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Jacked off by Girls!

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This story happened when I was in junior high school.

One day after school, I was jacking off with my best friend Tony, as we often did in the afternoons before Star Trek came on. We were upstairs in his bedroom, simultaneously wanking each other. After a good horny time, Tony came, and I caught his wad in a tissue. This, of course, caused me to slip over the edge. Just at the most intense, vulnerable moment in my pre-ejaculation build up, the door burst open. In charged Tony's pesky kid sister, Lily.

Tony immediately let go of my wiener and started yelling at her. But it was far too late for me, and the sudden shock of adrenaline coursed through my body right as the first blast of sperm launched out. I'll never forget the look on her face. It was a mixture of shock, surprise, and giggly laughter. Her eyes were fixated on my spurting boner.

What a scene she saw! We were both pantless, and I was straddling Tony's thighs for better mutual access. Dirty magazines were open, strewn about the floor, lotion and tissues were next to us. My balloon-stiff, hands-free dick was spewing huge volleys of semen straight up in the air so that they rained down on Tony's bare chest, belly, and crotch. The cataclysm of the interruption and rush of adrenaline made for a most intense orgasm: I was cumming in buckets!

Tony was red in the face, frantically yelling at Lily. He struggled to go after her, but I was none too quick to let him get up in my state of ecstasy. As he was breaking free, Lily looked up from my cock, and our eyes locked for several seconds. 'Damn it Lily, I'm going to kill you!!' Tony screamed as he broke free. Lily bolted out the door, giggling and shrieking. Tony followed her into the hall, but then stopped, thinking better, I suspect, of running around the house naked and covered with dripping sperm.

But that's not the story I'm writing to tell you about. Fast forward a couple of years to when Lily entered junior high, and I was an upper classman. I was in a multi-grade art class with a couple of Lily's cute little friends, Susan and Janice. One day, the younger students were doing Christmas card projects with glitter and construction paper (did I mention that this was a long time ago?), and I was working on my grand space-ship poster. I noticed Janice looking at me from across the room. They seemed rather amused by something.

I happened to walk over to that side of the classroom for colored pencils, and approached while they weren't looking. Naturally, I had to check out what they were up to. They were making some kind of Christmas card featuring a Santa hat lined with glued-on cotton balls. Underneath the hat, in large glitter-spangled letters, read the words 'SANTA CLAUS IS COMING ... ON ME!' Below that were streaks of white Elmer's glue, splattered like big gooey semen blobs.

I froze, somewhat shocked. Just then, they turned and noticed me. Janice addressed me with the most extraordinary one-word salutation: 'Bleah!!!' They both broke into fits of giggles. 'Do you even know what you're talking about?' I asked, trying to play it cool. Susan replied, 'Yeah. Have YOU cum on Lily's brother lately?'

I must have turned five shades of red. They were giggling so loud that the whole class started to take notice, so I quickly retreated to my seat. But I was terminally aroused and spent the rest of the day with an awkward hard-on.

After school, the two of them approached me. Susan was direct: 'Wanna help us finish our Christmas card?' They started giggling again and I dumbly muttered, 'Umm... ok,' as it dawned on me what that might entail. 'Come to the clearing,' Susan said as they ran off. I had to stop at my locker, then I charged through the woods to the clearing. At first I saw no one, but then I heard a commotion coming from a knoll of tall grass. I tromped over and found the girls hidden there. Janice had the raunchy Santa card. Lily was with them.

I could scarcely believe my luck, but even less could I believe just how bold and experienced these so-very-young girls were. I was quite intimidated and couldn't think of anything to say, but that was ok because they started talking about me in the third person. 'Think maybe he jacked off three times yesterday?' giggled Susan. I turned red again. (It was five times, actually.)

It became clear from their chatter that they intended to make me cum on the Santa card. They were then going to paste over the lettering that said 'on me' to make it say 'to town,' and then they were going to turn it in to the teacher for credit. I'm not sure what they intended to do about the artificial and real cum stains. Shortly, Susan challenged Lily to see if 'I was ready.' Lily reached over and abruptly, casually, groped my crotch. She located and goosed my erection through my pants. 'I'd say he's about ready,' she reported.

The girls proceeded with dares and discussions among themselves, gradually stripping me and manipulating my genitals. Susan dared Janice to pull my pants down, then Lily had Susan stick her hand through the fly in my underwear to 'check things out.' I was so horny I though I would burst. But they teased me, never delivering the satisfying stroke that would bring release. Still, I had hands pressed against my penis, and I was in ecstasy. I was still in shock over the nonchalant familiarity of these young girls with sexual matters, and found myself wondering just how many other penises Lily had relieved with her hands.

After a long, torturous time, I found myself with my pants around my ankles, kneeling before the upheld Santa card. Lily's hand cupped my balls. They were all gathered expectantly, and there was an awkward silence. Suddenly Susan asked, 'Hey Lily, when is he going to squirt?' Lily let go, leaving my stiff penis to bob upwards on its own. She said, perhaps pensively, 'Ok, you can come now.' Huh?

After a confused moment, I suddenly realised I had completely misjudged the situation. These were NOT experienced vixens who had had sex with half the school. In fact, they were curious, naive little girls who had no idea what they were doing. Sure, they talked big, and they had READ about penises and ejaculation, but the only first-hand experience among the three of them was that incident, two years before, when Lily saw me orgasm. And since she had witnessed a hands-free ejaculation, that is what they expected now.

At that moment, my attitude flipped 180 degrees. I realised that, incredibly, these three young women had been sharing gossipy pubescent fantasies about MY penis cumming. I saw the three pretty young faces arrayed expectantly about my cock, and decided that I would give them the show that they so desired. But I was giving the orders now.

'Ok,' I said, 'maybe I'll cum on your card, but you have to stroke it up and down to make me.' This sounded like a good plan to me, and Lily did not hesitate to comply. I had to show her how to do it, but soon I was receiving a fast, slightly uncoordinated wanking. I tolerated about twenty seconds, but then I was about to lose it.

'Ok, ok...' I pulled her hand from my wiener, determined to make the experience last. 'Now,' I said, 'Susan has to show me her boobs.'

I picked Susan because she seemed the most adventurous of the bunch, but still she balked. I told them that I might not be able to cum unless I saw bare-naked girls like, you know, in men's magazines. The other two egged Susan on. Finally, she pulled her sweater up over her head, revealing, I think, some kind of training bra. Quickly, the bra also came off, exposing her delicious breasts. She was not just a little girl as I still had imagined, but a beautiful, sexual young woman. Her small, exquisitely developing breasts were topped with beautiful protruding rose-petal pink nipples that matched her pale, full lips. My arousal level, already pegged at ten, was suddenly dialed up to eleven.

I directed and dared the girls to ever more exciting tasks, much as they had done to me. Soon, I saw and fondled Susan's sweet pink pussy, and then Lily's. Ecstasy! That was as far as they would go, however, and Janice resisted such bold explorations. But she did stroke me and let me feel her up under her blouse. After a while, I suddenly knew I had to cum. I urged them to all grab my penis at the same time. Susan and Lily were quick about it, and I immediately had three teeny hands on my balls, base, and shaft. Janice, however, fumbled to get the Santa card ready.

Just as Janice laid her fingertips on my cock head, I bucked forward and let loose the first magnificent blast. (What can I say? It's a gift) My lurch caused me to miss the Santa card, and instead spewed semen all over Janice's blouse. (It did drip onto the Santa card from there, though.)

The girls were obviously shocked at the sheer force and volume of it. 'Oh!...' Janice panicked, but she was not quick enough to avoid the second cum jet. I let loose a mighty spurt that splattered her from her right shoulder all the way down to her left hip. She retreated hastily, but not without being pelted by a couple more spurts and many raining droplets. Lily and Susan directed the waning squirts onto the Santa card as I basked in the triumph of it all.

Meanwhile, Janice was frantically scrambling to take off her sodden blouse. She succeeded just as Lily and Susan milked the final drops from my penis, applying them artistically to the Santa card. Janice wore no bra: the last hidden breasts were now on display. They were beautiful, and wonderful, and, incredibly, they were quite large.

Janice, however, was hysterical. She flung the blouse away spastically, and seemed to be on the verge of crying. Apparently, she was deathly afraid of getting pregnant from touching my sperm. But she was stuck, half-naked in the middle of the woods with a semen-soaked blouse and nothing else to wear. Lily and Susan tried to calm her down to little avail. Eventually, Susan went back to school to get a jacket while Lily waited with Janice. At that point they sent me home, where I promptly masturbated three more times.

Later, I heard that Janice had wrapped the cum-sopping blouse in toilet paper to keep it from 'contaminating' the other clothes in her hamper. But her mother found it there, and the poor girl got one hell of a lecture and a grounding. The line from the Santa card had been her idea, and in the end she got her wish.

I also heard that Susan and Janice got a D on their art project. Apparently, the teacher was not impressed with their gluing skills.




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