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It's Summer Time

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Reading all these stories about being at the doctor's office, I thought I would share what happened to me over the summer...


I was home this summer from college when my mom noticed I was scratching a little too much. Being concerned she made an appointment with her dermatologist for me.

The day of the appointment it was a very nice beach day and I had the day off from my summer job so I planned on going to the beach after the late morning appointment so I was dressed in my swim suit, sandals and a t-shirt.

I had never been to a dermatologist before and had not expected much since my constant itching was being done on my forearm. However when the female doctor came into the exam room I started to get aroused because she was smoking hot and fairly young, maybe mid 30s. She introduced herself while reading the notes on her chart. She asked what brings me in today and I showed her my arm and said I tend to be itchy and scratch a lot. She takes a look and bends down closer to examine my skin. She asks again to show her exactly where and I point. She asks some more questions about how much, how long, and last time scratched. She says she doesn't see any clear signs of constant scratching or any condition that would cause me to scratch. She says that I am otherwise healthy.

She then says she would like to be thorough and do a quick body scan if I don't mind. I agreed because she said it would be quick. She then asked me to remove my t-shirt then turned and half stepped out of the room. When she came back into the room the door stayed open long enough for the nurse to walk in and close the door behind her. The nurse grabbed the clipboard and chart then stood next to the counter.

The doctor began her quick scan of my skin and looked very closely at a few places while calling out location and concern she had. The nurse would then write it down. When she was done looking over my head arms and torso she stood back and requested I stand up and remove my shorts. As I did I hear a gasp come from the doc, and then she says are you going to the beach afterwards? I told her that was the plan.

She shrugs her shoulders and again requests I lay down on the table this time, face up. So there I am naked in front of two females, still half hard from looking at this hot girl doctor. She continues to inspect every inch of my skin and calls out to the nurse who otherwise stands there with her clipboard. The doc inspects my dick and balls as if they were my wrist and hand. No difference to her. Her professional handling of my dick and balls was no turn off for me to grow even harder but still not completely erect. She then continues down to my feet. She then asks me to turn over and then does the same inspection of my ass cheeks and legs.

She then says I can sit up and grabs the clipboard from the nurse. The nurse leaves the room. The doctor begins to tell me that she sees nothing that would cause me to scratch, no valid signs of constant habitual scratching and I have no poison ivy or other temporary ailments but there are a few areas I should keep an eye on. She then grabs my arm again and looks closely at it while it hangs right above my still naked dick. She released my arm and says I can get dressed and meet her in the hallway in a few minutes. (did she just give me permission to rub one out?)

I grab my shirt from the table and put it on when the door opens and in comes the nurse. She asks where the doc went and said sorry I thought she was still in here. She hands me a tube of cream and says the doctor wants you to use this on your arm instead of itching or scratching. If it helps clear it up great, if not to come back in and see her again. I then stand up and walk across the small room and grab my shorts. As I do the nurse walks out of the room and meets the doctor in the hallway. The doctor smiles at the nurse then looks over in my direction as I put on my shorts with the door still open. I meet her in the hallway and she says we are all set, the nurse already gave me the cream and instructions.

I made it to the building lobby and saw the sign for restrooms and went in and locked the door. I lasted all of about 30 seconds. I beat off just about every day now rethinking what happened. Being naked in front of a hot girl, coupled with her being a doctor and a female nurse present does something to me. I wonder if it would be the same if it were the cashier at the grocery store or the bank teller lady? Not that I would ever know because these professions do not require you to get naked in order to complete the transaction. Maybe I will see if my girlfriend will stay clothed the next time we masturbate in front of each other. Will it be the same as being seen by the doctor? Or will we need to get her a naughty nurse costume?



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