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It Was Only a Dream

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When I was about 14 a real cute girl named Kelly moved in next door. She was the kind of girl that had a developing body that made us guys take an interest, short and sweet with smallish, but round, firm looking breasts and well rounded hips and thighs with a nice wide gap up top of her legs. Her hair was dark and straight and her eyes a lovely shade of blue. Still, much as I tried she was pretty stand-oofish with me and all of the guys at high school, and I lost interest because I started going out with Rachel and was learning a lot from her about why girls were different from guys anatomically speaking.

I was nearing 16 when I discovered that Kelly was starting to take an interest in me. About a year earlier her dad had walked out on the family (Kelly, had a kid sister Serena who was about two years younger) with some 25 yo secretary, I didn't know why 'cos Kelly's mom was pretty hot. Besides that Rachel had left town. Kelly and I got talking one day at the local pool and from there things began to heat up.

One Friday evening Kelly and I went to a party. It wasn't long before we started making out under a blanket for some privacy. Kelly turned out to be a hot kisser and I got to take her bra off and kiss and lick her lovely firm breasts. As her nipples grew long and stiff between my lips she unzipped my pants and started feeling my hard-on. Soon she had wrapped her small hand around my shaft and started jerking me off. At first she was a little awkward because as she explained this was her first time feeling a cock. I slid my hands into her pants, pushed them down her legs and pretty soon I was fingering her warm, wet pussy. After a few minutes she started moaning into my mouth then her whole body shook and my hand got really wet. She whispered that she'd just had her first guy induced orgasm. I was feeling pretty good when she suddenly sat up and pulled up her pants! Wha...? Turned out that she had promised her mom she'd be home early cos her sister had to be up early to get to some sports event and because her mom was having to drive her there she needed Kelly to be up early to help with housework or something. 'Oh, great fucking A', I started thinking 'now she tells me'. Although I was a little fucked off I walked her home. She gave me a little hug and a kiss then whispered 'I'll keep my bedroom window unlocked-umm, give us an hour to get to bed and everything.'

That hour went very slowly. Her room was on the ground floor at the back of the house and I had no trouble sneaking into the bushes in front and climbing in. Kelly was witing on her bed with the bed lamp on. Soon we were kissing and hugging. She let me pull her nighty up over her head and I let her take off my sweat shirt jeans and boxers. We just lay naked for a while kissing and running our hands over each other's naked bodies. I loved the warm, clean scent of her smooth skin. Soon I started wher I'd left off. She sighed and muttered encouragement as I sucked on her gorgeous little breasts. Then, as Rachel had shown me, I slowly worked my way down her body. Soon I was breathing on her groin, the curly hair of her pubes tickling my nose and mouth. I worked her legs wide open and teased the hair away from her crinkly pink lips. Her warm musky scent was so fucking intoxicating. She lifted her hips and gave a shuddering sigh as my finger touched the hot nub of her clitoris. God she felt and smelt SO good! She was grunting and moaning and sighing, louder and louder when there was a knock on her door. 'Kelly!?' It was her mom.

Shiii-TTT! I rolled off the bed and, at Kelly's urging managed to fold myself under her desk. Kelly threw a blanket over me, managed to get into her nighty, then walked to the door. By now her mom was getting a little agitated. Kelly opened the door and, pretend sleepily 'Oh Mum what the...' 'I was just getting some water when I heard you making some noise are you okay?' 'Uh, mum, I was having a dream...' 'Oh, a nightmare?' 'Uh no like a DREAM, you know...? Suddenly little sis pipes up 'Ha You're having a wet one!' 'Serena SHUT UP' 'Yes Serena go back to bed...(Serena stomps off muttering and giggling)...uh, so you're having that type of dream?' 'Like yeah!' 'It must have been good-anyone I know in your 'dream'?' '(Sigh) Maybe...er I was enjoying myself.' 'Oh, sorry, I'd better let you...' 'Night mom...' 'Night dear...and if you do have someone in your closet...' 'Yeah, like there are three guys in here...' 'Okay tetchy, I'll let you go.'

After about ten minutes Kelly got naked again and invited me on to her bed. She got me to lie down then she knelt down straddling my chest. Slid her hands down to her pussy and peeled herself wide apart. Soon my chest was wet as she rubbed herself up and down, letting me tease her clitty with a wet finger. When she came she came loud. Then she gave me a great hand job which left gobs of my cum spattered over her face and breasts and I left soon after, feeling highly satisfied. Next morning Kelly was teased mercilessly by Serena but, as she pointed out, at least she had really authentic, pussy tingling wet dreams.



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