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It Was All about My Cousin

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I have been reading Solo Touch now for a few years and thought it was time to share one of my own masturbation contribution.

Being a horny 13 year old boy I would masturbate any chance I could get. I would masturbate in the shower, In bed, On the toilet and would crave to find new places to relieve my load. At 13 I had already gone through puberty and at this stage I would shave my pubic hair as I didn't really like the way it looked with hair suffocating my dick. I was tall, Usual build for a boy my age and I was proud to have a 6' uncircumsized dick.

Most times I would masturbate I would think about my cousin Charissa who was also 13 at the time. She was breathe taking, Long sandy blonde hair, Brown eyes, Slander body, Perfect ass and was growing a nice set of boobs probably about a big a cup at the time. Gorgeous. Twice a week I would stay with my aunt, I couldn't wait as I new I would get to see my cousin. We got along great but I don't think she new that I had a huge crush on her. One night I was there I was brushing my teeth in the external hand basin and my aunt had walked straight into the bathroom where she was taking her shower but I don't think she knew she was out of the shower. The door flung open and there was my cousin naked with her back facing towards me as I looked in the mirror at the basin that gave a clear view of the bathroom. Wow, She certain did have a nice ass, No tan marks and not even a dimple or pimple to be seen. This gave my dick a stir and in seconds I had a raging boner. My aunt realized at this time I was standing outside the bathroom looking in and she immediately shut the door, What a view.

Bed time came along, I had to share a set of bunk beds with my other male cousin and he was a few years younger than my age. He was on the top bunk and I found myself on the bottom bunk. If anyone that's masturbated in a set of bunk beds I'm sure you know that they move easily. As I crawled into bed my hand went straight down the front of my pants grabbing my raging boner and very slowly began to pull my foreskin back and forth. My thoughts were on my cousin and my orgasm was building, Trying not to wake my cousin that was above me I began to pick up the pace slowly, It only took about another two minutes until my orgasm hit me with what I was thinking and bam, I came and came hard inside my boxers, My body shook rapidly and I shot about 4 big ropes of cum into my boxer shorts. Wow one of my best orgasm thanks to my cousin Charissa. I drifted off to sleep.

A couple of weeks later I was back at my aunts place, Where I found Charissa and her best friend. Now her best friend you could just tell had gone through puberty with her perfect b cup breasts with pink nipples (I had seen her nipples before due to the fact that at the time she never wore a bra to bed and she was wearing a silk nightie and bent down in front of me. Which I think was on purpose) So I was watching tv my aunt called for my cousin and her friend to go for a shower together. Aunt had a thing about saving water. So they got there pjs and headed in for there shower and oh my did my thoughts begin to wonder and have you know it yet another instant boner but this night I was only in my boxers and my male cousin was sitting beside me watching the tv and he saw my boner and kind of given me a wierd look. I re adjusted myself.

Before we went to bed we all played a board game and Charissa and her friend were sitting across from me in there nightie with there legs crossed and I don't think they realized I could see straight up there nighties, What a view. Bedtime came along and I was itching to relieve myself. Hand straight in my boxers and I started masturbating hard and fast not really caring if my male cousin caught me. My thoughts were on what the two girls did in the shower and what they would do at night in bed with each other cause I kind of thought for real that they messed around. I was pumping away at my dick getting closer to orgasm with each stroke and it was coming fast, I let out a sigh and wow my back arched, My body shivered my dick pulsates that bad I thought it was going to explode literally and I shot about seven ropes of cum covering myself from head to toe just about. Best orgasm I had at that age, I just layed there and thought wow I hope all my orgasms could be that powerful. As I was just about to put my dick away and get up and go clean myself up, The light in the room came on and there was my male cousin standing there with a look of disbelief, Of course I had to explain to him what I was just doing and told him to promise not to tell anyone. He did ask me if I could teach him and I told him that I would and I did, That's another story.

I later found out last year when Charissa was drinking with her and her husband that she and her best friend fooled around a lot at the age of 13. I knew it though just the way the acted and stuff. I hope you enjoyed my story and when I get some more free time I will write another contribution about my male cousin and I.



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