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Jack and David Hook Up With Stacy

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The further sexual adventures with my buddy David and now with his girl friend Stacy watching us. And not just watching!


I was totally shocked when David mentioned to me that he had told his girlfriend Stacy about us jacking off together. He even told her we had sucked each other’s cocks. My face turned red just thinking about his girlfriend knowing that about me. When I expressed my dismay about Stacy knowing this about us, David surprised me even further by saying that Stacy said she wanted to watch us next time. I didn’t know if she really said that or if David was just bullshitting me.

But every time I saw Stacy at school she gave me that shit eating grin like she knew all about me and what David and I had done together. Yes, I was embarrassed, but the thought of her watching David and I go at it definitely gave me a hard on. I had all kinds of fantasies about her watching us. Maybe with her in the nude. I could tell she had a terrific body and the thought of seeing her completely naked watching David and me jacking each other off or sucking each other’s cocks gave me lots of masturbation material.

David and I continued to get together and have all kinds of masturbation games together. His large 8-inch long penis fascinated me and I loved to jack him off to orgasm. Just wrapping my fingers around his thick prick was exciting. We traded a lot of oral activities as well.

“Hey Jack,” David said to me. “Remember I told you that Stacy said she wanted to watch the two of us getting it on?”

“Yeah,” I said dubiously. “She wasn’t serious was she?”

“She brought it up again yesterday. I thought she was kidding but she really wants to do it. She even suggested that you ask Robin to join us.”

“No fuckin’ way am I bringing this shit up to Robin,” I replied. “She wouldn’t go for it in a million years. Plus no way do I want her to see me playing with another guy’s dick. She would never understand it.”

“Her loss, then,” David replied. I could tell he didn’t really care one way or another about Robin joining in.

“So what do you think, man, do you want to do it?” David asked.

Despite the fact that I had probably jacked off twenty times visualizing Stacy watching David and I jerking and sucking each other’s cocks I still had reservations about doing something like that in front of a girl. The idea of it was great. But actually doing it was something else. David sensed my reluctance.

“C’mon, man, I know you want to do it. Christ, I can see your damn pecker getting hard just thinking about it.” He was right. My dick had started to harden. David was extremely perceptive when it came to my cock as I was to his. We both knew instinctively when either of us got aroused.

“Let’s do it dude. You know it will be a real kick in the ass. Stacy is cool. She is one crazy fucking chick. Anything to do with a hard cock and she’s on board. I’ll even let you fuck her if she’s ok with it.”

“Where would we do this?” I responded. He had me and he knew it. But I wasn’t sure about fucking Stacy. After experiencing David’s huge prick, I am sure mine would be a disappointment. I learned later that although Stacy really got off on David’s big cock, as he had commented, she got off on all cocks.

“Well, I guess we just have to wait until the parents are gone from one of our three houses. We can do it at your place, mine, or Stacy’s.”

“OK,” I said. “Let’s do it.” I figured I would probably regret this decision.

Unfortunately it took about ten days until we had the opportunity to pull it off. In the meantime I kept getting those knowing looks at school from Stacy. She even stopped by my locker one day and made a real suggestive comment about how much she was looking forward to seeing my cock. My face flushed in embarrassment and she just laughed at my unease. I really wasn’t used to any girl being so forward.

Finally we had an opportunity. David’s parents had an all day deal that they had going on a Saturday. They were leaving early in the day and weren’t expecting to be back until about 7 PM. So we made plans for the three of us to get together at about 10 AM at David’s house. I had an equal mix of anticipation and dread.

When I arrived at the door to David’s house, I rang the bell. David opened the front door and was totally naked. His big cock was already hard and jutting out threateningly. I looked past him to see Stacy standing there also totally starkers. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She had a terrific body with pert B-cup tits and just a little landing strip of hair above her smooth slit. A narrow waist and flaring hips. Plus a butt to die for. She was a very pretty girl with a flawless complexion and beautiful blonde hair.

“Don’t just stand there dude, get your ass in here and get naked,” David commanded.

“Looks like you guys got a head start on me,” I replied as I stepped inside, unable to make up my mind whether to admire Stacy’s body or David’s huge throbbing cock.

“Nah,” David replied, “Stacy’s just been stroking my cock a little bit.”

I followed them upstairs to Stacy’s room. The view from behind as I followed the naked Stacy up the stairs was unbelievably hot. Her prominent pussy lips were easily visible as we went up the stairs. I could feel my cock continue to grow. It had started twitching the instant a saw David’s big erection, all red and proud.

By the time we got into Stacy’s bedroom any reluctance I had about what we were going to be doing had vanished. I started stripping my clothes off as David sat on the bed and Stacy leisurely stroked his erect penis. In no time flat I was as naked as they were with my hard prick at full attention.

“Wow, Jack,” Stacy exclaimed. “It sure didn’t take much to get you hard. I had to stroke David for a few minutes to get him fully erect. OK, now let’s get it going. I want to see you two guys do your thing.” As I stepped toward the bed Stacy reached out and grasped my penis and slid the foreskin back and forth. I looked at David to see if this bothered him and I could tell he was getting off on seeing her manipulate my prick. She massaged the head of my cock with her fingertips and then slid her fingers down to grip my cock. She worked her fingers right down to the base of my cock and then stroked back up to the tip sliding them over the ridge formed where the head of my cock began. It was the best feeling in the world. I thought it felt amazing when David stroked my cock. I figured a guy knew better than a girl what felt good but Stacy’s ministrations to my throbbing penis were out of this world. I was on the verge of shooting my cum right then. My girlfriend had jacked me off a few times but she couldn’t hold a candle to Stacy’s expertise with my prick.

I crawled onto the bed. I wasn’t sure how to get started. But as usual, David took charge. “OK, babe, this is your show,” he said to Stacy. “Tell us what you want to see us do and we’ll do it.”

“I was really excited when you told me about how you two guys put your cocks together and jacked them. I would love to see that.”

So we got into position, both sitting down, facing each other with David’s legs over mine. We scooted up together until our ball sacks touched and our two erect cocks stood proudly at attention right next to each other. David grasped our two cocks and started jacking us both off. Stacy was kneeling next to us intently gazing at our two pricks. Delight was written all over her face. David’s cock started to ooze some pre-cum. Stacy reached out and smeared it around both prick heads. As David worked the shaft she massaged both cockheads with her fingertips. I was already in sensory overload.

“Omigod,” exclaimed Stacy. “This is the hottest thing I have ever seen. Can I pump them?”

David released our pricks. “Be my guest,” he said. Stacy immediately replaced his hand with hers and eagerly began to jack us off. Then she added her second hand and both hands gripped our pricks. I warned them that I wouldn’t last long if she kept that up. David told me to go ahead and cum. He knew I was good for two or three loads anyway.

At that point I didn’t really have any control over it anyway and within a very short time my cum started spurting out of the tip of my prick. I guess that triggered David’s orgasm as well because he started ejaculating too. Stacy kept on expertly jacking our two pricks as streams of semen spurted from both of our cocks splattering back down over our two reddening pricks as well as Stacy’s hands. Finally we were both spent after Stacy coaxed very drop of cum from our still hard cocks.

Then surprisingly she bent forward and started licking both of our cocks clean. She even licked the cum off the back of her hands. Then she took each cock in turn and put it in her mouth and sucked it as far down as she could get it. She didn’t get far with David’s huge hunk of meat. Within a few moments she had cleaned up nearly every drop of semen that had just been ejected from two rock hard teen cocks. As we sat there in post-orgasmic bliss our pricks began to wilt slightly. Not much, remember we were teenagers.

“Now I want to see you two suck each other’s pricks and get ‘em nice and hard again,” said Stacy.

We both flopped over on our sides, head to toe and took each other’s pricks in our mouths. David’s was still pretty firm although not 100% hard. Same with me. We started sucking on each other, which brought both cocks back to full attention in no time flat. The next thing I knew, Stacy’s face was right down next to mine. While I sucked on the big fat cockhead that David presented to me, she started licking the shaft while one of her hands found his generous nut sack and lovingly massaged it. His big prick slipped out of my mouth and she struck as fast as a Cobra and covered his prick with her own mouth. I laughed at this and saw the twinkle in her eye like she had gotten the best of me.

I wasn’t going to let a mere girl outdo me. I grabbed the shaft of David’s prick and ripped it out of her greedy mouth and popped it into mine. I was so intent on our little game with David’s huge prick that the fact he was sucking on mine was almost lost on me. Stacy and I traded his prick back and forth a few times and then she swapped ends and she and David played the game with my cock. Now with both of then working me over, I was much more aware of the sensations coursing through my own cock as I lazily sucked on David’s.

I heard them talking to each other but couldn’t make out the words. Then David came up for air and told me that Stacy wanted me to suck her pussy while she jacked my cock. David said he would get off watching. I had never gone down on a girl before. I had tried it with my girlfriend Robin but she wasn’t ready for that yet. I thought it strange that my girlfriend had no problem putting my dick in her mouth but wouldn’t let me go down on her. I had always had a very strong desire to see if I could bring a girl off with my tongue and I thought I knew what was required.

So we got into the 69 position and I started licking Stacy’s wet clit and also thrust two fingers into her pussy. I guess watching us two guys and considering what she had just been doing with our cocks had gotten her really turned on because in no time flat she was writhing around and making all kinds of noises as her orgasm hit. She got so carried away that she completely forgot what she was doing with my cock. But that was ok as I was really getting off on making her cum. Eating pussy was everything I thought it would be and more.

After her orgasm passed she just lay there panting for a few minutes. Both David and I were still pretty horny so we continued to masturbate ourselves waiting for Stacy to recover. Fairly soon she was back sitting up and watching the two of us jacking off.

“I want to see those two cocks spurting again,” she exclaimed.

“I was kinda hoping for a blowjob,” replied David.

“OK,” Stacy replied. But let’s get into a position where I can watch Jack masturbate while I suck you off. So that’s what we did. In actuality it really took no time at all before I was gushing out a second load of semen all over my stomach as David filled Stacy’s mouth with cum. He came so hard that it spurted out of the corners of her mouth, as she was looking at my ejaculating prick in wide-eyed amazement.

After we both had rested for a few minutes, and Stacy had once again cleaned up every drop of cum off of my body, the three of us just lay there on the bed smiling. Stacy from time to time would reach over and give each of our cocks a playful few strokes.

“So what’d you think, dude?” David asked me. “Glad you agreed to give it a try?’

“Dumb question, David. You already know the answer. Best experience in my life.”

I think Stacy was ready to go again and I guess we could have accommodated her but we decided to stop the fun for the moment but all agreed that a repeat performance was definite.

I had never been exposed to a girl who was so uninhibited about her nakedness and sexuality as Stacy. She loved every aspect of sex and as we found out in future hookups, both David and I learned a lot from her. Stacy kind of spoiled me because once I had seen what a girl could do; it left my girlfriend in the dust. It put thoughts in my mind about trying to get Robin involved with the three of us. If she saw Stacy in action, it might spur her to greater heights. But I knew better than to think that was ever possible so I never pursued it.



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