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Jackin' at the Computer

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Jackin' at the Computer
I am ahugefan of your web site, being a graduate of English literature and a lover of all types of erotica. I can easily spend one or two hours in front of the computer, alternating between reading all the incredibly exciting masturbation stories and looking at free thumbnail pictures at other web sites. Like everyone else who visits SOLO, I celebrate the joys of masturbation and indulge myself every chance I get. I've only had this computer for a month, having discovered SOLO at the public library one day when I input the wordmasturbationin a search engine. Can you fellow masturbators imagine how nervous I was, hoping no one else would notice my monitor screen as I raced from one story to the next, my cock growing and growing in my pants? I knew I had found a masturbationgold minewhen I stumbled onto SOLO!
Now, in the privacy of my living room, I can masturbate at a leisurly pace, savoring every juicy detail in the stories found here - male and female. I can linger over a hot spread shot, enlarge it, download it, print it and....of course, jackoffto it! Let me tell you all about my wife and me.
We've been married for almost 30 years, and for most of that time we have practiced both private and shared masturbation; realizing that both were important to ourselves and our relationship. We discovered our mutual love of self-pleasure early in our marriage, confessing that we had both enjoyed jacking and jilling since childhood and that when we were dating (before we becametotallyintimate) we used to masturbate ourselves to sleep every night after a hot date, fantasizing how great it would be tofuckthat other person! Since that wonderful epiphany, masturbation has been as regular and normal as eating and breathing. Now in our early 50's, we find it most enjoyable to alternate orcycleour intimate activities like this: hot tub/therapeutic massage, intercourse with some oral and masturbation for a warm-up, shared masturbation, and private pleasure. We firmly believe that we're mentally and psychologically healthier than many of the people we know and work with for this reason alone. People that are so totally fucking wound tight areprobably notgetting enough of the following; loving touches, sex and masturbation. The hormones and chemicals our bodies release when we enjoy sex or masturbation arelife affirming!It's difficult to take life's petty little problems seriously when one is thinking about how they're going to get off when they get home!
Here's my own personal technique. I like to take thetime!That means atleastan hour, maybe two...maybe three, to linger with myself and my pleasures. I like to take a hot shower, wash the workday cares from my hair, then get naked, sometimes wearing a silk robe and relax on the couch with a favorite magazine or sit at the computer, reading stories here. I've usually been thinking about masturbating, so I'm already horny and semi-hard. I like to build the tension gradually; quickies are for kids and for when you really have to getoffand don't have much time. Any pleasure is good pleasure. But I like to stroke myself in a relaxed manner, building my erection and my anticipation until my cock is justoozingpre-cum. Then things get progressively hotter. I zero in on a particularly good story or a sexy picture, imagining how it would be to observe that personlive. I tease myself into a state of frenzy, until I'm justdyingto come! That's the heavenly plateau I like to attain; a state of almost perpetual orgasm; knowing I could jump off the edge and cum with just a stroke or two. I like to take a taste of my clear, sweet pre-cum and later, my thick creamy semen. When I just can't wait any longer, I lube one last time and jerk myself into ecstasy!
So again, Iloveto readallthe masturbation accounts; how people first discovered self-pleasure, how they further developed their particular techniques, how theyinventedunique techniques, andeverywonderful detail from start to glorious finish. I've been masturbating while writing this entry, taking little breaks here and there to caress my erection and keep it throbbing. Right now I'm going to lube it up and lovingly take myself over the edge. So, thank you, Webmaster for thiswonderfulsite and thank you, ladies and gentlemen for all your delicious masturbation confessions! Isn't it grand to sit and pleasure ourselves, knowing that hundreds of thousands of other men and women, young and old, are doing the same thing at that very moment! If you haven't already gotten yourself off, I hope you will join me now, masturbate with me, let your hot semen and cunt juices flow, let's jack and jill and get ourselves off together! Ahhhh, what a glorious feeling! If anyone has a story they would like to share and exchange for one of mine, write me attoday. Let's celebrate and masturbate!



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