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It's All a Matter of Time

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With all the preparation done, I stand bare in front of the mirror, the eye of my limp cock peeking out from it's hairy lair. I tease the dormant stalk, pulling it outward as the deep longings urge me on. I drop to the chair and stretch my cock with my right hand exposing the target area between two veins in mid-length. My left hand is poised with the needle and with one painless exciting movement I sink it fully into the soft tissue and push the joy juice home. A quick swab, then standing I watch and feel the swelling begin,, at first pointing down and sideways and slowly rising to twist around until the eye is pointing front and center, horizontal, anticipating delight to come.

Two, three minutes pass and the blood has pulsed into the hardening member, proudly rising away from my balls. I stretch a latex cock ring (a cut-down condom) over my cock and scrotum and pull it tightly down toward my bum. My erection is now aching ,head swollen and dark, shaft filled out and and thrusting proud in unbending majesty, a pattern of dark swollen veins across the tight skin. What next? These injections/erections are not cheap, so while the outcome is not in doubt, the opportunity is to be enjoyed for as long as possible, it comes down to how secure I feel.

If there is any possibility of the need for a quick cover-up I will take the sure-fire easy way-a furious, energetic 'regular wank' lots of lube, a practiced hand on the bare pole and a knee jerking groan of relief as the thick, milky white stuff gushes out. Or I roll on a condom, well lubed in the head, and either lie down or stand in front of the mirror with a lube tube handy. Standing and jerking deliriously brings a satisfying quick finish. If lying, I slide the latex sheath up and nearly off my shaft until it is fully unrolled and I can stretch the ring over my balls so that cock and scrotum so both are confined and move as one. Smooth the condom back down the rampant member and lavish the whole with lube. The way to the big shuddering explosion of fulfillment and relief is now committed-I enjoy the blast, and the never ceasing wonderment and relief at the dousing, for a while,of the fires of desire.

But if there is no chance of interruption or a time constraint, I can go to the best of all, my pet pussy. This gives the maximum range of sensations on the way to fulfillment. Using a cardboard toilet roll as the base, I slip a lightweight sock into it as softening, and pass a latex exam glove through the sock/tube and secure with a rubber band (inflating the glove for a moment will ensure that is fully extended in the tube to make maximum penetration space). Now spread lubricant liberally in the glove. Wrap/roll the pussy tube tightly in a folded hand towel and bind with a strap. I put the empty half of the roll in a drawer in the bathroom bench (under a mirror) and shut the drawer tight. Bend the protruding business end down to suit your cock height and angle. Take a deep breath, and slowly slide your whole swollen length into the presented tight, wet, smooth, slippery hole. Pull back and out, then plunge deep into heaven again, and again The feeling is so fantastically familiar and I just can't stop lunging. Now, I am not all that agile, good on my feet, these days-but I always surprise myself by how long I can maintain the repeated deep thrusting-gasping ever shorter breaths until I feel the stroke of no return approaching. No stopping now-my whole body is taught and gasping to shoot, as the to the tumult rises in my full balls, up my cock and spurts in long dollops of hot sticky cum filling the pussy tube.

If I'm in a condom there is an extra delight-seeing the tip fill with powerful spurts of relief as the white goo flows, then as each spasm pumps more, it flows over my cockhead and down my length filling the tight latex envelope. (I sometimes use a black condom-in a silly, vain attempt to make things look bigger? Usually I prefer a coral coloured sleeve, pink and transparent so the full engorgement can be visually enjoyed, especially as the spurts come)

Either way the day is not yet over! the injection will keep my cock nicely swollen ready and able to give more joy. A little exhausted nap to relax the muscles and slow the heart and then the wakening to the slippery delight as the cum in the glove or condom quickly reignites the fire-a new climax builds and a deep intense explosion bursts forth, draining the last reserves of my balls, the last gush is one of surrender to the merciless, incessant and inescapable power of masturbation. My cock jabs show that habit-forming drugs are not always evil!!

As you can imagine, I really look forward to having the house and time to myself when my wife is away for a few days. The pussy tube lies in the drawer on call all hours!!



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