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Jackin at Work

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I'm working the graveyard shift as I periodically do. The office was being redone so I couldn't play games on the computer, but I had brought my laptop to watch a movie as I tried to stay awake through eight hours as the only person in the building. After opening one of the vacant offices I looked for a plug so I wouldn't run my battery out half way though the night when I found something that would make the evening go a whole lot better. Under the desk was a blue Ethernet cable. Could it be? I can check my e-mail and such without worrying about leaving traces on the local system? A quick check revealed it was in-fact plugged into the wall and a few seconds revealed it to be a live connection. Before getting up to anything I roamed the building,which happens to be a private college with a few hot female students to see how alone I was and failing to find anyone I returned to the office to find some visual material for later on. It didn't take long before I had a handful of good images so I came over to solo touch for a little mental stimulation. A couple tales in and my cock was straining to be let out. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing member, feeling the heat radiate off it as I idly stroked the smooth shaft while continuing to read. After about a half hour I started a slide show of my visual aids and began strokeing my cock slowly. I sped up as I felt the pressure build after only about a minute and felt the muscle contractions along the base from my balls to my ass. It was then it occurred to me that I had forgot to grab something to clean up with. Not wanting to clean up a mess or get anything on my clothes I lean forward and carefully cum into my free hand. At a bit of a loss after a rather relaxing orgasm I decided to quickly swallow the load, which I did. Not the best taste but nothing a quick drink of coke didn't handle. I buttoned back up and went about my work for a bit but by about 3 in the morning I was horny again. This time I felt a bit naughtier though so I made my way up to the women locker room. It was empty of course, though I would have liked an audience as I haven't had one in a while. I took a seat on the bench that faces the three shower stalls and pulled out my cock again. It was at that fat but still soft stage that is perfect for oral but I'm not that flexible. I started stroking again, taking my time. After about 2 minutes I wished I had some lube so I got up to look around, keeping my hard dick out. On the counter was some cucumber lotion which I figured would do the trick. I went back to my bench and dropped my pants before sitting and adjusting my shirt to keep it out of the way. I put a little of the cool lotion on my hands and rubbed a bit into my shaft, then a little bit more until it didn't absorb much. Now slick and making a pleasant squishing sound I stroked my cock while imagining some oblivious co-ed showering up on the other side of the curtain. My fantasy ran about ten minutes this time before my cock tensed. I stood up and stroked faster, alternately rubbing my balls and teasing my nipples and the pressure built. This time I came a little more forcefully, shooting the first bit into the center stall before letting the rest fall on the tile floor. I shook out as much as I could before wiping the rest of the lotion off on my legs and butt and getting dressed. I cleaned up the bit on the tile but left what was in the shower. The janitors would probably get it before one of the students had time to wonder who had been in there, and maybe risk getting caught herself, but that's a whole other fantasy.



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