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It's A Guy Thing

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As a Freshman in college, I recently moved into an apartment with two guys I knew in high school. One was my best friend, Sam, who is my age and whom I had known since we were kids. The other roommate, Ryan, was a year older than we were; we knew him in school, but were not close friends.

Sam and I were on the varsity soccer team, Ryan had been the quarterback on the football team. Ryan was a sexual legend in school, supposedly bedding half the cheerleaders and a couple of their mothers, and the size of his dick was also legend - his nickname was Porn Star. Sam and I did everything together - at age 16, we both lost our virginity on the same night- but our experiences had been limited to a few serious girlfriends and didn't come near to Ryan's exploits. We had masturbated several times in front of each other, but that was about it. We both had 7 inchers with decent girth.

A few days after moving in, I came home late one night. I heard Ryan in the shower, Sam was just getting in from an intramural soccer game. I headed for the shower, noticing as I undressed that I had a slight boner, probably from not having rubbed one out in a couple of days, and would need to relieve the problem soon. I showered, threw on a pair of boxers, and headed downstairs. Upon entering the living room, I was kind of surprised to see Sam-in nothing but his jock strap- sitting on the couch, rubbing an obvious bulge the strap was doing all it could to contain. He stopped when he saw me.

If Sam had surprised me, what I saw next in the kitchen astounded me. There was Ryan, buck naked, standing in front of the fridge, with his very toned, smooth ass to me. Playing varsity sports, I've see a lot of naked guys, and, other than a few size and body comparisons, I've never really been awed by another guy's body, until now. Ryan's a little over 6 feet tall, black hair, an Abercrombie-like, athletic build. He bent down, grabbing something out of the fridge, exposing the biggest pair of balls I have ever seen. Like two large plums and hung very low. Being as horny as I was, I started to catch a woody, and I slipped behind a counter so Ryan might not be able to notice.

'Liking what you see?' asked Ryan, casually, still with his back to me.

'Dude....Not overly modest, are you?' I stammered

'Well, if my bare ass impresses you, then this surely will,' Ryan said as he turned around, with his hand holding what had to be 7 inch, cut cock, not at all hard, since he was kind of twirling it as he laughed at me. 'And it gets bigger!' Mine was getting bigger, too. Ryan has a huge mound of jet black pubes, obviously trimmed, with the most perfect happy trail leading up to his belly-button. His huge gnads were smooth and slapped against his thighs as he twirled his dick.

' It...is...very....impressive,' I said, trying to look away and sound as casual as possible, as Ryan walked past me into the living room, sitting back in the recliner across from Sam, who I could see was as visibly impressed as I was. I grabbed a water and joined them. Ryan was flipping through the TV channels, and stopped on a channel showing a fairly steamy sex scene. It caught all our attention and we sat there watching for a few minutes. My semi-boner returned with a vengeance, and, glancing over at Sam, his dick head was now inching out above his jock strap. Ryan was now rubbing his balls and moved down to the floor, where he started rubbing the head of his dick on the carpet. I guess all three of us were horny as hell and weren't trying to hide it.

'You guys ever jack off with other guys? I mean, ever jack off another guy?' Ryan asked ever so casually.

'I'm not touching that thing, if that's what you're after.' I said, although I didn't mean it. Sam didn't answer.

'Aw, come on, I noticed both of you looking at me. And Biff, those drops of pre-cum that are soaking through your boxers really give you away. There's nothing to it. We used to have a circle jerk almost every day after football practice.'

' I'm game,' said Sam, finally breaking his silence as he pulled his strap off. Sam, while not as built as Ryan, has an impressive athletic body. He's tall with very light blonde hair, good pecs, a six-pack, with the V shaped lower torso. His body is almost hairless, with only a slight tuft of blonde pubes. His cock (cut) was at full mast, sticking out and curving up slightly. He was pulling down on his sizeable balls while stroking his cock.

'Nice package,' said Ryan to Sam, who got up and moved over to where Sam and I were, lounging on the floor in front of us. By now, his cock was a monster. It had to be 9 inches, sticking straight out, veins protruding. I know the head was/is the size of a boy's fist. Neither Sam nor I tried to hide our astonishment, blatantly staring at Ryan's third leg.

' It's 9 inches long, 6' around, in case you're wondering' said Ryan, who could see that we were in awe , although he didn't sound like he was bragging..

'How are we going to do this,' I asked, throwing off any reservations as I shed my now pre-cum soaked boxers. I, too, have an athletic build, I'm tanned, and about 6'2' tall with dark hair, and keep the body hair to a minimum. My Johnson (also cut) was as hard as hell. My balls were now aching.

'All at once,' said Ryan, who reached under the coach, grabbing a tube of KY lube (had this all been planned?), and laid down in front of Sam and I, patting his chest meaning for one of us to sit there. Sam slowly did so-neither of us really knew what to do or expect. He was straddling Ryan and facing towards his dick. I knelt down to Ryan's side, facing him. Sam squirted the lube on his and Ryan's dick and passed it to me.

'Dude, you have a hell of a tool,' Sam exclaimed as he began to slowly stroke Ryan's engorged dick. Ryan reached from behind Sam and returned the favor while reaching over to me with his right hand and backstroking my aching cock. Every few strokes he stopped so to cup and rub my balls, like he was milking a cow. This was the first time a guy had touched me, but Ryan knew what he was doing. I was in sheer ecstasy, thrusting my hips slightly to match his strokes. With my free hand, I reached over to Sam, rubbing his swollen ball sack against Ryan's abs as Ryan started pounding away on his purple headed prick. As we stroked in unison, the breathing got heavier and the moans louder, but Ryan instructed us to switch positions. Sam eased off of Ryan while still stroking his cock slowly. Ryan propped himself up as Sam pivoted around, scooting himself up with his left leg between Ryan's. I scooted back, assuming the position next to Sam. It was a pile intertwined legs, sweaty balls, asses, and throbbing dicks.

Ryan hosed his cock down with more lube and pulled my hand over to it. Interlocking both hands - and almost not getting them all the way around- I began working furiously, stroking it. Sam grabbed mine doing the same, and Ryan worked his hands over to Sam, holding it with one hand while he rubbed the head quickly. Sam immediately gasped and moaned. Ryan then started stroking him fast and started rubbing and pinching his nipples, then switching to mine, never missing a stroke on Sam's cock. We got back to stroking in unison. We went at it for several more minutes, switching dicks, stroking, rubbing and squeezing balls, each time working the strokes in unison. My dick was hurting, my nuts were blue and aching, I was breathing heavily and I knew it was about time. Ryan, who, it was obvious, had done this a lot, grabbed my ball sack, pulling on it hard, and slowed me down. I did the same on his.

Suddenly, Sam arches back, exhales and yells '....I'm....about....to...cum!!' He thrusts forward, shooting a thick rope onto my chest, moves a little and hits Ryan in the chin with a second rope of thick jiz, then another. That was enough for Ryan and I, as he quickly let go of my balls, stroked hard on my dick, circling the head with quick strokes. I repeated on him. Within seconds, his balls drew in, he quivered, and exploded onto all three of us in three or four ropes. I was there too, as my own balls felt like they were bursting. My first stream nailed the couch (oops), the second and third across Ryan's stomach, the rest spurting out on his arm as he started pumping my cock again. We were a mess of dick juice and sweat, and I was suddenly aware of the strong smell of cock and ass. I was exhausted, but very much wanted to go again. We ended up in the shower. I'll save details of that for a later story. Since that night, we constantly jerk each other off, sometimes just two of us, sometimes all three, occasionally with a couple of other friends. Ryan is naked most of the time and is always in the mood for a jack, and Sam and I are getting as bad-or good! It's natural and liberating. Now go clean up.



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