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It Was Planned

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It is kind of cool reading the other stories on this site and knowing that there are other guys going though the same thing as me. Read my First Story 'Snow Break'/December 1, 2003


This happened a couple of months ago. I don't really remember how it started. My friend and I were talking on line one night and the convo slowly turned to sex and stuff.

The subject then came to masturbating. He had asked if I masturbated and I replied yes and him giving the same response. This turned me on. I know for a fact that he was too.

Now like I said in my first story 'Snow Break' I'm not gay or anything and I know that my friend isn't gay either but I don't see anything wrong with having a little fun. Now I do have limits and I will only go so far.

As the conversation got deeper I got hornier. I do streak. He had asked me who I had streaked with. I gave him some of our other friend's names. Then the conversation had come to circle jerks.

I have participated in several of these but he had not. For several days every night we would talk about it. He seemed very interested, and of course I was interested.

We had talked about it and he wanted to try it some time. But he had a job and the weekends were pretty full for him so we did not get around to it for a while.

In the mean time though during the school nights we would continue to talk about it. He wanted to know how big mine was I replied 7.8' I asked him how big his was. The boy actually told me he did not know. I was surprised that he said that. I thought every guy measured theirs.

But then he said he did measure his but it was like a year ago he told me five and a half inches and said that he did not think it had grown any. But the next day we talked he had told me he measured again and it was six and a half inches. Which was a whole lot better. I was excited... HaHaHaHa....

Anyways we decided to take pictures of ours and send them online to each other. I quickly grabbed the camera and took some pictures. He was very surprised of how big mine was.

Which I know I`m above average. But it seems that a lot of my friends have the same size as me or at least just a little smaller. But I haven't found a friend yet that has a bigger one than me yet. I hope to soon!

His camera messed up and he couldn't see any. Which sucked because I couldn't see any of his pics. I was very disappointed. But excited because I know he was probably jacking off to my pictures. I would just have to wait till the night came.

One of those nights he asked if I used lube I said no. I asked if he did and he said yes. I asked what and he replied spit. I thought it was kind of weird but he agreed that he could do with out spit.

He asked how were we going to do this. I just gave him and example, that example is my other friend out of the 'Snow Break' story. We talked about going as far as blowjobs. I had never done this before and had never had it done to me. I was really hesitant about it. But still curious. I told him I would give it some thought. I asked him when he was horny does his cock lay on his stomach and he said that it did. I asked this because some of my other friend's cocks do this but mine and some other friends doesn't. It sticks up when I lay down. Kind of weird hugh?

He finally had a friday night open and we planed a Sleepover/Circle jerk.

Finally the night came that he could spend the night. We went over to our other friend's house and went to eat at the country club and hang out. Then we rented some DVDs. We watched a couple of DVDs that night and then after that we switched it to TV and turned the volume down. Finally what I had been waiting for, for almost a month. We then got under the covers and took of our clothes.

I asked him to show me his since I had never seen it. It wasn't a bad size at all. He then asked for me too show mine. He laughed and said it was huge! In fact he laughed a lot that night I really think he enjoyed himself.

We took turns feeling of each other's. His balls were much bigger than mine. I have one friend, His balls are huge!!! Each one his like a tennis ball!!! But that is another story!!!

We then took turns jacking each other off, avoiding cumming because we were not ready for that part yet. So we would have to warn each other if we were getting close.

We just continued to play with each other. For like another half an hour. Like I said his balls were really big compared to mine. They were so soft and I kind of enjoyed playing with them.

We decided that we would cum. So we both got faster. The pre-cum was flowing out of both of us, which kind of substituted for his spit, and he came about five mins after that. It dribbled all over my hand I got a towel and cleaned him up and my hand and continued playing with him till I came.

Now for some reason it was taking me a long time. I usually don't last that long and I could tell he was getting tired. But he went on for another five mins after he came. Now I am usually a dribbler too. But there at the end the orgasm was lasting like several seconds. It seemed like I would never shoot. But I shot all over the place!!! It went flying through the air it got on my shirt, and on the pillows on the head bored and I even got some on my friends face!!!. I was surprised as much as he was. It was amazing. I wish I had a videotape of it.

Anyways we went to bed after that. We haven't done it again after that but I hope another opportunity comes. Because it was fun. Thank you again for letting me be able to share my story with others. I know that there are millions of guys who go through this all the time. It's kind of cool to read the other stories. I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I did.



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