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Jacked off by Cousin's Girlfriend

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True story


I have a cousin that I have always been very close to. Actually, we are more like brothers than cousins. He is ten years younger than me and is dating this woman who is seven years younger than him. She is not the most beautiful woman I have ever seen but has average looks. She also does not have the greatest body in the world. She does have a nice broad ass but her tits are almost non-existant. There is a slight rise in her chest with, as I was to find out later, two big nipples. There is something about her however, that is sexy as hell. The first time I met her I had the hots for her but did not really know why I felt that way. She just exudes sexuality. She is so erotic.

Anyway, they had been dating for about six months. She lives out of town and would come in to see him on the weekends. Every time she was in town I saw her and she would always give me a big hug. After about a month or so she also started giving me a kiss on the lips when we met. The kisses started out as just a peck on the lips but each time seemed to get longer. About two weekends ago when she came to town I saw her and she grabbed me and boy did she put a kiss on me. She kissed me hard and as soon as our lips met I felt her tongue pushing its way into my mouth. Before the kiss ended she was sucking my tongue and I could tell she was getting hot from the way she was breathing. My cousin was watching this and I was afraid he would not like what was going on.

I did not see her again that weekend but stopped by my cousin's house that next week. We were talking about nothing in particular when all of a sudden he said, 'Would you let Laura jack you off?' My immediate reaction was, 'What?' I thought I was hearing things. He said she loves to jack off men and we've talked it over and we want to know if you would let her masturbate you. I told him I would love it because I thought she was one of the hottest women I have ever met. He then said, 'On one condition. You have to let me watch her do you.' I told him I had no problem with that. Then I said, 'I'll do it but I have one condition. I want me and her to be naked and I want to masturbate her also.' He said that would be fine. He went on to say I could do anything I wanted with her except intercourse. I told him I was game.

I left his house smiling from ear to ear. I would do anything to see this woman naked and have a chance to get my hands on her pussy. My cousin called me a couple of days later and said it was on for Saturday night. I was to come over to his house around seven.

I got there at seven and the three of us talked for a few minutes until Laura got up and walked over to me and bent down and kissed me. Then she said, 'Are you ready for some fun?' I told her I was.

We went to his bedroom and the three of us started undressing. Laura pulled off everything except her panties. I didn't realize just how small her tits were until I saw them, but she had huge nipples that were beautiful. She and I got on the bed and my cousin pulled up a chair beside the bed. As soon as he sat down he started playing with his dick. Laura and I kissed for a while and then she moved up and put a nipple in my mouth. I had never sucked a nipple that big and I loved it. Sucking her nipples got her really hot. I asked her if she was going to pull her panties off and she hesitated a moment and then said, 'I hope you like pussy hair.' I told her I loved it, the more the better. She smiled and slowly pulled her panties down. Her crotch was covered with a thick patch of dark brown hair. She does have a full bush and it is beautiful. After she got her panties off we did a little touching and feeling. My dick was hard and was rubbing against her body. I put my hand between her legs and I could immediately tell she was already very wet. I slipped a finger into her vagina, then two. OMG what a tight pussy this woman has. I then remembered that she had said she had never had any children.

She asked if I would like to make her cum before she jacked me off. I got between her legs so I could get a better look at her pussy. I pulled her lips apart and stuck my fingers back inside her. Her clit was much larger than normal and looked to be as big around as my little finger and one-half inch long. I flicked her clit and it quivered. She smiled. I continued playing with her pussy and would only touch her clit occasionally. She loved the teasing and finally was raising her hips trying to get me to massage her clit. Her breathing was hard and finally she said, 'Oh fuck, make me cum. I've got to cum. I want it so bad.' With that I stuck two fingers as far as I could get them up her vagina and started rubbing her enlarged clit. It did not take her long to cum and her slick juice gushed out onto my fingers. I kept playing with her pussy and she came again then a third time.

After she came back down to earth she got down between my legs and took my dick in her hand. I was already leaking precum. She rubbed a drop of it off and then started pulling the skin back and forth on my dick. She then reached for some lubricant and coated my dick and balls and her hands. She played with my balls as she ran her hand up and down over my dick. Ever so often she would insert one finger in my asshole about an inch. She then switched to her right hand and started jacking me in earnest. She started talking to me, telling me to cum and shoot it all over her body. She said, 'Oh baby I want to feel your hot cum on my body.' Too soon I told her I was going to cum so she leaned down so I would shoot my load on her tits. As I was cumming she was moving her hand up and down and rubbing the head of my dick against one of her nipples. I really believe she had another orgasm while I was cumming. After she milked all the cum out of me she rubbed my cum all over the top of her body and even on her face. She then licked her fingers clean, smiling all the time.

I had forgotten about my cousin and when I looked over he was standing up and moving toward the bed. As soon as he hit the bed she had his dick in her hand and was jacking him like crazy. It only took a few strokes until he was shooting his cum on the same part of her body that I had shot mine. We lay down on either side of her and laughed and talked. As soon as we got beside her she was playing with our limp dicks.

We rested for a while and then she got on top of me and started kissing me. She worked until my dick was again hard and ready. Of course I was playing with her pussy all this time. She told me she wanted to jack me off again and I told her to have it. I knew I would last longer this time.

The second time, after I got close to cumming, she lay down and had me get between her legs and she jacked me off on her pussy. It wasn't as much cum as the first time but enough to leave some white streaks in that beautiful bush of hers. After she got me off, my cousin and her made out as I watched. I got hard a third time but told her to save it for later.

I can hardly wait until she comes back this weekend. We have already planned to get together again. This woman loves to have a hard dick in her hands and loves to jack a man off more than any woman I have ever known. She will let you shoot your cum anywhere you want to shoot it. She absolutely loves a guy shooting his cum on her. I was right about my first impression of her, she is one hot sexy woman and is getting better looking every time I see her. And I must say her body is much more beautiful when she is naked than when she has clothes on.



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