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Jacking Each Other Off

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I was visiting my friend Stan for the weekend. We are both divorced and bi, and occasionally enjoy sex play together. Stan has a large collection of European films, because he enjoys watching how European men play with their foreskins. This is natural, I guess, because Stan got deprived of his foreskin by a money-hungry doctor when he was born. This is also why Stan is very interested in my prick, about the same size as his but with a long, thick foreskin covering the precious head.
We were sitting in Stan's living room, a blanket on the floor beneath us, watching one of Stan's European videos. My fingers were wrapped around Stan's seven inches, lubricated by the copious flow from Stan's slit. Stan's prick-head was turning red, as it does when he becomes super-excited, and the slit had pouted into an oval. Stan was getting turned on two ways - watching the video and playing with my thick foreskin, lovingly sliding it up and down to caress my bulging glans.
I wanted Stan to cum, because I knew he hadn't blown a load in a week and must be really needing release. I twisted my hand on his lubricated glans, feeling its heat in my palm, then stroked him again in long, rotating strokes that I knew would pull the orgasm from his tortured body.
Stan's eyes were closed, and his balls drawn up tightly against his body as his cock attained its final swelling, becoming rock-hard in my hand as he built towards the explosion. He threw his head back and groaned as I felt a heavy throb run through his shaft, and a white jet shot through the lips of his cum-slit. Stan drew his legs up, his lips contorted in orgastic rictus, as the full force of orgasm overwhelmed him. He moaned as I stroked more hot jets from his prick, the fluid shooting up onto his chest, then dribbling down over my encircling fingers as their force weakened.
Watching and feeling his climax had almost pushed me over the edge because he had not let go of my prick, even during the full heat of his orgasm. Stan came sliding off his high, turned his head to took at me, silent thanks in his eyes. He then dropped his gaze to my prick, which was seeping lube that spilled over the foreskin and onto his fingers that were still sliding the loose hood up and down.
Now he tightened his grip and stripped the foreskin right back, pulling it tight towards the base to uncover the head completely and the groove behind the rim. He ran the index finger of his other hand lightly over my sensitive rim, knowing that I rarely feel direct contact there, only the smooth foreskin sliding over it. The touch made me jump and draw in my breath, and I felt my cock going into its final swelling. Stan kept up the contact, lightly running his fingertip around the rim, down under the head where both sides of the rim met in a weld line, and came back up the other wide. My breathing deepened, and I knew I'd blast off the moment Stan wanted me to, because he had the power to make me with just a touch.
It was a helpless but delicious feeling, being completely and literally in his hands, knowing that he could make my prick blast off beyond my control, and I stared intently and his hands pleasuring my engorged prick. The big purple head stood out proudly, the slit pouting into a tear-drop shape, seeping lubricant that Stan was now spreading in circles around the opening. The front of my glans was pinking, deepening to purple near the rim, and dark purple at the backface, which was studded with little sensitive bumps that Stan was now caressing again with his fingertip.
I felt a jolt as his exploring finger dropped into the groove behind the rim, a place nobody had touched before. His thumb and forefinger encircled my prick and rotated over the super-sensitive tissues as I groaned and threw my head back, my mind in suspended animation as my entire world shrank to Stan's fingers around my prick. I was totally focused on the intense tickling feeling he was producing in my prick. Now he closed his entire hand around the head, twisting it and making me groan as I slipped into the mindless state that precedes orgasm.
My prick-head ached for the release that was only seconds away, and I could feel the sharp contraction as my balls drew up tight against me. Stan's fist twisted again, and the tickle turned into a hot tingle that flowed smoothly down my shaft, back up, and made the head explode in sensation. I couldn't stand any extra sensations, and my eyes closed involuntarily, blotting out the world as the heavy "thud-thud-thud" began in my cock-root. I cried out in agonized ecstasy as the first rush of hot lava burned its way up my tube, and I slipped into the depersonalization of orgasm.
I was off in space somewhere, aware of my body trembling in orgasm, hips bucking to thrust my hot, turgid prick into Stan's trembling, encircling fingers. Another orgasmic shudder ripped through me as the hot lava burned its way up my rigid penis, spewing out of the pouting meatus. Another hot jet gushed from my prick as I rocked my head from side to side, moaning helplessly as Stan lovingly caressed my cock to further spasms.
The sensations lessened, and I returned to Earth as the final spurts dribbled from my gaping cum-hole. I opened my eyes to see Stan's hand covered with my cum, and suddenly realized my prick-head was super-sensitive, and I quickly put my hand over his to stop him. I sighed, and looked into his eyes, our mutual glance saying all that had to be said; "Thank you, lover, for a super experience. Thank you for sharing it with me." A minute later Stan had turned off the video with the remote and we were fast alseep in each other's arms.



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