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Italy Will Make You Cum

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Keep on jackin! Hopefully this story will help. Part 2 to come.


Last summer, a friend and I went away to Florence, Italy for six weeks for an internship program. We have been best friends since middle school, and knew each other quite well. We found that it would be the most economical to rent an apartment for our time there. Being college students (we didn't go to the same college, but were just doing this together for the summer), we were on a budget, and found a cheap one-bedroom (with two beds) apartment in a fairly nice district of Florence. After a long plane ride, we arrived to our apartment.

'Fuck dude,' said Todd as we walked in.

'Fuck,' I responded.

We stood and stared at each other in amazement. The place was tiny, I mean tiny. We knew we had gotten a good price, but still, how were we going to live here for six weeks. It was on the second floor of a building. The 'apartment' was basically one room with a small bedroom attached by a doorway (no door) at one end. The main room had everything else. In one corner was a stove, an old sink, a bit of counter space, and a small table at which we could sit. In the middle of the room was a couch with a coffee table in front of it. In the corner opposite the kitchen area was a large bath tub with a shower head sticking out of the wall. It was one of those old, giant tubs that were elevated from the ground. There was no shower curtain or anything, just this tub and a shower head in the corner of the main room. Off to the side was a tiny room with a toilet. Through a doorway was the bedroom, also tiny, with two twin sized beds and a single dresser. The beds were only separated by a nightstand with a lamp.

Now I don't mean to make this sound so horrible. What was in the apartment was actually quite nice. Nice appliances in the kitchen, a nice couch, it was well lit, etc... But still, there was one room that was a kitchen, sitting area, and shower all in one. It was weird.

We started talking about the place and how excited we were to be here, as we weren't that tired because of the time change it was the middle of the day for us even though it was late in Florence. We started unpacking and getting things set up.

Now, as close as Todd and I are, we had never seen each other naked or masturbated together, or even talked about masturbation or sex, up to this point. We did with our other friends, but it always got too awkward for us for some reason. But living in these tight quarters, something had to happen.

'I need to shower' I told Todd, staring at the shower in the corner.

'Ok' Todd said and laughed a little, 'Good luck.'

'Look, Todd' I began, 'I don't care if you see me naked or see my cock or whatever, ok? I mean if were going to be living like this, and showering like this, then, well, whatever. But don't feel like you have to look away when I shower or something. Its cool, we're both guys' I said, though it was horribly awkward.

'Yeah, totally, whatever' Todd replied. As he said this and was looking at me, I made a point to pull down my pants and boxers so that he would just see my dick, basically, just to break the ice. My cock is about three inches soft, and I have big balls. Its uncut, and I like how it looks. Todd just stared down at my cock, his eyes fixed. I took off my shirt, kinda played with my dick a little in my hands, and turned on the shower.

'Here I go,' I said and turned on the shower, the water spraying everywhere.

I started showering and Todd got back to unpacking. I always get a little hard in the shower, but it was no big deal. I finished and stepped out of the shower.

'Leave it on' Todd instructed, 'I'm going to take one now too I think. I feel gross from that plane ride.'

'Go for it' I said, still naked as I fished through my bag for a towel. I could see he was still staring at my cock. He just stood there, hesitating to undress.

'Come on, man. We're both just men with penises and balls' I said, 'Its no big deal.' I nodded my head, and he took off his shirt unbuttoned his pants, pulling them down. His boxers were still on and he stood still again, I could see that his boxers were tented, and my cock was hard at this point too. I rolled my eyes, and finally he just pulled them down. His cock was hard, a light brown color, about 6 inches, and, to my surprise, totally uncut. It was a beautiful cock, I have to admit. Deep brown balls too, which hung low like mine. He had nothing to be embarrassed about. I smiled, and he looked more comfortable now that he was undressed. He still just stood there, us staring at each other's dicks.

'The shower?' I said.

'Right' Todd said, and stepped in. He quickly showered off, got out, and started to dry off. I was over at the sink in the kitchen corner shaving, still naked just for the sake of being naked. Todd came over, and I looked: he was still hard, as was I.

'You want to-' he said, and gave the universal sign for masturbate, but not actually touching his dick.

'Yeah man, I've been needing to jerk off all day' I said in reply. We both smiled, and Todd nodded his head towards the bedroom. I sat on my bed, and he sat on his, and we faced each other. Todd had brought some lotion, so we each took some and started rubbing our cocks. It was great to be doing this with Todd, I felt a really close connection/bonding thing with him during this. His balls slapping up and down as his hand ran up and down his thick dick were really arousing, and I could tell it was the same for him. I told him to stand up, and I stood up too.

'Why, dude?' he asked. I motioned for him to come closer. I slowly pulled him in until our dick heads were touching. 'Watch this, you've never felt anything like it' I said. I took his uncut dick, and put my dick head inside his foreskin so that our dicks were touching. We could feel our warm precum mix, and we both clearly started precumming like crazy.

'Fuck dude, that's amazing' Todd said.

'No shit' I said.

I took my hand and wrapped it around our dick heads and began to slowly rub back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. We were both moaning and Todd began reaching down and rubbing his and my balls. It felt amazing.

'Let me have a go' Todd said, replacing my hand with his on our dick heads.

His felt even better, and I just stood there in total joy. It felt amazing.

Todd started breathing heavily, and motioned for me to start doing the rubbing again. Silently, he grasped for air, breathing deeply, and then moaned. 'I'm...gonna... cummmm' he sighed, his eyes in painful pleasure, as my hands filled with our cum. It gushed onto my dickhead, pushing me over the edge, whereupon I moaned too and started cumming. I rubbed harder, the cum everywhere. I shot a huge load, and my hand dropped, I was too weak after the ejaculation to go any more, the cum spilling all over the floor. We stared at each other, then at our dicks and the cum.

'Fuck dude' I said.

'Fuck' said Todd.

We both fell back onto our beds, naked and covered in our juices and cum.

'We'll clean it tomorrow' I said. He agreed. We both slept on top of our beds, totally naked, exhausted in our pleasure, on our first night in Florence.

We awoke to find quite a mess, our dicks both hard now with morning wood. We let our dicks soften, cleaned up (as best we could), and headed out.

That next night is a story for part 2.



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