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It Was a Good Morning With My Wife

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I have been an avid reader of Solo Touch for at least seven years. I thought it would be a good time to contribute while the encounter was still fresh in my mind.


I have been married six years. After a couple of kids the wife isn't nearly as horny as I am. I still feel as horny as when I was 14 when I first learned the joys of masturbation. We don't have too much sex, but we have always enjoyed mutual masturbation. But with schedules we only get together for fun activities every couple of weeks. So I spend lots of time reading Solo Touch to enjoy some good time to myself.

This morning I woke up horny as usual. The house was still quiet and my wife was just waking up. I started off just playing with her nipples. She has the cutest little nipples. I started brushing them, giving them little tweaks, just to start getting her aroused. I slowly licked them and gave them a little more finger play. I love hard nipples. Still playing with them, I slowly moved one hand down to her panties and pulled them off to one side side revealing her hot wet pussy. I could smell the sweetness and really wanted to go down, but she insisted on keeping it to hands on activities. I slowly started fingering her. Her pussy was so wet. As she got into it, I started gently rubbing her clit. I kept this motion of teasing her pussy and clit up for a good while. Her breathing getting faster and harder. I knew when she was ready to cum she grabbed my arm and came real hard. Making more noise than usual.

Typically when we have morning time fun, she heads off to the shower and throws me a sarcastic comment like have fun while I shower, or see ya later blue balls.

I rolled back over I looked at the clock and still had plenty of time. I wanted to make it a good jerk off session while she was in the bathroom so I reached under the mattress and pulled out one of my cock rings. I have several, the one I grabbed is just a metal ring for the cock. I have another metal ring for both cock and balls, the last one is a vibrating ring for just the cock. I grabbed the metal one and a little lube from under the night stand to slip the ring all the way to the base of my cock.

She has no idea I have those rings, or use one when we make love sometimes in the dark. Like I said before I expected her to go shower to get ready for work, but instead she rolled over my way and started playing with my nipples and asked why I grabbed the lube as I usually have enough foreskin to masturbate without it. I am circumcised, but still have a good amount to pull over the head while masturbating. I told her I wanted it to feel like her wet pussy since I was so horny. She just said OK, and kept playing with my nipples. I love nipple play while we have fun. I kept my cock under the blanket as I didn't want her to see the cock ring. I started working on my cock, getting it rock hard with that ring on. I am six inches hard, but with the ring, it gets so thick I can add almost a half inch more to the head. It just looks awesome, the veins really pop out.

While she kept working my nipples with one hand she started going down toward my cock with her other and started playing with my balls, rolling them through her hands and giving light squeezes. I was so horned up and hard, but nervous about her feeling or seeing the ring, so I told her just to work my nipples as I was close. I started leaking precum and could feel that oh so good feeling we get when we know we are getting close. The precum was just running down my shaft making my cock more slippery and making each pull feel so good. Not wanting to get cum on the blanket, I pulled my cock out from under the cover, making sure my cock ring was as low as it would go on my shaft so my hand would cover it. My wife looked down at my cock and I thought she was going to fall out of bed. When she saw the head of my cock. She got instantly turned on again. She kept saying, wow you must be horny look how big your dick is. I can see all those veins, that is so hot...that would feel good in my pussy.

Well with her reaction to my swollen head and dirty talking I could feel the urge to blow coming really quick. I was able to hold off for a couple more minutes as she pinched my nipples, and played with my balls a bit more. She really wanted to grip on to my cock to finish me off, but I wasn't going to let her. I was ready to cum now. I reached down with my other hand and grabbed/squeezed my aching balls and jerked my fat cock harder. I started cumming. Hard. Really hard. I shot ropes of cum all over. The first went over my head and hit the wall, the second my pillow, the third just sprayed up to my neck. The fourth hit my chest/nipples and her arm. The rest just oozed out down my shaft. I was spent. I hadn't came that hard for a long time. My wife then took off to the shower. I pulled the ring off and wiped it and put it back in its hiding place. I got a text from her later in the day saying next time she wants to do other things with that fat head. Can't wait. Maybe I will tell her about the rings I have, but I still like having a few secrets for my own jerking sessions.



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