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It Was Sticking Right Out of His Pants

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True boyhood story


While attending school in the Caribbean, I had several opportunities to see bigger boys and their dicks. On one occasion, I was going to get a snack during a break, when I passed by and saw this guy I knew very well standing up talking to some other people, but he had an erection and it was sticking straight out of his pants. I couldn't believe it! I realized that they couldn't see what he was doing, because he was standing behind something that hid the front of his pants from their view, but I was on the side and looking down, and I could see it plainly. No one else seemed to have noticed, but I just stood there and stared.

It was a nicely shaped cock, the color of light milk chocolate or a nice tan (he was mulatto) with foreskin almost, but not quite, covering his tip. I liked looking at it, and began to think how I would like to feel it and play with it. He then noticed me and kind of laughed a bit and managed to get it back in his pants without anyone else noticing. I talked to him later, and could tell that he was nervous, because we went to the same church and he was afraid of who I might tell about his exhibitionism. He was 16, by the way, so seemed pretty big to me, a 12-year-old. I told him that I didn't have to tell anyone, but I would like to see it again, because I thought it looked nice. He grinned at me, relieved. I told him to ride home with me from school, and then he could walk up to his house from my house. He agreed.

I kept getting erections for the rest of the day, just thinking about this 16-year-old showing me his hard dick. It was kind of hard for me to hide it, because at 12, I had a good sprout of pubic hair and was already about six inches long when hard. We tried to act normal on the bus ride. Then we had to switch buses in town, and he stayed with me, true to his word. Finally, we had to walk across a golf course to get to my house. When we were off the road and walking on a path through the woods, I told him that I wanted to feel it. He smiled, stopped, and said, 'Go ahead!' So I, with an erection obvious in my own pants, began to feel his cock through his pants. I felt it quickly getting harder, and I realized that he was enjoying the adventure as much as I was.

Then I told him that I wanted him to walk with his zipper down. He nodded, so I pulled his zipper down. I then took him to the top of a hill that was behind my house where, although there was a path, I didn't expect anyone else to come that way. When we got up there, I told him that I wanted to take off all his clothes and see him naked. He laughed nervously, and looked around, but told me I could do that. So I unbuttoned his shirt and reached inside his pants to grab his boner while I was doing the last buttons, and took his shirt off. Then I asked him to take his own shoes and socks off, which he did. Then I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and let them drop to the ground. I told him to step out of them, and he did. I was feeling very powerful to have a 16-year-old obeying my commands like this.

I eyed with approval the large outline of his cock in his underwear. I then took off his undershirt so he was standing there in only his cotton briefs with his cock straining at the elastic. I felt his hard shaft again, and then pulled his underwear right down and told him to step out of them. He obeyed, and I looked at this naked mulatto boy up and down, not believing my good fortune. I had imagined doing this before, but thought it would only be fantasy. I then began to play with his cock, pulling the foreskin back, and then letting it slide forward again. I was quite intrigued with this, since I was circumcised. I did it several times, faster and slower, just playing and he was just grinning at me the whole time, like he was thinking he couldn't believe his good fortune to have this 12-year-old white boy playing with his cock.

I was going to quit, and tell him to put his clothes back on, but he went for my shirt buttons like he was going to undress me. I told him that he couldn't do it this time, but maybe I would let him if we did it again. He then asked if I would play with his cock some more. I didn't know why, but I figured why not. He began to instruct me, telling me to keep up a steady rythym and rub deliberately over his rim, etc. I noticed that he started breathing more heavily and was staring at his cock when all of a sudden there was a whoosh, and this white stuff came shooting out. Fortunately I was standing more to the side, or I would have gotten nailed. I let go of his cock, but he grabbed it and pumped himself a few more times while I watched. It was quite an impressive display when I saw the amount of semen on the ground. He then took his time getting dressed and as we walked down the hill, he asked if I would be willing to do it again. I told him I thought I would, and I began to think about whether we could include his younger brother who was closer to my age, but for the time, I was just incredibly excited to have been allowed to do so much to an older boy with a beautiful cock. I was looking forward to the next time....



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