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Jackin' the Dj

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This is a story about my friend and co-worker. Some years ago my friend Tom decided to start a DJ business to play wedding, parties, and the like. I often talked with him about his new business and how to take it from spinning discs, records or CDs, to an all digital format.


Tom had a gig at a very well known venue near my house. It was a wedding reception that lasted well into the night. The event was an outdoor party so when the rain blew in everyone had to evacuate quickly. The DJ and food tables were under push up canopies so that protected them a bit. Tom covered his equipment with plastic and left everything there. The next day at work Tom asked to borrow my truck to get his equipment. It seems that his truck would not start. Since the venue was near my house I told him that I would just meet him there. We packed up my truck and I followed him back to his apartment where we unloaded. Since our feet were so covered in mud, I told Tom to wait inside the doorway and I would bring the equipment to him so that he could put it away.

Everything was put away so Tom offered me a beer for my trouble. I slipped off my shoes and tried not to get his couch too dirty from the mud on my jeans. After we finished one beer and started the next, Tom suggested that he wash our jeans. That way I would not need to be so self conscious about getting things dirty. I was a bit hesitant at first but before I could voice my objections Tom stood up and dropped his jeans then stuck his hand out waiting on me to give him mine. I emptied my pockets and pulled my jeans down, handing them over. I sat on the couch in my briefs and Polo shirt and finished my second beer. Tom returned from the laundry area in just his briefs, stopping by the 'fridge to refresh our drinks. He then sat on the couch next to me and asked what I wanted to do now. Looking at the time I noticed it was late and suggested on the premium channel after hours programming that included a little soft porn. Soon enough we were sitting in his living room watching soft porn and talking.

The program mentioned a cock ring and I asked Tom what the purpose of a cock ring was. He seemed a little baffled but I have never used one and only just heard about such things. Tom explained that the intent was to limit the blood flow out of the penis thus providing a stronger and longer lasting erections. It also enhanced ejaculation. By the time he finished explaining, Tom has a handful of cock rings in various sizes. He picked one and insisted I try one so I grabbed a medium sized one from his hand not knowing what size I would need. With that, Tom dropped his briefs to the floor then showed me how to put it on; right over the cock and balls. It was pretty self evident. I pulled off my Polo and dropped my briefs to the floor and followed suit. We began stroking ourselves, trying to achieve erection. It was not long before the both of us were hard. I studied Tom's hard dick. About 7 inches, straight, nicely proportionate, and a shaved pubic region. I, on the other hand, am much smaller generally about 5.5 to 5.75 inches with a slight downward curve, a bit thin, and I was unshaven. Tom asked if I wanted to suck dick. I told him no, I don't do that, just jack off. With that he produced some silicon based lube. It had a sweet smell to it.

I slipped from the couch to the floor so that I was looking directly at Tom's crotch while we jacked off. I asked if I could stroke him. He agreed. There I was, on the floor stroking Tom's and my own dick. Oh, how I love that feeling. A dick in each hand. I felt great. After a while, maybe 20 or 30 minutes, Tom lifted me back on the couch where we began to jack each other. It was probably another 20 or 30 minutes before we both started to cum. I let the cum ooze out over my hand and onto my balls. I love the feeling of hot cum on my balls, belly, or chest. Tom got up and grabbed a couple of hand towels so we could clean up. In the end the only way I could tell time is that the program we were watching finished and a new program was on.

Tom transferred our clothes from the washer to the dryer while we sat in our briefs on the couch and talked until they were done. That was the last time I masturbated with another guy. Tom's contract ended and he moved out of state to find more work. It was too bad, I wanted to jack with him more.



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