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It's a Turnon To See Naked Older Men

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I am a senior citizen and love to masturbate. It's a turnon to look at pictures of naked men my age and older and also to see naked older men in person. I don't like seeing younger guys naked. Although I like seeing older guys naked I don't like ones with hairless bodies as well as I like seeing ones with hair on their chest, stomach, and pubic area and I especially like gray hair in those areas. I go to the Y and in the locker room and shower I see some nice cocks and sometimes I wish that I could just walk over and start stroking the nice cocks.

I have a friend in his mid 70s and we go traveling to sporting events together. In the hotel rooms I always give him a chance to see my cock when I'm getting ready for bed or in the morning after showering. I sometimes get a look at his cock but usually just kind of a glance. I could never tell whether he is cut or uncut. Sometimes when I see his cock it would look cut and other times it would look uncut. On our last trip he did something he had never done before. He stood and faced me naked and I was able to get a pretty good look at him.

The first night when getting ready for bed he stood naked facing me and I could see that he was uncut. But on one of the two mornings, after he showered, he stood naked facing me and it looked like a different cock than the other look that I had. He looked like he is cut but I thought I could see some foreskin at the edge of the glans.

Then I came to a conclusion as to why I hadn't been able to tell previously when I didn't have a good view of his cock whether he is cut or uncut. When his cock has been trapped in his underpants the foreskin is up over his glans and he is uncut. But when he takes a shower he probably handles his cock in the process of washing so then when I see it after he takes a shower the foreskin isn't covering the glans and he looks cut. I didn't notice but maybe his cock is longer after a shower than it is when he takes his underpants off to get ready for bed and that is why sometimes the foreskin isn't hiding the nice head of his cock.

Now that he has let me get a good look at his cock I would like to do some mutual hand job masturbation. I would love to wrap my hand around his cock and stroke it especially since he has the foreskin which I don't have and I would take my other hand and put his balls in it and massage his balls while beating his meat. I would like for him to do the same and wrap his nice hand around my cock and stroke it and at the same time massage my balls.

When I am masturbating at home sometimes I fantasize that it is his hand stroking me instead of my own hand. I am hoping that sometime in the future something more will happen besides just seeing each other's naked body. Also he has some long chest hairs at the very top of his chest right at the bottom of his neck and sometimes they stick out at the top of his shirt and when they do it is a real turn on. Although I have never done it I get an urge to run my fingers through those long hairs. I love his body and cock.

Also I have several other guys who I think about and would love to be naked with, around 6-10 of them. One of them I saw naked at a camp ground shower and he has a nice long cock that I would like to stroke. Another one I saw naked down to his waist or the top of his pants and he has some nice black hair on his chest and stomach. I didn't notice if some of it is gray or not.

Also there is one other one that I know is uncut and has a hairy body and I've been fantasizing about him for 35 years.

Now I'll go back to the last sporting event trip that my friend and I took. We were in the hotel two nights. I think it was the first night that I woke up during the night around 1:40 to go to the bathroom and take a leak. While I was in there I decided to get the KY Jelly out of my toiletry bag and masturbate. While masturbating I was in there longer than I would have been otherwise. When I got done ejaculating I cleaned up and went back out into the room.

My friend must have woke up to go to the bathroom while I was in there and because I was taking a little longer than he expected me to, he must have thought that I wasn't feeling well or something. When I walked out into the room to get back in bed he surprised me by asking 'are you okay'. It kind of surprised me that he was awake and sitting on the edge of his bed when I came out of the bathroom. I answered his 'are you okay' question by quickly replying 'yes'.

Either later in the day or maybe after I got back home I thought about the experience during that night. I wondered what if instead of replying 'yes' I had replied 'oh, yes, I'm fine I just got done masturbating.' I wondered what would he have done, thought, or said if I had given him that reply. I'm sure it would have surprised or shocked him.

Then on the second night when going to bed, I had gotten in bed and had my hand in my pyjamas with it wrapped around my cock. Since we had to get up early the next morning for an early departure my friend came over to the clock radio on the stand in between the two beds and was trying to set the alarm. I was laying there thinking 'this is awesome laying here with my hand around my cock doing a little stroking and he is just a few inches away from me or maybe one or two steps away.' What would he have done, thought, or said if I had thrown the covers back and said 'look what I'm doing' or something like that. If I had said 'why don't you join me' would he have done it or would he have said 'no way, are you crazy?'

Like I said earlier maybe on some future trip we can watch each other stroking our cocks or maybe even do some mutual and stroke each other's cocks.



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