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Jackie and I, the First Time

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Tell me if you guys want more, Jackie and I have more stories together.


I was 16, and my name is Colton, at the time I had had very little experience with sex; I had kissed a few girls and gone on a few dates, but nothing beyond that. I was beginning to get a little adventurous, wanting to do more with a particular girl that I had hung out with a few times. I was a little shy, and unsure of how to go from kissing to anything more.

One day, toward the end of our last class of the school day, I walked up to her, her name being Jackie. 'So, what are you doing this weekend?' I ask with a little quiver in my voice. She looked at me and said, 'Not much, my parents are going to visit my grandma upstate, so I am going to be stuck at home alone for the weekend.' I replied, 'Well, I don't have any plans yet, and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out or something?' She looked at me with a sort of half-smile and said, 'Sure, come to my place around six tonight, here is my address.' She took my hand and wrote her address on it. Her touch set me on fire, and I was ecstatic about what we would do later that night.

I told my Mom that I was just going to hang out with some friends, jumped on my bike and rode as fast as I could to Jackie's house. I wore a casual shirt and jeans, didn't want to look like I was trying too hard. When I got to her house I knocked on the door. No answer. I rang the doorbell, then a few seconds later Jackie yelled from upstairs, 'Come on in, it is unlocked. I just need to get dried off, you got here earlier than I thought you would.' As I walked in I caught her cute little, wet legs saunter down the hall. She said, 'Make yourself at home; the living room is on the left.' I sat down and waited.

Ten minutes go by and I am staring to wonder what is taking her so long, when all of the sudden, two hands wrapped around my face, covering my eyes. 'Guess who?' she said. 'Um, Jackie?' I said. 'You cheater! You saw me in the reflection of the t.v.!' she yelled at me, as she jumped over the couch and plopped down close to me. 'I swear I didn't! I just remembered how your hands felt from earlier today.' I said, coyly.

She was wearing a thin pair of shorts, and a tight fitting tank top. I couldn't help but stare at her beautiful, curvy, figure. 'Do you like my outfit? Haha. I know I don't look glamorous, but, hey, I am in my house!' She said with a smile. 'I think you look gorgeous, no matter what you wear.' I said with a slightly flirtatious tone. She moved closer to me, and asked 'Have you ever seen a girl topless before?' I was shocked, and had no idea how to answer. 'No.' I replied. 'Not that I don't want to, I have seen some in movies and stuff. Have you ever seen a guy's dick?' I asked back. 'Wow, um, no. I really want to though.' She said as she bit her lip. She looked at the bulge in my pants and asked 'Can I see it?' I replied, 'Only if we share with each other.' 'Of course.' She said right away.

As I stood up I could feel my anxiety, this is my first time showing my dick to anyone. I slipped my thumbs under my waistband and just pulled them down, along with my boxers. My dick sprang up and she just stared. 'Well, um, yeah. So, what do you think?' I asked, more nervous than I had ever been. 'It is amazing. Can I touch it?' She asked. 'Are you going to take your top off?' I asked in return. She removed her top and out came the most round, and plump breasts I have seen. She came up to my dick and took it in her hands. I nearly exploded right then.

Her soft hand caressed my dick, up and down, up and down. I reached and rubbed her tits. I moaned and she asked, 'Do you like this?' I could barely say a word, but managed to squeeze out a yes. We carried on this way for around ten minutes when out of nowhere we hear a car and see headlights from the driveway. 'Shit, my parents are home early!' she screamed. I scrambled to get my pants up and she pointed to the back door. I ran out and waited for them to go inside and darted for my bike. I don't know if the thrill of her stroking my cock was the reason, or if almost getting caught was, but I was so horny for the entire next week.



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