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It Took a While To Learn

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Learning about masturbation


I was a slow learner when it came to masturbation. I had erections long before I heard about, and learned to masturbate. My earliest memory about arousal came at about age 13. The Sunday paper always had a mail order catalog insert that had all kinds of what really was junk for sale.

I had a problem with bed wetting for years, so one item in the catalog caught my attention, belted incontinence briefs. There was something that would keep my bed dry! I found it to be quite arousing, and would sit there looking at the picture with my penis hard for ages, hoping that nobody would come knocking on the door. I never did anything with it though.

Then there was the night that three of my friends and I were sleeping in our tent camper. They started playing a game where one was the baby, and the other 'changed' his diaper. I watched them, and got SO hard! I wanted to be 'changed' so badly, but was too embarrassed to climb out of my sleeping bag and pull down my PJ bottoms. Should I do it or not? Back and forth, hard as a rock. I chickened out.

Later that year we moved back to the north east, and separated from my friends. Years later, thinking about their comments I figured out that they had been having circle jerks. I'd have given anything to be included, but missed out.

During seventh grade, the bed wetting stopped, but then I started to get wet spots in my PJs. Not a flood, but a wet spot that just puzzled me. But the thought never occurred to me to put my hand to my cock and start rubbing.

Then in eighth grade, the light went on. I listened to guys at school talk about masturbating, and decided that I had to try it. That night, I went into the bathroom and played with my cock until I got hard. Then I started to roll the skin of my circumcised cock over the head. I felt like I had to pee, and finally did. But I knew that wasn't IT, so went back for another try the next night-and this time kept going. I felt the pressure build, and it really felt good! Then I shot into the toilet, not a huge wad, but WOW! I had done it! I was hooked.

Someone has said that once a boy discovers masturbation and orgasm, there is nothing that science or religion can do to keep him from doing it. Absolutely true. I was off-masturbating as often as I could, collecting the cum in a jar and hiding it in the springs under my bed. I loved (and love) the smell of cum. The women in the Sears and Penney's catalogs provided the erotic material, along with my imagination. I still love looking at panties to this day, and wear either nylon or silk bikini briefs.

Then I discovered lubricated masturbation, taking the pleasure to new levels. Experimentation with mellons and bubble wrap to form an artificial vagina... anything to get off every day!

Forty years later I still masturbate at least once a day. In college and after it was twice, sometimes three times a day. I love the feeling of just being HARD. Then comes the first touch with the greased hand, the surge of pleasure as your hand brushes against the swollen sensitive knob at the end. I love to tease my cock, sometimes just rubbing the head, sometimes just under the rim, sometimes just lightly touching the thread on the underside until I can't take it any more and have to RUB, hard. I love the feeling of my cock swelling getting harder, more sensitive, hot in my hand. The pressure builds, and you can't stay still. Sometimes you back off, but finally you just keep going, reaching for the crest, and then it breaks. The pleasure overwhelms your body, followed by a warm glow and lethargy. You lie there, wishing that high could keep going forever.

I rarely do it dry dry, but use some sort of lubrication, either masturbation cream or silicone lube. Masturbation sleeves are great, and I'll use them from time to time. But nothing beats the quiet, extended pleasuring of one's cock with your hand, building to an intense, explosive orgasm, and then the sweet pungent smell of cum.

Once a boy discovers masturbation.....



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