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It's My Job!

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I'm 41, divorced with two teenage kids. I'm a registered nurse and I'm taking night classes to get my PHD in Psychology. I discovered this website a few months ago and I read it before bedtime to get myself wet. In fact surfing the web for erotic content with a mouse in my right hand has taught me how to jill-off left handed!

I had my first orgasm at age 12, but the erotic feelings of rubbing myself started at six years old. My mother, a very religious woman, told me that it was wrong, so I learned very early to do it in secret. After my first orgasm I fingered myself every night before going to sleep and sometimes after school when I was alone. I taught a few girlfriends how to do it and in high school I had my first lesbian encounters. I like men more, if they're good, but I have a couple of girlfriends that I can count on for a good mutual rub.

Something is happening in my life and I wanted to share it with other readers. Its fun, possibly illegal and very dangerous to my job, but I love it. I jack men off at work. Every day. Lots of men.

I'm the resident nurse at a fertility clinic. About a year ago I was assigned to the donor area where men come in (pun!) and leave a semen sample. They do it in a room called the donor room, but the employees call it 'Brittany'. They enter the reception room, sign in, get a sample kit and go into Brittany. After they're finished they put the specimen in a bag, pass it through a little door and ring the bell for a lab tech to collect it. Then they leave through another door.

They only use a number, never a name, and their pay is automatically deposited. Their names and addresses are totally confidential and only their number appears on their checks and file information. Fraternizing with a donor is grounds for immediate dismissal. Judging from their clothes and hair styles they all come from a different walk of life, but they all have one thing in common - they are heterosexual and they are really good looking. Every single one is a hunk. I have my favorites and I think about them when I jill-off.

When I started in the donor office there were three women workers and we used to talk about the guys, but we never engaged in any small talk with them. All of the men make comments to the women at the desk when they pick up their kit. Sometimes it's 'Hello' and sometimes its, 'This would be more fun if you'd hold the cup for me.' At first I was very cold to them and didn't react, but in time I realized that they say things to counteract the embarrassment of jacking off only a few feet away from a stranger.

After a couple of months I started talking back to them and once in a while the banter would get pretty lewd, especially if my coworker was out of earshot. Four months ago my last coworker took a job somewhere else and was not replaced. I run the donor operation by myself now and things have changed a lot.

On the very first day I was alone I stood next to the pass-through window and listened. Most of the men were very quiet but the last one of the day was quite vocal. Listening to a gorgeous man only a few feet away talk himself into an orgasm was more than I could take. The grunting and groaning got me so hot. After he left I sat at a desk in the file room, hiked my skirt up, rolled down my panty hose and felt myself. My panties were really wet and warm. I put my feet up onto the desk, slid two fingers inside and rubbed myself into a juicy climax. I haven't felt like that since I was 20. On the way home I dropped by my boyfriend's house and nearly begged him to give it to me full throttle. That night I even tried to jill-off but I was too sore. And that was the very first day of running the office alone!

The next day a particularly funny donor came in around one o'clock and said one of his usual lines: 'My arm hurts and I don't think I can work today. Can you help me?' I totally shocked him when I came out from behind my desk, took him by the hand and led him into Brittany. There was an awkward moment with the two of us standing next the leather couch, the table littered with porn and the TV still playing a video with the sound turned off. I said, 'I can help you this one time if you don't tell anyone.' He smiled and asked me to unzip his pants.

I got him settled onto the couch and pulled his pants down to his ankles. He wasn't hard at all, in fact he was suddenly nervous, but as soon as I wrapped my hand around his shaft he started to get hard. With his hand on mine we stroked together, slowly at first with him grinding his hips in a slow rhythm, then faster. He talked to me while he worked himself into a good groove. He was guiding my hand the whole time. I saw the first glistening of clear fluid flow out of his little hole and I held the cup in place. In just a few seconds he shot a huge frothy blob of cum into the cup, then another. After that I coaxed some more contractions out of him. Some of the juice made it into the cup and a lot of it ran over my hand. It was hot and thick and I breathed in the smell of it. I could tell that my panties were moist.

He tried to push my face down, asking me to suck more out of him, but I wasn't ready for that. I squeezed him some more and then cleaned him up with a towel. The whole episode took four minutes. I looked at the specimen cup and noted that it was the biggest sample I'd ever seen. He tried to kiss me, but I pulled away. I told him that one day when things were different we'd see each other out in the big world. After all, he can't be more than 30 years old. We have time.

After that encounter I responded to every lewd proposition with a helping hand. Last week I was in the Brittany room with 23 men. Seven of them wanted me to watch while they wanked off into the cup. All the others wanted me to stroke them into a climax. At some time every man has kissed me, hugged me, fondled me and many have tried to fuck me. Every day I let at least one man slip his fingers or his tongue into me. I have my favorites. I have at least one climax a day in that room. In each case I've taken control of the situation and at no time have I felt that I'd be raped. In short, I'm having the time of my life.

The legality and morality of what I do is debatable. The lab has confirmed that specimens are bigger, sperm count is way up and donors have stopped missing their appointments. As for me, I've learned an incredible amount about how men make themselves cum. I realize that I knew almost nothing about the male organ before I began my new hobby. Now I can keep a man hard for a long time or make him squirt in a few minutes. What I say to him has as much to do with his pleasure as how I handle him. If I play with myself in front of these men I can make them so hot that they can't refrain from jacking themselves off. A few times donors have forgotten to get the cup in place and have shot their wad onto my leg, their shoes and the floor. Sorry - No specimen, no pay.

My boyfriend prefers me to jack him off over any other method of sex now. He used to caution me never to touch his balls but now he begs me to gently cup them in my hand while I stroke him. When he asked how I became such an expert on his dick I told him I learned it from a textbook! He claims that my hand jobs are better than anything he's ever felt. I'm giving his tongue a workout in return. Perhaps I'm a latent nymphomaniac, I don't know.

Lately I've stopped masturbating because I'm so satisfied. I've lost 8 pounds. I swear that men are coming onto me all the time now. Somehow they sense that I'm sexually active. It's probably my attitude. Last week a man in the jewelry store told me I had beautiful hands. No one has ever said that to me. I don't have beautiful hands! Something is happening here and I'm studying it.



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