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It Took Some Time

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Hello, im quite a shy person so this is kind of brave for me to write this but i would like to tell someone so i figured i'd tell you guys - i've been visiting this site regularly for over 2 years and i love it.
Back to my story. A bit of background first. I have a best friend called Chris and we have been friends for a few years now. We have been masturbating infront of each other since we were about 16. Its not something we do all the time - maybe 2 or 3 times a month - usually when we stay round the others house. I remember the first time we did it we stayed up until 5am deciding whether to go through with it or not until somehow i was brave enough to quickly strip my clothes off and reveal my hard cock. I got such a buzz from it i couldn't believe it and i didn't waste anytime in jacking off. Chris quickly followed suit revealing his fairly small erection - its only 5inches when erect and very narrow - he says his penis has never really grown which i guess must be difficult for him. I however had and still have a thick (very thick) 6 inch erection.
Anways we have been going like this for 2 years now. It always takes us a long time to have the guts to do it but when we do we love it. We've talked about it and we've both said about how we love to watch and love being watched. However, i did some more thinking about this on my own and i began to realise i was getting more turned on because i wanted to touch Chris...in other words i wanted to at least give him a handjob. But i had no idea how to approach it so i stewed on it for weeks. One time i plucked up enough courage to masturbate literally right infront of his face (my cock wasnt more than an inch away) but he didn't touch me or anything he just stared at my cock and my hand moving up and down it.
Last weekend i finally got the courage though. His family had gone to bed a long time ago...it was now 2am. We were in his lounge room jacking off on chairs on opposite sides of the room so we could watch each other. We were both totally naked - i always get naked cos it makes me feel more turned on and Chris always follows (i always try to get a look up his ass) We were staring intently on each other working their throbbing hard cock. Then i pulled my foreskin down hard giving me a nice pulastion and with butterflies in my stomach i got out of the chair and walked over to Chris.
I slowly got down on my knees infront of Chris who was still jacking away. I looked up at him and caught his eye i then moved my eyes down so they were focussed on his cock and his eyes followed. Then bravely i moved my right hand towards his cock and looked up at him
'ahem...ummm...would you like me to?' i asked
'yes please' was his simple reply
With that he took his hand off his cock leaving it free for me. I gave it a nice firm grip as i know he likes it like that and pulled his foreskin down. With my left hand i rubbed his head between my fingers. God i was loving it so much. Then after a couple of minutes just like that i started moving the foreskin slowly but steadily up and down causing Chris to moan softly. I increased the pace a bit but stopped fairly soon - i din't wanna get him off too quickly. Again i rolled his foreskin down as far as i could. Then i caught Chris's eye and then i laughed and ran my tongue around my lips and he guessed what i was getting at so he nodded.
I moved my mouth very close to his cock and gently licked up his shaft until i got to the hard ridge of skin under the head at which point i applied more pressure - to his pleasure. I did this 2 or 3 times more and then when i got to the end of the hard ridge i took it a step further and placed my mouth around the head. It felt and tasted so good i couldn't resist giving it a properly good sucking and i ended up taking about 4 inches of his cock into my mouth to suck. I loved working around it with my tongue and i remembered Chris had said he always wanted to get a really wet blowjob so i made sure he got that. And i knew that from that point on i was going to love giving blowjobs. To make sure i got him off really well i kept the head in my mouth and sucked that while i jerked the shaft with my hand. It wasn't long until he released a load of cum into my mouth and i swallowed it all - it tastes pretty much like mine does.
'that was fucking amazing' said Chris
'i try my best' i replied with made us both laugh
'any chance you can return the favour?' i asked
'hell yes!' said Chris.
We ended up staying awake until about 6am giving handjobs and blowjobs and it was fantastic. We are now planning on doing it ever chance we get and hopefully try other things which i'll let you know about.
Thanks for reading.



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