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It Started With Tickling

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I have had a tickle fetish for a long time, and for a while in junior high, I would tickle both boys and girls. This is story of tickling that went much further.

Ron was my age, but he was much more athletic than me, and had a very well developed chest. I secretly wished that my body looked like his. We were over a lady's house, tying up newspapers in her basement for our boy scout troop, and she told us she was leaving for a couple of hours.

When she left, Ron was looking at the underwear pictures in the store catalogues, and I poked him a few times in the ribs to get him to come work. When he kept looking, I gave him a good, hard tickle on his stomach. In no time, he was on his back and I was straddling him, giving his tender stomach and ribs the once over, first over his shirt, and then I pulled it out from his jeans and went to town on his bare skin. Ron must have loved to be tickled, because even though he was laughing loudly, he did not try to get away.

After a few minutes of tickle torture, it became obvious that he was enjoying his predicament. I stopped tickling him and looked down at the bulge in his jeans. He noticed it too, and became very quiet. I don't know what came over me, but I began to rub his stomach and chest, lightly stroking his ribs and nipples. Ron got this goofy grin on his face, and then closed his eyes.

I figured, what the heck, and went further. I pulled on his belt buckle and undid it, and then unsnapped the top of his jeans and pulled down his zipper. As I spread open his jeans, Ron opened his eyes, and gave a wide-eyed stare at me. I just continued, and pulled his jeans down to reveal his briefs, now filled with his erect cock. Rather than start there, I began to stroke his upper thighs, and it must have tickled, since he started squirming. I then moved my hand to his cock, and took it between my thumb and index finger. As I stroked him, he began to moan, and his hips began to move up and down. It didn't take long for him to unload, and I left my hand on his briefs for a couple of minutes as he calmed down.

Ron sat up, and gently pushed me onto the floor. He unbuttoned my shirt, and the chest and stomach massage he gave me caused the best erection I'd ever had. I didn't take long for my jeans to be pulled down and his hands began to play with me outside my briefs. He went a step further-pulling down my underwear, he took my cock in his hand and stroked me until I came.

Without a word, we both pulled up and adjusted our jeans and got back to work, making sure it looked like we had been working all of the time.

We never had the chance to do this again, but I still look back on this experience with fondness.



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