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It Takes Two

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As an older teenager I decided it would be funny to walk in on my younger brother having a wank to embarrass the hell out of him, I was wanking almost non stop at his age so the odds must be good!

I started walking in to his room without knocking whenever our parents had gone out and I thought he was most likely to be jerking one off but without much luck. I decided to wait a few weeks and not bother him at all when late one evening I suddenly thought I'd go pay him a surprise visit.

I walked in and bingo, he was lying on his bed with a porn mag in his left hand and his erect cock being stroked by his right hand. I knew exactly what I was going to do when I caught him, be the calm older brother, sit down on his bed and have a mature discussion about the best techniques for masturbation.

I stood there as Gerry dropped his mag, rolled over to face the wall, pulled his duvet over his crotch and said, "what the hell are you doing!"

"Oh er, I just came in to borrow a cd."

I walked over to his cd unit and tried to clear my head.

Without turning to face him I said, "it's ok you know, everyone wanks."

"Karl, get out!"

He was sitting up with his bed covers pulled up over his stomach.

Not really sure what to say next I asked who he was looking at in his mag.

With a big sigh he answered "Sarah."

I turned, walked over to his bed, picked up the magazine, and sat down on the end of his bed. I looked at Sarah and remarked "very nice, pretty face, sexy smile, I like her body!"

"Yeah," Gerry said, "she's my favourite in there, although..." after a brief pause "although, sometimes I just read the stories."

I looked at the next few pages before turning back to Sarah and shuffled uncomfortably as my erection grew in my jeans.

I looked up at Gerry and asked "would you mind?"

"What," glancing at my waist, "you want to wank?"

"yeah, I'm not bothered if you want to carry on." as I handed him Razzle back.

I moved back so my back was against his wall, undid my flies and took out stiffening cock. I looked over at Gerry and he seemed very surprised before glancing down at my cock and muttering "horny", he removed his duvet but made sure his face was covered by the magazine and he carried on wanking.

"Slow down, we don't have to rush."

Gerry stopped for a moment before lowering his mag, he looked at me masturbating my cock and slowly carried on.

I was watching Gerry's hand as he slowly pumped his cock and he was staring at my hand as I was moving it up and down my cock and although I wasn't intending to in my original idea I reached over, placed my hand on Gerry's arm and asked "do you want me to finish that for you?"

"Er, ok, in a minute."

He stopped wanking but carried on reading his mag so I got up and moved so I was knelt between his legs. After about a minute he put the magazine down and with a big smile on his face said "go on then, I really want to cum now!"

I reached down and gently traced my finger tips up and down his twitching cock before spitting in my hands and very slowly sliding my hands up and down his cock.

I actually took time to look at his cock as I was wanking it, a little smaller than mine in both length and girth but he was a few years younger than me, I expect my cock was that size when I was his age.

A large ball of pre cum came out from his cock so I spread it over the end and carried on aware he was getting closer to orgasm.

As his breathing quickened his hips started to twitch before with a loud grunt he sprayed three thick lines of cum on to his belly.

I let go of his cock and licked his cum off my fingers, "now it's my turn."

"Ok, do you want to lie here?"

We swapped places and Gerry took hold of my cock. He started moving his hand up and down and I knew this was going to be a good climax when it came.

Sure enough after only about 30 seconds I could feel the strong twitches and very soon after I had one of my strongest orgasms and fired cum all over my belly.

It was several minutes before we went out to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves up. We are often left alone by our parents so it is looking like this could easily become a regular experience!



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