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It Was Masturbation

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In the end, as you will see, this is a story about masturbation. I was twelve years old and I had gone to meet my friend Jimmy who was also twelve years old. Jimmy's father was a sailor and he was away at sea. Jimmy's mother was around thirty years old I suppose. She was a little chubby, not fat, and she had rather heavy breasts. I had noticed his. When I knocked, she came to the door in a bathrobe. I asked for Jimmy and she called him to the door. We left, going to a vacant lot across the street from his house where we had made a clubhouse from a packing crate. We went inside and I could see that Jimmy was acting differently than he usually did. He asked me if I had ever seen my mothers 'boobys'. I was surprised by his question and replied that I had not. He said that he had seen his mother's, and that she even let him look at them. I told him that I would never believe that. This appeared to upset him and he insisted that it was true, saying that she would probably let me see them if I wanted to. Again, I scoffed at him, telling him that his story was just bullshit. It wasn't he said, and, not only that, his mother would play with his 'peter', rubbing it so that it got really hard and felt really good. I knew how good it felt to play with your peter, and by then I was getting hard. Jimmy could see that, and he said that I was hard and he was too, then asking if I wanted to 'show peters' with him. I was nervous about it but I wanted to. We unzipped our pants and pulled out our peters, both of which were stiff and erect, standing out from our pants. I just stood there, not kinowing what to do, but Jimmy seemed to have some ideas. First, he picked up some long grass spears from the floor, handed me two or three, and said that we should use these to 'tickle' each others peters. So. we did, using the spears to rub each other all around the glans, causing our erections to stand almost straight up. We were standing there in the dim light. looking down at our hot and stiff peters, seeing the undersides of the glanses nearly touching, and Jimmy stepped forward a little until they were touching. We stood there.adjusting and swaying our hips a little, so that we could put pressure on and rub the glans undersides together. As you can imagine, this caused feelings of the most intense pleasure, feelings that were beyond anything I had experienced as a twelve year old. But, the moment had to end. We were too young, I suppose, because we didn't take the obvious next steps and masturbate to orgasm.
We got ourselves together and went back to Jimmy's house. When we went into the house, Jimmy said, just wait here, I am going to prove something to you. He went out of the room and came back a few minutes later with his mother, still in her bathrobe. She smiled at me and said that Jimmy had told her that I wanted to talk to her alone about something, and that we could do that in the bedroom. We walked into the bedroom and she sat down on the bed, telling me to come stand in front of her. I did and she took my hands in hers, whispering, 'now, what is it that you want?' I was speechless, but she said, 'jimmy told me that you wanted to see my boobys'. I couldn't say a word but I nodded,yes. The bedroom shades were drawn and it was nearly dark, but when she opened her bathrobe I could see her breasts clearly, large and hanging down a little, the areolas and their nipples about the size of a fifty cent piece, pink with only a slight protrusion of the nipples. I just stood there looking, not knowing what to do, but she did. She took my hand. placing it on one of her breasts, saying, 'You can touch them if you want'. Of course, I didn't know how to touch them, but she held my hand, rubbing my palm on her nipple. The nipple stood right up. becoming very hard. I did this on both nipples for some time. Then, she told me to take the erect nipples between my thumb and forefinger and roll them gently back and forth. By this time, I could not help noticing that her bathrobe had opened up and standing there between her legs I could look down and see light brown, tightly curled hair at the base of her stomach. She laughed and asked me if I wanted to see her 'down there'. Again, I nodded and she leaned back on the bed, raising up and spreading her knees. I had seen young girls' genitals before but they were small, smooth, and folded in. This was somrthing entirely different. The labia were large and long, standing out from the curly pubic hair, and the hooded clitoris was also thick and large, protruding above the labia. After the playing with Jimmy, and after all of this with her, of course my penis was hot, stiff, and arect against my pants. She placed her hand hard against the front of my pants, pressing on the erection and asking, 'What is this, do you want to take it out'? I started to unzip my pants, but sha said, 'No, pull them down, it is better that way.' So I pulled down my pants and underwear. standing there between her legs with my penis standing straight up, not having ant idea what to do next. She asked me if there was anything I wanted to do, and I replied that I really didn't know. She said that there was something that we could try if I wanted to -- I could put my peter into her 'hole'. I could see an opening there between her labia, below the clitoris. but it didn't seem very large, and I said so. She said, 'Don't worry, it will fit just right.' She raised her hips slightly, taking my penis in her hand and guiding the swollen glans right to the opening of her vagina. 'Now,' she said, 'Just push it in.' I didn't have to push very hard at all -- it slipped right into the hot and slippery hole. 'All the way in,' she said, and I did, standing there with our pubic bones pressed hard together. Needless to say, the intensity of my pleasure, standing there with my penis entirely inside her hot vagina, was and is indescribable. As I stood there watching, she reached down, placing her fingers on her clitoris, and began to roll it around, first back and forth. then in a faster and faster rotary motion. I watched this taking place just above my hard penis, and you can be sure that it stayed stiff and hard. After a short while, I noticed that her head was now back on the bed, starting to roll a little from side to side, and that her lips were drawn back, not exactly smiling but making a grimace that I had never seen before. Almost immediately, I began to feel her vagina contracting on my penis in a series of pulsations that were strong at first,then grew weaker and weaker, finally stopping entirely, when she seemed to relax completely, just laying there. I wasn't relaxed at all, still standing there with my own hot and stiff penis still inside, wondering what to do. 'You can pull it out,' she said, 'And then we will do something that you will like.' I pulled out slowly, the friction sending more pleasure up into my entire body. When I was all the way out, wet, slippery, and stiffly erect, she took my penis in her hand and massaged it vigorously until I came to a strong orgasm, pulsing out small spurts of milky semen onto her stomach. I put my hands down on the bed, leaning over her, both of us breathing hard in the darkness of the room. Finally she said that we would get cleaned up, then I could go talk to Jimmy, but that I could not tell him or anybody what we had done. 'Don't even tell him that you saw my boobys, just tell him that we were talking about it but didn't do anything.' I agreed, and that was exactly what I told Jimmy. And, I never told him anything different. As I said, this is a story about masturbation, but also a little more.



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