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It's All so Secret

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You know, a girl's sexual organs are all, well, so secret. When we stand up, you can't see them. Even if we are totally aroused, you wouldnt know. Boys, on the other hand, their sexual organs are, well, kinda prominent, and no-one can miss a guy when he has a hard on. Nevertheless, there is no doubt in my mind who has the power.


When I started to explore my own body sexually, I think I found it all pretty yucky. I didn't have a good puberty and found that my body would let me down at the worst possible times. As for orgasms, they long remained something other people had. I had friends who could masturbate to orgasm in minutes, but, while I would get horny, I couldn't get myself off. Then, I noticed my Uncle had stopped giving me cuddles and I felt really rejected. I talked to mom about it and she told me it was because I was growing up and he thought it was inappropriate. (Great! My fucking body fucks it up for me again) Then I realised that, even though he didn't hug me any more, he certainly WAS checking me out from time to time.

I saw him looking at my small but very upstanding breasts, my ass and just generally checking. Then one day I decided to let him see up my skirt so I sat on the couch reading in a way that I knew if he looked my way he would see my panties. Even just waiting for him to see me got me very wet, but I didn't care. Eventually he looked at me and I actually saw his bulge in his pants. OMG it was so horny! My parents were out so, without looking up from my book I said 'So, you like my panties Uncle?' He stammered some kind of apology, but I told him I liked him looking and made him answer my question. He said I had grown up into a very attractive woman. (Hadn't thought of myself as a 'woman' before) Then there was some awkward silence before he said... 'Yeah, you look real good.'

I told him I missed our cuddles and asked if I could have one. He looked uncomfortable but told me I could. So I went over and sat on his lap. I could feel his hard on against my ass and wriggled until I was sitting on him facing away and his cock was right up against my panties. He had his arms around my tummy. I kept wriggling and I felt like I was gonna cum. I took one of his hands and put it up my t shirt and onto my breast. (I didn't wear a bra then) Then I felt his cock twitching and somehow, I just knew I had made him cum his load. That made me cum too and I let him know it with a lot of moans and the ocassional 'fuck... oh fuck'

A couple of days later, we were alone again and this time I got him to masturbate me properly and then I knelt in front of him and jacked him off. That's when I discovered something. I love sperm. I love its smell, its feel and its taste. I love it all over me, in me, anywhere. That day, my Uncle came full into my face, onto my hair and into my mouth and it was totally glorious.



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