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Jack & Jillin'

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My wife and I truly enjoy our masturbation, both privately and together. One summer day we decided to try an exciting new combination - a jack & jill photo shoot in apublic setting!! We began preparing for our day, packing a bag with camera, her favorite pink jelly dildo, lube, some wine, a blanket, towels, and alargecandy cane left over from Christmas (about an inch in diameter and a foot long). She selected her outfit for the shoot; a plaid school girl miniskirt, midriff top, white panties, lace-top ankle sox andplatform saddle shoes(yea, we both like funky shoes).
We drove to a very popular state park near our home. It was a weekday, so the park wasn't overflowing with campers, but there were still plenty of people present, walking the many hiking trails. The mission wasn't to get arrested, just to see if we could pull the whole thing off with others about - that really gets the heart pumping! We searched the craggy bluff trails and found a spot with a rock ledge she could pose on. I stood below, watching for campers and getting ready to shoot. OK....nobody coming.
Standing below, I could get great below-the-skirt shots. My cock was getting hard. I snapped away as she pulled up the short skirt, made a kissy face and spread her legs. Click. Click. Next she began to pull aside the white cotton panties, slowly revealing her baby smooth pussy. When I say smooth, I don't meanshaved, I meanplucked! She says it's the only way to maintain a really smooth pud without any stubble. She gently tugged at her meaty labia, displaying her charms for the camera. Click. Click. Now my erection was like steel. My cock was throbbing as I watched her lips and clit swell with excitement. She took her pink jelly cock and began to moisten it with lube. She caressed her slit and gently inserted the head. What a beautiful shot!! Little by little, she inserted the dildo as I captured some priceless j/o shots. My heart pounded as I listened for approaching hikers.
After fucking herself for a few minutes, her pussy was plenty wet and excited. She removed the dildo and held up the colorful candy cane. Rolling a condom over it, she slowly slid the foot long treat up her dripping hole. I have a great shot showing 7-8 inches of candy up inside her!!
By nowshewas getting anxious to watch me masturbate, so I helped her down from the ledge and then helped myself to a finger full of her pussy juice. We walked further along the cliff bottom searching for a semi-private spot for my j/o shots. We found a small, shallow cave with enough sunlight for shooting and spread the blanket. I dropped my jeans and sat down as my wife composed her shots. Speading some lube (ForPlay) on my throbbing erection, I began to stroke, my eyes scanning the area for hikers. I heard the camera click as I masturbated, teasing myself to absolute perfection; the glans was swollen smooth and purple, oozing pre-come. "OK, baby, jerk it for me," she said, and I coaxed myself toward orgasm.
I announced,"I'm gonna come, baby. Get ready!" Just as my jizz exploded out the tip. she clicked a series of shots and announced." someone"scoming!!" Someone besidesme. Shit!! I jumped to my feet, cum still dripping from my cock, tugging at my jeans in a panic. My wife began laughing hysterically."Gottcha!!" There were no hikers is sight.
Her prank was a payback for one I played on her about a week prior. We both laughed our asses off. It was a fair payback and our reward for the afternoon was a nice stack of j/o photos to add to our collection of home made porn. Hope you all enjoyed the story.



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