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It Was Easy!

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I dreamt about masturbating with a guy, and in the end, it was so easy!


When I was about twenty two, my masturbation fantasies of other guys started to become really intense. I would see guy in a store, on the street, in a cafe or especially at work and classes I was taking and I would imagine them masturbating. I'd think about what their penis looked like, what their face was like when they were jacking, and how hairy they were. I didn't have crushes exactly, but I couldn't get my mind off them masturbating. It was all fantasy, though. I could never imagine actually DOING anything with a guy, or at least I could never imagine approaching anyone.

But it happened! Really suddenly. I was at a company party at a place downtown, and had parked my car in a garage. We hung out late at the party, and I left with a group of guys, and when we got to my garage it was locked up!! I couldn't get at my car! One of the guys, Jeff, had his apartment near by, and he just said, no problem, you can crash with me and get it in the morning. The others went their ways, and Jeff and I walked the few blocks to his apartment. My imagination began to stir. Jeff was olive skinned, tall and large. I imagined curly black hair around a thick cock. He was naturally quiet, but I wondered if he grunted or even screamed a little when his hand was furiously stroking his cock. I remember walking beside him, and noticing he had a pretty prominent 'package'.

We were talking about girls and work, mostly. His apartment was neat and modern, looking over the city. He was five years older, set in his career. He was kicking off his shoes and stuff as he told me his girlfriend lived in another city, where she played in an orchestra. So I masturbate a lot, he said! The word rang like a bell through my head, and I was almost blinded by a picture in my head of his loins, thick cock in hand, covered in cum. The picture scared me really, it was so vivid and strong. My heart began to pound, and I felt a sudden chill of nervousness sweep over me.

Cool, so do I, I said, trying to be, well, calm about it all. Once the words fell out of my mouth, though, I knew something would happen. My head began to spin. I wanted to run out the door. I wanted to strip naked on the spot and grab myself. I wanted to lock the bathroom and masturbate in secret. Most of all, I wanted to see him naked, and I was frozen where I stood.

Do you ever do it with other guys? he asked.

Ah, no. I mean I never did do it. But I would. I mean, or I think I would. Anyway, I think about it all the time. Oh shit, did I really say that???

Really? You haven't? he said. I thought you had. It's kinda why I invited you back here, because I thought we might do it. I'm kinda horny after the party, and I usually jerk off when I get home anyway. What do you say? Want to do something?

Ok, sure, I guess so. What do you mean. I mean, what do you want to do? I'm up for it, it's just, well, I guess I'm nervous. I really want to, though.

He laughed, and told me just to sit and relax. He went and got a couple of towels and laid them next to each other on the sofa, and then went to the bedroom. He was gone for a while, and when he came back he was naked, with lube in his hand. His cock was gorgeous, just like I'd imagined; thick, curly black hair, and pushed up by big round balls. I guess I was sitting there stunned, because he laughed and told me to take my clothes off and sit next to him.

I took them off, all of them. Socks, everything. When I sat next to him, he was finishing lubing himself. He reached over and squirted some lube on my cock, which was already hard, and before I had a chance to do anything, he was rubbing it in, then stroking, and stroking and stroking. I lost all thought of anything, his hand felt awesome, and my cock belonged to him. Really, I was delirious. For a long time he stroked me, silent, his firm fingers working my cock, waves of sensation overpowering me, but never too much, never over the edge. Suddenly, I glanced between his legs. His cock was hard, glistening, without ever being touched. His balls pushed against his thighs. And the head of his penis was thick, round, strong. The sight was too much for me, and in seconds my cock was convulsing, twitching, pumping its cream onto his hand, my body, the towel, everywhere. It was the most intense, delirious, exciting orgasm ever!

We sat for a while, and then he put my hand on his cock. I had feared this moment, feared I wouldn't be able to jack off another guy, that he wouldn't like it. But the moment his cock slid in my hand, something took over. Intuition, feeling, empathy, and, most of all lust. My hand knew exactly what to do, how to make him writhe on the couch with pleasure, kicking his legs in excitement, and laying limp with sexual surrender. I reached over, I just had to, to hold his balls, his beautiful balls, and the excitement of that moment drove him over the edge, and his cock swelled even greater, held for a moment, then then released its thick, thick gobs of cum.

Wow. I stayed over that Saturday. I learned both he and his girlfriend were kind of bi, like he fooled around sexually with the same sex, partly to stay faithful, if you know what I mean. In the evening, his girlfriend called. They had a date. For phone sex. We were sitting in his living room, naked. He told her what we'd been doing. She thought it was cool. He asked if I could listen to them, and she giggled and you could feel her squirming with excitement. Wow, kinky! she said, and they began. It WAS kinky, and beautiful, too. We all came at the same time. Excited, exhausted. And later, when she visited, they let me masturbate while I watched them make love.

Oh, and I did remember to get my car out before the gates locked again.



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