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Jack in the Shower

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'God, I LOVE See-through Shower Curtains!'


First, I want to say, that I LOVE this site! As a 'full-time masturbator' (usually, at least twice a day!), I really enjoy reading the male & male-male stories & hearing about guys getting off alone & with other guys! I discovered this site accidentally a couple of months ago & have made it a nightly ritual to read the male & male-male experiences on here. Here is a true experience that definitely got a 'rise' out of me!
This happened last year, around the middle of December. A younger buddy (23) of mine was moving. He'd been in town for about 3 years and we'd been good friends during that time. Since he was younger, I kind of took, I'll call him Jack, under my wing. Being Gay, I'd spent those entire 3 years lusting over and wanking furiously over Jack, but he was straight and was only interested in 'chicks', as he called 'em!
Jack was the epitome of young, good-looking and sexy! He stood about 5',10' and weighed about 145 pounds. He had sandy brown hair and the most beautiful hazel/green eyes I'd ever seen. I guess you could describe his body build as a classic swimmer's build; those broad shoulders and that tiny, 30-inch waist. I'd done his laundry several times for him and I could barely get his underwear around my hand when I folded them. I was really attracted to that hard chest & flat stomach that were covered in a blanket of brown hair. Part of me lusted after Jack, but, the other part of me loved him to death and would have done anything for him!
Several times Jack had come over to 'mooch' a meal or wash clothes, or even borrow my shower, when his gas was cut off! (lol) So, he was a pretty regular at my place and I loved it, as I did him! Sometimes he'd just come over to enjoy an evening of a movie and pizza.
Well, at the end of the 3 years, Jack graduated from his training school and it was time for him to move away. With his stuff packed and no utilities, he came knocking on my door that fateful Tuesday evening that changed my life forever. When I answered the door, there he stood. after a few minutes and him 'mooching' a soda, he asked if he could use my shower. I said yeah and he went in the bathroom to shower.
He stood just inside the door and began to strip, leaving the door wide open. From where I was sitting, I could see the bathroom door, but not into it. He was talking to me and taking off his clothes. Within a couple of moments I could tell he was completely naked and was getting into the shower. My heart pounded frantically as I thought about my sweet, beautiful Jack, buck naked just a few feet away. He was leaving and I'd NEVER get another chance (I thought)to see him naked.
As soon as I heard him get into the shower, I waited a moment or two, wrestling with the choice of whether to do this or not. Finally, I decided to tiptoe into the bedroom and steal a peek at the gorgeous naked creature! I knew I'd be able to see him because my shower curtain was see-through. Sneaking to the corner of the closet, I carefully peeked into the bathroom. The sight that I was privileged to behold, is forever etched in my mind! All I really wanted was to maybe catch a peek at Jack's bare, naked ass or his soft cock, his pubes, & balls. What I was rewarded with was the sight of Jack, standing profile, stroking his hard cock, his big balls just a bouncing'! I sware to God, I nearly had a heart attack, a stroke AND nearly creamed in my shorts! I stood there watching his hand slide up and down the length of his cock. Oh, how I desperately wanted it to be MY hand stroking him or my mouth sucking him! I don't know if he came or not. For fear of him catching me, I retreated back into the living room, where I sat with a MAJOR, PAINFUL hardon!
Jack finished his shower, dressed and left a few minutes later, us chatting as if nothing had happened. As soon as he was gone, I immediately stripped and masturbated to one of the most intense cums I'd EVER had! Jack came back to shower 3 more times in the next two days before he left. I spied on him all 3 times, hoping to catch him wanking his large, beautiful cock again. I wasn't disappointed! Each time, I jerked of as soon as he was gone!
He came back about 4 months later for a visit & showered again! I'll tell you about that time later!
Thank god for see-through shower curtains!



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