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It's the Fantasy That Does IT!

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It's the Fantasy That Does IT!
I have decided that for me, masturbation is the only way to total sexual satisfaction. An unpopular admission indeed (although I don't really go around admitting it to everyone I meet!), and not really a decison at all, it's just the way it is. Is there a sexual orientation called Monosexual??? There should be! My actions and fantasies all revolve around masturbation and perfecting my techniques. My fingers and a variety of objects like candles and brush handles are my favorite lovers of all time!
 I am going to be thirty this year, and have had all kinds of sex: sweaty, boring, humping, tiring sex with teen boyfriends (when I was a teen, of course!), quiet and slow sex with older men, sex with lesbians, and bad, confused sex with groups. I NEVER had an orgasm with any of them doing anything to me. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ...... I always got off later by myself, where I didn't have to worry about the length of time it took me to come, mixing bodily odors with another, or getting pregnant, or "do I have mascara running down my face???"
 My fantasy life has always been rich and sexy. My fantasies have always gotten me excited and made me come. I must confess, I have a very disproportionate amount of orgasmic fantasies about women (like 99 out of 100 times), but having had sex with women, the reality is just not the same as the fantasy. I never came with my lesbian lover, who fancied herself as quite a bombshell. Another snore, sad to say! I fantasize about looking at women, seeing then with their legs wide open and breasts bouncing with hard nipples and wet cunts. I imagine feeling beautiful women through sexy bikini bottoms, or having a woman on each hand, my middle finger fucking each one, tickling their hard clitorises (and sometimes one sitting on my face, gliding her hot glistening pussy over and over my eager lips.) I imagine hearing the squeals of delight from the one on my face as I slip my finger in her vagina and press against her g-spot.
 One frequent fantasy lately stems from something I read on another website about fantasies (can't remember now which one - sorry, gals!) where a bunch of teenaged girls get together for a spin-the-bottle type of party in a basement rec room, and experience the wonders of orgasm for the first time. My fantasy goes like this: I am invited to this party (as my fifteen year old self - I must be mentally stunted at that sexual age!) where all the prettiest girls from my class are there, giggling and lightly massaging their mounds, sitting in a circle, preparing for a kind of "circle jerk" like the boys have. There is a VCR, and one girl has put on a video that instructs women on masturbatory techniques. I am wet and aroused as I feel the seam of my jeans lightly tugging at my stiffened clit, as I sit in this circle to join the party. One girl, the cutest of all (pick your image here; my image may be different from yours!) is the ringleader, and coaches everyone to follow along with the video, slowly removing our tops, then undoing our bras. We sit in a circle, lightly caressing our pert and responsive nipples. One of the girls moans and a few have their mouths slightly open, with a glazed look in their eyes. A few look positively ready to come from just this stimulation, and I guess for some women, nipple play IS enough! Good for you if that's you! The video features a very patient-looking, plain sort of instructor, with a pretty model, to whom she is performing and demonstrating the various techniques to get off. The model then removes her skirt, and allows the teacher to massage her vulva and clitoris through her silky panties. You can clearly see a wet spot appear as the girl writhes and wiggles on the teacher's commanding finger. Next, the teacher in the video asks the model to please remove her panties.
At this point, all the girls watching in a circle are ooing and ahhing, trying to keep up with the instructor and her aching and purring model. The panties come off, revealing a large bushy black vagina with fat wet lips protruding through the hair. The teacher's strong, smooth finger gently caresses the vulva and vagina of the poor model, who is evidently trying to stave off an orgasm and keep her cool. The teacher opens her vulva, firmly tugging them apart, to reveal a well-formed plump clit and wet folds of skin. The teacher begins to pump the girl's hole with her wet finger, and just when the model is ready to come, she stops, and says that she is going to do something that she really wasn't supposed to do, this being a masturbation video and all! She leans down, the camera pans in, and the teacher extends her pointy tongue to tickle and tease the eager clit before her. The girl squeals with delight, and has a very large, wet orgasm on the instructor's finger.
The room is silent with the squishing sounds of a mutual masturbation, and one by one the watchers come, in front of each other, for the first time. -- Acadie!




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