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Jacked Off on the Great Wall

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A couple of years ago I went to China on vacation with some bachelor friends of mine. One of our first tourist stops was to the Great Wall outside of Beijing.

My God, there were a lot of people. Most of them were locals, but a good third of them were foreigners, like me and my friends. After a couple of hours walking around up and down the mountains, taking photos, etc., it began to rain. It soon turned into a full out storm. My friends and I were in one of the towers along the wall, and since it had started raining, people were beginning to leave-fast. There were so many people in the tower that I soon lost track of my friends and I became wedged in a group of people.

Of course the mob began pushing, and I soon found myself pressed up against a woman in front of me. My crotch was pressed right into her soft ass, and as the mob began to move, the movement made me get a huge boner.

I was mortified. My dick began to pitch a tent in my shorts and was pressing into the woman's ass. She was wearing a short and very tight black dress that was getting soaked as we walked out of the tower slowly with the mob.

I tried to remain calm, but suddenly she turned her head slightly, and she looked nervous. My heart skipped a beat, and I knew that she had noticed my boner poking into her backside.

This continued for a bit as we continued to move. My cock was absolutely throbbing, but I was still pressed up against her because of all the people, so I couldn't do anything about it. Soon the rain began to soak my clothes thoroughly, and I realized that it was soaking her dress too. This made her dress even tighter and it clung to her body.

This meant that she had to walk in little short steps because her dress was so tight. This made her ass and hips move back and forth, which began to rub against my cock.

I could feel my dick getting even bigger and more erect. I was cringing with pain as each beat of my heart sent a pulse through my member.

I don't really know what happened next, but all I knew was she had reached around and began to massage me through my shorts. She probably thought that I needed to be relieved, and that it must've hurt immensely.

As the mob kept moving slowly, she continued to rub me. I began moaning, and instinctively, I put my hands on her ass and her hips and began to feel her slender body. She suddenly reached back even further and put her hand down my shorts so that she could physically touch my cock. She began to jack me off with her wet, soft hands.

I was ecstatic. Soon I couldn't take it and I came all over her hand and inside my shorts. I continued to fondle her hips and ass as we came to the front tourist entrance.

It was so exciting to be jacked off by a stranger in the middle of a mob of people. When the mob finally thinned out, I got to look at her face. She was smoking hot, and when I was about to leave, she caught up with me and gave me a piece of paper with her phone number on it. She whispered into my ear "I want to do this again" in clear, slightly accented English.

We had more experiences after this, but that's for a later story.



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