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It Took a Magazine

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It is great to see so many others experimented like I did...


I had been masturbating since the age of 11. When I was 12 I had started to cum, which was a real pain to hide the mess from the parents!
To this day I have experimented with five different guys, all in my teenage years, although since starting to read these stories I often wish I could do it all over again.
One of my experiences involved my best friend Troy. Troy and I had been pals since we were both sevenyears old.
I remember the day we started our new sexual experimentations like it was only yesterday!
We were both 14 and had taken a train to our local tourist spot (a fishing harbour) and planned on exploring for the day. By lunchtime we were crawling on large rocks under the wharf looking for dropped money when Troy came across a plastic bag that had some sort of papers in it. Upon opening the bag we discovered a whole stash of gay adult magazines and a video. We both acted disgusted and threw them down and said some unkind macho type words and continued exploring. About an hour or two later Troy asked if I had been a 'little' interested at the time of our discovery in having a quick flick through the mags to see what they do and stuff. I remember being cautious in case he was testing me and said on the lines of sure - a 'little' interested. He then asked if we should go back and have a quick look, which I agreed to.
We both sat on a large rock under this wharf, hundreds of people were walking over our heads, unaware that two 14-year-olds were about to read explicit gay porn mags!
Within seconds of opening the mag I had an erection that I thought was about to explode! I remember looking over at Troy and seeing a good-size bulge in his shorts as well.
After about 15 minutes, I suggested that we needed to head back to the train station. Troy looked at me and said, 'Glad we got a fair bit of crawling to do first... Don't want the public to see my fatty!' This was the first time I had thought of Troy in a sexual way, and boy was I nervous and excited at the same time.
We decided to take the mags and the unmarked video with us.
The next train wasn't due to leave for over 30 minutes so we sat right down the end of the platform, away from the public and took another quick look at our mags. Troy asked what I thought about all the photos and if I was a little turned on by them. I couldn't lie; I said sure and he agreed.
I then pulled the courage to ask him if he wanked. He said everyday and I said the same. We then got talking about techniques and locations and stuff. With about 15 minutes to go I said I had to go to the public toilets. He laughed and said to pull ya cock?? - I said yep!
Troy stood up and said he might as well go as well.
We went in and went to separate cubicles. I started pulling so fast - a mixture of fear of being caught and the fact my best friend was doing the same so close to me increased the urge! Out of the blue Troy asked if I could pass one of the mags under the wall (I had the backpack with them all in) I said sure and after he grabbed it I asked if the pictures were really doing it for him... he didn't answer so I asked again and he quietly said yes.
That was all I needed to hear. Slowly I climbed on the toilet bowl and peered over the wall and saw Troy with his cock in his hand pumping away. At first I thought he hadn't noticed me when all of the sudden he asked if I wanted to join him in case someone came in and saw me standing up. My heart raced as I opened my door and entered his now unlocked door. Straight away I had a good look at his small cut cock (pretty much the same as mine, although as I am blonde; I have light pubic hair where as his was jet black) Troy whispered to me to drop my shorts, which I think I did in 2 seconds flat! Here we were, two 14-year-olds jacking ourselves off in front of each other.
I took particular note on how he did it - he used his whole hand and kept spitting on his hand - lube required when cut like us! Whilst I was using the 3-finger method so the friction would hurt (2 fingers under, thumb on top) - I changed techniques after that day thanks to Troy :-) It felt like we were going for it for hours - but in reality it was more like 2 or 3 minutes! He came first, a huge load all over the wall and floor. This made me cum as well, although I didn't cum as much but I did end up hitting the opened mag that was now on the floor between us. I lost the sexual urge as soon as I came and became embarrassed and quickly pulled up my shorts. He did the same. As we were about to open the door to leave I noticed the mag still on the floor and asked Troy what we should do with it. (My cum had by this stage started to soak in.) He said to leave it as we had a few more.
As we washed our hands a guy of about 30 entered and went straight to the cubicle we had just used... we quickly left.
Concerned this guy was going to catch the same train as us, we decided to leave the station and wait for the next one.
I wonder to this day what he did do or think, young cum over the walls and floor and a cum soaked gay magazine...
Things between Troy and I only got better after that day, I will post some more real soon...



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