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It's True!

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Years ago when I was in high school, I became the student manager of the track team. Times have since changed in most areas, but from kindergarten through junior high, I had attended an all-white school, but now I was in a very integrated (by federal court order) high school.

The very first afternoon of track practice as I watched the black athletes putting on their gear, for the first time in my life I saw a black penis! Well, that isn't exactly true-I saw a great many black dicks-each and every one up close and personal! Oh, what a glorious sight!

There is a distinct physiological difference between the average white cock and its black counterpart. Whereas white dicks usually retract into the smallest possible package until called upon to perform, the limp, uncut black poles that I was now staring at hung at least as long as any hard white cock I had ever seen!

Perhaps it was my staring, or maybe I was drooling, but the owner of one those massive ebony rods asked me if I had never seen a black man's dick before? I said no, and was even so bold as to ask how it worked.

In my limited experience, I thought that if this boy's cock grew like mine did, by the time he was ready to shoot a load of cum it would have to be at least fifteen inches long and at least half that around! Somehow I conveyed my thoughts to the trackster who explained that black dicks just get hard-they don't grow as much as white folks (percentage wise.) But he also offered that, since his was pretty big to begin with, it really didn't need to become anything but hard.

The day came when our star sprinter, a young black man whose muscles bulged even larger than his incredibly long cock, pulled a hamstring. This being a fairly minor pull, I was called upon to tape his muscular thighs to prevent a tear. You cannot believe how difficult it was for me to tape the leg of this gorgeous hunk without stroking his proud manhood! To make matters worse, he was standing on the trainer's table so that his hamstring-and that masterful pole-were at my eye level!

In my dreams I gently massage his black dick to full hardness, only then gently pulling back his foreskin to reveal his engorged, dark purple head. I now begin stroking in earnest, all the while with my eyes transfixed on this marvel of nature. Meanwhile, this strong, virlie black god of a man stands stoically, as if I am simply giving him his just due. He refuses to meet my gaze, or even look my way as I have to fight the impulse to lick every inch of his shaft. I am in his power, but I am loving every second of it.

After what seems like hours, days . . . or seconds, my black man-god closes his eyes and, as his impressive manhood quivers in my hand, cum shoots from the tip, spurt after spurt of fresh, hot cum spew from his mighty rod as I continue to stroke away! True to form, this great cock simply goes limp after a time, but does not shrink up like my little white dick. He seems ready to go again in only a moment!

These thoughts ran through my mind as I carefully taped the solid muscles of the strack stars thighs. Oh, how I wanted to stroke his prize until I saw every ounce of his jizz land on the trainer's table! The truth, of course, is that I was so scared of my feelings for this outstandlingly hung black man that I resigned my position as student manager that very day. There was an even larger black man who ran the 440 (now the 400 meter) whose shiny black dick hung like an enticing summer sausage, with a great many more dicks of varying size and beauty that I knew that I could not resist for long.

In the days when such activity-especially the interracial variety-was really taboo, I could not run the risk of being ridiculed or even arrested. Pity. But, my friends, it really is true what they say about a black man's dick!



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