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Jackin for Sis

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While rereading my recent posting 'Mom's Show', on this site, I got to thinking about an incident with my sister, which took place a couple of years before 'Mom's Show'.

First, a little background. While growing up I lived with my mom, dad, and sister in a very small house(as noted previously.) My sister is older than me by a couple of hours. Until we were about 10 years old, we shared a small bedroom, and bed. In fact, the room was only slightly larger than the bed in it. The bed was sized between a twin and full sized bed. Sharing such a small room, and having the same school schedule, there was no real modesty. We were very used to seeing each other naked, and thought nothing of it. During the summers, we spent quite a bit of time at the beach with mom, and the neighbor kids and their mother. When getting ready to go to the beach, sis and I would strip down and don our swimming suits right there in the living room. I can remember checking out sis, and thinking she looked funny without a peter. At about the age of 10, I was moved out of the bedroom and into a corner of the livingroom, which was none too big.
Sis had turned quite modest anyway, and I hadn't seen her naked in while, when I was moved to my own 'room'. I mentioned in the account of the other incident, that I tried to spy on both mom and sis, being a very curious and horny young boy. Sis, since she'd gotten the room to herself, had made it hard to spy on her. On the other hand, it was easier to catch glimpses of mom's 'good stuff', especially of the abundant dark culy hair around her pussy. This was because she didn't wear underwear under her dresses, only a bra. She also never wore slacks, even though, she had several pair in her closet. Much later, I found out that my dad insisted that she always wear a dress with no underwear, so that he would quicker and better access to her hairy pussy whenever he wanted. Dad seemed to have some hold over mom, beause she did many things, some of a sexual nature that he insisted upon, but which seemed to go against what I knew about her. My dad worked out of town most of the time, so was not around all that much. Since mom wore no panties, if she was not carefull when sitting down or standing up, I would catch quick glimpses of her hairy pussy. I remember one time mom was hanging clothes on the clothes line in the back yard on a windy day. Apparently she thought nobody could see her as the wind was blowing the skirt of her dress up above her waist, sometimes keeping her exposed below the waist for 15 to 20 seconds at a time, without her even trying to keep it down. She also apparently didn't realize I could see her from the kitchen window.
As related in the previous posting, I stumbled upon the joys of masturbation at about age 13. This incident took place shortly after that.
I had been swimming that day, we were on summer vacation from school. As usual, I was wearing my summer uniform, my swimming suit. The suit was dry though, because I had just ridden a mile and a half from the swimming hole on my bike. By the time I got home, I had to pee pretty bad, so headed for the bathroom, which was through mom's bedroom. For some reason, my sister was on mom's bed reading a book. She was sitting propped up by the headboard with pillows. She asked, 'Where you been? Whatcha doin?' I thought they were dumb questions, seeing how I was dressed(swim suit only), and going to the bathroom was the only reason I'd be going through that room. The only thing I said was, 'Gotta pee.' Then, more as a joke than anything, I asked, 'Wanna watch, like you used to when we were little?' As small kids, when we were playing in the woods behind the house and had to go to the bathroom, we just pulled down our pants and went, usually watching each other. With no hesitation, she said, 'Sure, why not.' I was a bit surprised.
Our bathroom, like the rest of our house, was very small, containing a toilet, and then off to the side, a shower. When you opened the door, the toilet was right there facing you, so all my sister had to do was turn her head to the right, and the toilet was right there, less than 6 feet from where she was reading on mom's bed. Walking into the bathroom, I lifted the seat and prepared to pee, by standing to the side of the toilet, to give sis a better view in profile. Rather than just pull my dick out through the leg opening, I had dropped my swimming suit completely, as I walked into the bathroom, then proceeded to pee a whole bunch.
When I finished, I shook my cock a couple of times, turned, and walked into the bedroom, without really thinking about it. As I came out of the bathroom, sis was looking me over closely. 'My, you've grown quite a bit,' she commented. I knew from the gym locker room, and skinny dipping with my friends that I was quite a bit bigger than most of them, maturing earlier than most of them. I also had quite a bit of pubic hair. Sis commented on this, saying, 'I've got hair down there, too.' About this time, the fact that I was naked in front of sis started to set in, and my cock started to get hard, which didn't escape sis's notice. When I asked to see her hair, she raised up her hips, slidding down her shorts and underwear together, just enough so I could see some dark colored pussy hair, about the same color as mom's. 'Oh come on, I'm naked, and that's all you can do is show a little hair?' In response, she pushed her shorts and panties to her knees, but kept her legs together. Sure enough, she had more and darker pubic hair than me, although nowhere near as much as mom.
I was so engrossed with looking at her pussy hair, and the faint outline of her pussy lips showing through, I didn't realize that I had gotten a raging erection, right there in front of my sister. I was jolted back to my senses when sis said, 'So that's what a hard on is.' Without thinking about it, I just blurted out, 'Yeah, wanna touch it?' As I was standing at less than arm's length from her, she reached over and touched lightly with one finger. She then lightly grabbed ahold of my cock with that finger and her thumb. Her only comment was, 'Wow that really is hard, and big too.' I tried to get her take a hold of my rock hard penis, even demonstrating how to wrap her fingers around it, but she declined.
'Show me your tits, and I'll show you something really neat about this,' I said to her, wrapping my hand around my erected penis. After a little hesitation, she pulled up the shirt she was wearing, giving me a nice view of her budding breasts encased in the cups of her bra. She then slipped her fingers under the lower edge and pulled up, exposing 2 of the nicest looking small tits I have ever seen. I reached out to touch the closest one, but she pushed my hand away. 'You touched my cock,' I said. 'Well, ok, but just a little,' sis said. I reached out and cupped the closest boob in my hand, I was amazed by the feel of it. It was firm, yet soft and yeilding. I then moved a finger up and grazed it over her hard little nipple. As a result, she shivered and jumped. Sis then pushed away my hand, asking, 'What is it about your pecker that you're going to show me?' 'You'll have to slide over on the bed and give me some room. I need to be lying down,' I said to her. She grumped a little, but slid over, and I jumped up beside her.
I then found myself lying on the bed next to sis, stark naked with a huge erection. She still had her shorts down around her knees, and her shirt and bra pushed up above her pert, beautiful tits. When she started to push down her shirt as I grabbed my seriously arroused cock, I said, 'Don't cover yet, I need some inspiration.' She relented, and left her boobs and pussy uncovered.
She had kind of rolled on to her side to watch, giving me real good views of her uncovered body. The sight of her lusciousness drove me over the edge, and I gripped my rock hard cock in my right hand and started to pump up and down. On a sudden impulse, I slowed down and said, 'It would feel really good if you would rub it for me like this.' Unfortunately, for me, she declined, but urged me to continue. As excited as I was, laying there naked, jacking off for sis, I wanted it to last. But it eventually came to a shattering conclusion, sooner than I'd have liked. Gob after gob of white cum splashed up onto my stomach, as wave after wave of pleasure swept over me.
As I was relaxing, and catching my breath, she rearranged her clothes, covering up that really nice hairy pussy, and those luscious boob of hers. 'That was quite a show,' she commented as she got off the bed, and walked out, leaving me alone in the bedroom. Looking back on it, she looked a little flushed, and her voice was a little raspy when she spoke to me before leaving the room. If I remember right, she also squirmed a bit, rubbing her legs together, while I was jacking off, although she didn't touch herself with her fingers, which would have really added to my excitement and enjoyment.
After she left the room, I cleaned up and got dressed. Within a few minutes, mom came home, that was close. The only time the incident was discussed between us was about a month later, when I,once again, found myself home alone with sis. I tried bring it up, kind of in a joking manner, hoping sis would want to repeat the performance. No such luck, she said,'I'm not interested in your immature games; besides, I've already seen you jack off once.' And that was the end of it.
This incident also has provided me with many hours masturbatory fantasy in the years since then, and has never been discussed again.



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