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It's Payback Time Now

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My friend Raymond and me had shown each other our dicks to compare sizes and measured up against each other's when we got hard once but that was all we done till this July. Ray got poison ivy all over his arms and on some of his fingers and had to be very careful because it spreads. He said the nurse even told him outright not to touch his dick but to take off his pants and sit to pee because it's not good to get it on your dick. So he went almost a week without jerking off. He tried rubbing into a pillow but couldn't get off and he was ready to bust. He told me and begged me like would I whack him off he needed it so bad. I thought it was gross but I felt sorry for him because I could not go that long myself. So I told him alright, I'd jerk him whenever he needed it until he cleared up. But we had to keep count and how many times I did him he would have to do me that many plus ten for interest when he was all healed up. So he finally agreed but without the interest. Well he stripped and laid himself out on the bed with his legs apart and I sat between them being sure to keep away from his poison ivy, and I spit in my hand and wetted him up his dick and balls and then started to do him like I do myself but he was jumping all over the place because he wasn't used to it plus he was kind of scared cause it was so weird. It turns out he touches himself very lightly and moves his hand real slow and I do it harder. So he taught me how he likes it and I was doing it that way. He really loved it. He didn't know he was going to like it that much. I was surprised too because I could see how it was really being something special for him and not just getting off. So I started to get into it and liked doing it and seeing how good I made him feel but didn't tell him. He came quick and was squirting all over me and himself with a real gusher not only because it was a week's worth stored but because he loved it so much this way. Right away he wanted it again and so I did it again. Then he just wanted to lay there. The next day he wanted it again and we were doing the same way but he asked me to pull out my dick while I did it so he could look at it. That wasn't part of the bargain. I told him it would cost him one more time doing me and he agreed. So each time we done it was now worth two for me. To make it short this went on from middle of July to end of August because the poison ivy reinfected him twice. Now he is healed up and the tally was 112! I got my first payback Saturday. I wanted it with me standing up and him on his knees in front of me looking up at me and he did it that way. Also I did not strip just took my dick and balls out from the trap in my boxers. It was awesome. I just started to say all this kind of crap to him while he was doing it, dirty talk like. It just came out of me. And man did I unload some heavy wad into his face! I got 111 left. I can tell he loves it though so I think we may lose count and I may do him once in a while for free.



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