grunting in pure pleasure. We were both so hard and stiff!!!

Then she pressed our cocks together, and, taking them in her hands, stroked us slowly and hard together. Our cocks had never touched before this and we were completely-god it was beyond hot! I felt Dirk's cock get stiff and harder and harder and knew he was going to cum-so was I. I felt his whole body tense, his cock pressing hard to mine before it started to spurt, pulse, pumping cum. I exploded against him, and we were covered in cum, cocks melted together in Gail's hands.

After we relaxed, and talked and joked, Gail said she wanted to watch us stroke each other. Wow! We'd never done it before. Dirk's cock was swollen, but limpish-it felt awesome in my hand. I gently rubbed it and it grew bigger and bigger against my palm, and soon I was jacking it smoothly and hard and steady, relishing how it felt, knowing how hot he was.

All the time, Dirk was stroking me, I was totally stiff, but focused on stroking him. Gail said something, and suddenly I noticed her, lying in front of us watching with her legs wide, her hand slippery in her pink wide pussy, face flushed, completely focused on our hands on each other cocks.

A wave of excitement stung me, and my hand began working Dirk's cock with total sureness, stroking, flicking his tip, massaging his balls, knowing after years of watching him stroke himself, knowing exactly what drove him wild. He moaned and groaned so much!!! He started to cum, and I held back, let go, watched his cock pulsing in the air and for the first time felt him stroking me deeply, thoroughly, his hand so strong on my cock-I was SO hard.

I felt I was going to cum, that I couldn't hold it any more, and started stroking him again, faster and furiously. I remember his hips grinding as my hand slid along his cock, almost pulling his cock out of my hand, and all I could think of was that he would cum and I was going to cum, and I wanted to feel his cock pulsing and I wanted to get off sooooo bad, and for him to grunt and cum, and then we both were grinding and spurting in each other's hands, and were soaked with cum, and held each other's cocks for a long time, feeling so good.

Gail and Dirk didn't stay together long...we only got together one more time. But she started something with Dirk and me, that was for sure!!! After that, when we got together, we couldn't resist jacking each other. Sometimes, Dirk would just lay back and let me jack him, and I loved to feel his balls and rub his thighs while he was hard and stiff, and work him gradually, fully, expertly to orgasm. Other times, we would press our cocks together and grind until we came against each other, grabbing each other's ass, melting our loins. Most often we would gently stroke each other, for a long, long time, teasing, drawing it out, until we couldn't hold it longer, and our cum would gush, messy and wet, into the air and splat against our naked bodies.



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