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Jackin Everywhere I Can

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I have always loved jackin off in odd places or places people wouldn't either expect it or a place where you run a high risk of gettin caught. I have jacked off in a lot of places and when there's a risk of gettin caught it makes it 10x better. So far the places I can remember I've jacked off are:

Grandma's house

Uncles House; in both of his bathrooms, the one downstairs where I snuck a commerative anniversary adult magazine in there with me and I nutted all over the cover of it and upstairs in the bathroom with all the porn mags in it. I also stole two of his mags (not the ones I came on)and still use them when I don't want to think or get online.

My room; on my bed, in both of my chairs (I have a Lazy Boy and a regular office chair), on the floor and sittin on my desk while watchin a porn movie.

My living room

My kitchen

My brothers bed (only because I used the vibe on the computer controller, which is amazing by the way. Find a spot in the game where you can hover over or something that makes the controller vibrate nonstop and put it on your balls while you stroke your cock. Similar to using the shower head the same way but it's a little bit better I think.)

My backyard when my neighbors were outside in their backyard that butts up to mine. They didn't actually acknowledge me because the only guy had his back turned to me but the two ladies around 30-35 were definately staring at me. I loved it.)

At three of my friends bathrooms, usually cumming on their mom's or sisters clothes or on the sink.

At one of my older sisters rooms and that was only because it was the only free room at the time and I had to jack it RIGHT NOW so it was my only choice. I don't mess around with my siblings at all, that's really weird.

My Aunts house in Chicago; the bathroom and the bedroom I slept in.

School in last bell OMG its the shit. (shot my load inside my pants and it ran down my leg and everywhere it was cool as hell and I almost got caught by this really hot girl and my sexy english teacher with huge tits and it happened to be whom I was thinkin about) Could you even imagine how a 12th grade english teacher who knows students find her attractive and the HC queen would confront me about that if they did see anything? It would be interesting for sure.

The woods in the back of my neighborhood (I was riding my bike and got a hard on and it was always something I wanted to do so I jacked off and was rock hard when I got to the woods and shot my load all over a tree. It was snowing out too that added to the experience)

My other woods at the end of my street on the platform back there while I was waiting for a girl that I liked who could have showed up at any time, too bad she didn't show up in time though.

My best friends living room with his sister (That story is on here)

My girlfriends bathroom

My room with my best friend (solo). I wrote another entry on here about that too.

My female friends bath room and her laundry room, cummin all over her and her sexy sisters panties and bras.

A bedroom at my grandmas

My front porch at night, like 11:00 so it was dark but there was still traffic and my across the street neighbors were out in the driveway. I busted so hard when I finally got off.

My best friends mom's van on a vacation trip. I was the only one besides his mom and she was driving (we had to split up because of car trouble) and I was in the back seat right behind her. I shot my cum on the back of her seat. It was so good, I just wish she could have moved her mirror to see my hard cock that I was stroking because of the bathing suit she was wearing revealing her close shaved cunt and huge titties. That was a very nice jack, I still beat it thinkin of that time.

On vacation on two occasions. Once in DC on a school trip in the bathroom and in the bed when everyone was asleep. That was a rush by the way because I heard my friend Alex doing the same thing in the other bed and he thought everyone was asleep too so he moaned kinda loud when he shot his load and I cummed right after that. I moaned loud too and we both kinda laughed it off and got up and went in the bathroom with our dicks still out to clean up. I had my semi hard cock hanging out my briefs but he was just naked. I was proud my dick was bigger than his in girth and length when his was even still hard and mine was only semi hard. He ended up jackin off again right after we laid back down but I couldn't get hard again so I couldn't join in. Then I shot my hot load all over the toilet and mirror in the same places he did in our bathroom the next night right after he did because he walked out and smiled and said he left something in there and our other two guys were like, WTF?. We never spoke about it after that.

I also jacked off in the hotel in Columbus when we went there to visit family. I got in the shower there and did it, without water I just wanted to see how far I could shoot my cum because I hadn't had a chance to jack off since I left home like 6 days earlier which is unusual and hard for someone like me who beats it once at least daily. I shot the other end of the wall with two thick hot ropes and I walked out of there proud. Bad thing was in my moment of pride I forgot to clean up and my third cousin or something who was stayin with us who is my age and very hot asked me if I knew anything about it. To top it off, my mom called housekeeping and a housekeeping lady came and cleaned up my load from the wall. I was in the bathroom watchin her because everyone else went down for breakfast and I had to stay in the room. My cock was getting rock hard watching the lady who was really not good looking at all though, cleaning up my cum from the wall and it touched her bare hands a few times too.

I jack it at work almost daily especially when the girls I work with come in with sexy skirts or with their boobs hanging out. I head to the back stall in the bathroom and cum everywhere. I like cumming on the back of the door so my feet are away from the toilet so customers know what I'm doing in there, its an experience heightener too. I think I saw a customer jacking off when I came out of the stall in the urinal simultaneously with me but he stopped but I did catch a glimpse of his barely hard cock being stroked quickly when I opened the door. He might've got off at the same time I did, I don't know though. That would be cool and what was really weird is I recognized his shoes and shirt when we got back on the floor and I asked him if he needed help and he said 'He's fine now, thanks'. HAHA. He was with an attractive lady who I assumed to be his wife.

I've jacked off while driving to work too in my truck. I try and show it by lookin at my cock and moving my arms blatently at stop lights when females are next to me in traffic. Most smile, some scoot up haha.

I've jacked off with my friend on the chair and me on the couch at his house with him and his parents all in the room. It was the same mom I went on vacation with. I got some of my cum on the pillow and she asked me about it the next day.

I wanted to tell her it was me so bad but she said it was milk from the baby probably so I went with that.

I jack off in this chair all the time to this site haha.

In a strangers bathroom that had a picture of their daughter hanging up on the wall in a provacative skirt that got me hard as a rock quickly. I'm pretty sure the old lady noticed because she smiled at me funny. I stopped there for help because my little brother fell in a small pond and it was winter. I left them a little warm thick thank you note on their counter and all over their vanity.

In all the school bathrooms in my wing. Yes, I counted haha. All 5 and in every stall and 1 urinal in each also. I go all out haha. Its so fun at school.

At both of 2 most recent ex-girlfriends bathrooms and at Kari's, in her moms bed and I finished in her so-so sisters room all over her comforter and pillow.

I've never jacked off in front of anybody besides the few neighbors and friends sisters and stuff like that that I've mentioned on here. When my friend and I do it it wasn't for his enjoyment to watch, its just cool doing it at the same time and cumming at the same time to the same picture on the slideshow or porno we were watching. I don't think I could ever grasp another mans cock and jack him off, thats too weird for me. Its nice watchin your friends jack themselves off though.

Countless times in my bathroom and the shower too. If you haven't done it in yours what are you doing on the computer, get your ass in there.

Everytime, it never fails, once again in my friends bathroom when his sister has her hot lil friends over. When its just her friends and his sister home and Al knows what I'm doing, I moan really loud to let them know what I'm doing (they have a really thin door and you can hear moderately loud noises in his sisters room). They always giggle and look at my semi-hard cock when I walk out since in the middle of the night all I wear is briefs. What helps is they wear little sexy thongs at night. I want to show them my cock and let his sister see it again and let her jack me off again too that would be awesome..(Al doesn't know about that obviously). There's just something about doing stuff with your friends sisters that's hot. Shes not a knockout but shes fine and so are most of her friends have talked about, Me and him have talked about wanting to, at seperate times of course, walk out naked or with our cock and balls hanging out of our briefs or boxers when the girls are home. I want to do it when his hot mom's home too. Shes like 40 something but sexy as hell for her age.

I have also beat off at stores in their bathrooms. Shitty places but they hire hot cashiers haha.

One time, and this was totally unexpected, I ended up at a friend of a friends house helping his older sister and her lesbian roommate move in. I only went because I heard they were lesbians and I thought I might get lucky and catch a glimpse of some action. I didn't get that lucky but as I was moving a bunch of small boxes in to the living room both of the girls were bent over putting the Christmas tree up, exposing string thongs that were sexy as fuck. My dick got instantly hard and it was out in the open once I set the boxes down. Scott's sister saw my hard cock and pointed to the hallway and said wherever you need to go is fine with a really big smile. I got the courage up to go in to where their room was going to be and his sisters girlfriend walked in on me as I was cleanin up. It was kinda nice but my dick wasn't out, I was in my briefs though. Her girlfriend, my friend sister did walk in right after and asked if I felt better and, then to my total surprise again, said they would like to watch the next time. I was planning on putting on a little show for them in a minute when I could get hard again but her brother and dad came back and ruined it all. I didn't tell my friend or the brother of the girl what happened but I keep trying to get back over there.

At another friends bathroom that was in his parents room and I guess I came in there quietly because it had two doors and I entered from the hall side and they were having sex so I jacked off to that. His mom was moanin really loud when she was gettin fucked and I jacked off fantasising about Al's mom, once again, listening to her while I'm fucking her. (The mom was that was in the bedroom next to me having sex is not good looking at all so that's why I couldn't think of her)

I can't think of any more but I'll post more when I do them or think of ones I've forgotten. You can belive these or not but I swear and promise that all this is the honest truth, none of this story is a lie or made up. I'm definately happy for that too as you can tell me and my cock have had some good times together. Give some of my prized locations a 'shot' haha. Happy jackin people. Hope I sparked some ideas for you to go out and try. Outdoors is the biggest rush besides school in a classroom. Outdoors tops it if your neighbors are out and your jacking off standing so that they see everything and can watch you shoot if its not too dark but what happened at work with a stranger gettin off at the same time as me (I think...) was really fun too.

Have fun and make it your plan to jack off everywhere I did. I don't have a target list of places I want to jack off but I've thought about it before so if anybody else has any interesting places or events that have taken place while beating it write about it on here please. Thanks because I would like to get more ideas too. I've never been caught by my mom... has anybody and is it weird to face her for the first time after especially if she caught you totally in the act of strokin it down and watched you cum? Thanks and write back. I'm putting some good techniques on here too.



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