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It's Too Easy!

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Hi, my name is Katie and I have been having a small problem. I knew about masturbation for the last four years. Maybe more, but I can't really remember when my first time was. Ever since then it has been getting easier and easier to have an orgasm! The first few times I think it took me half an hour. Since then it's just become easier, almost anything sets me off.

I am not complaining or anything but some times I can't help it and there are times that I shouldn't or can't be having an orgasm you know?. It just happens if I'm moving around too much. For a little while I liked it because I could get off without any one being able to tell that I was trying.

The town I live in has a lot of dirt roads and our buses from school are really old so the ride home is always bumpy. That does it every time now.

I have to try and hide my orgasm when there is some one sitting across from me or with me. I usually pretend I am feeling sick, but I don't like to all the time because then I don't get to talk to any of my friends.

I told two of my friends what's happening to me so they could sit next to me and I could still talk and not just sit alone the whole time. They both said they are jealous and wish they could orgasm as often as I could.

If they are sitting next to me on the bus they almost always notice when I am trying to hide an orgasm.

Last week one of my guy friends one time took me on a ride home from the lake when a bunch of us went over together. The way back was all on paved road but the bike he has is pretty old and shakes a lot. I tried for as long as I could not to cum but I ended up giving in. It was the best orgasm I ever had. It made me feel light headed and I held onto my friend tighter to make sure I wasn't going to fall off. I was cumming for the rest of the ride home. When I cum I shake a lot and my hips thrust forward involuntarily so I think my friend thought I was getting scared being on the bike because when we got to my house and let me off he said he would go slower next time. He's kind of the type of guy who doesn't notice anything sexual around him so I just pretended to agree that he should slow down. His bike, the back of his bathing suit, and my legs were all wet with cum. Luckily I hadn't had a towel at the beach so I apologized and blamed it on that.

So since that time last week, every time I've had an orgasm, I've squirted too. And it's a lot of cum. I was home alone today so I went into the shower without turning it on and rubbed my clit until I came to see how much. The squirt lasted for five at least five second and that's short for me. Just that soaked the tub.

I'm worried now that I'll squirt like that in public and get really embarrassed. Is there anything I can do to keep myself from having orgasms without trying to?



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