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It Started With a Back Rub!

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This was the best night of my life!


When I was 15 I met this boy named Jeremy. We had some of the best times together. We hung out a lot, but nothing ever happened between us we were just good friends.

Then one night myself, Jeremy, and a large group of our friends all went to a lookout point in town. We hung out up there for about an hour and then decided that we were going to go and watch a movie and that we would all meet back at Jeremy's house. So everyone hopped in cars and left. Jeremy and I were alone.

As we drove away he reached over and rubbed my leg really fast. Then I did the same thing back to him. We just laughed it off and kept driving. We had done this kind of thing many times before.

When we got back to Jeremy's house we went into his room and he got dressed into different clothes and put on some cologne. Then we sat down and started watching TV. He complained about how sore his neck was so I decided to start rubbing it for him. He told me how good it felt and to continue so I did. After about five minutes of rubbing his neck he asked if I wanted a back massage.

His hands were so gentle. I loved it! He rubbed my back and then his hands slid over my shoulders and down my stomach. All of a sudden out of nowhere my seven and a half incher was bulging. A little while later we switched again. And I massaged his back (for about 30 seconds before switching to his stomach area) and I tested the waters and massaged just around his belt line. He lay himself back onto the floor, and I decided to unbutton his pants. I did and he unzipped them. His beautiful eight inch cock poked out of his boxers. I ripped his sweater off of his tight wonderfully tanned body (so much for changing)

I began to lick his nipples my heart was pounding about four hundred beats per second. This was the most beautiful human being I had ever seen and now he was standing naked over me. Running to lock his bedroom door. He came back over and sat next to me and reached over and took my clothes off. and began to wack me off. It felt so good his warm hands rubbing each millimetre of my shaft. He then began to caress my balls.

After a while I shot about 10 long strands of cum all over him. He swallowed the first two (good boy lol)

Then I wrapped my hand round his long hard dick, and slowly went up and down his shaft. For about two minutes I did this while rubbing his balls and feeling my hands up and down his back and well formed ass.

His hips began to thrust faster and faster his dick pulsing in my hand....and then I saw the white warm liquid shoot out from his red helmet.

Just as we finished the rest of the gang arrived at his house and began pounding on his bedroom door. No one knew about us and they didn't suspect anything either. I'm married now and absolutely love my wife. But I won't ever forget this wonderful night with Jeremy, or the many nights that followed!



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