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It Shouldn't Have Happened

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This actually happened, but now I'm tortured.


Neither of us meant for this to happen. It wasn't something that was planned or had a long buildup to it either. It was a simple late summer get together with her. With my wife and kids busy, it was just a long weekend on my own. A Saturday to Monday. I flew in using some frequent flier miles and stayed at the house, so it didn't cost me much. It was just a chance to spend time with her and talk without having everyone there. Quality time we call it now. She picked me up at the airport and asked if I would drive her back home. We caught up on the latest news as we drove and as we got back home, I called my wife to tell her I made it okay.

The rest of the day was spent catching up and we had a nice dinner, just the two of us. When it was time for bed, I noticed her wearing a nightgown that showed off much more skin than I ever remember seeing. I didn't think much of it that night, but she wore it again the next morning as she gathered breakfast. Her breasts were pressed together and was showing quite a bit of cleavage. She's sixty-four years old. Her wide hips and chunky belly and breasts were more fat than shapely. Yet, the gown she wore made her look as though she wore nothing at all. I could make out every curve and roll and bulge. Any other hot-blooded man would have ripped her gown off and ravaged her right there on the table, not me, though. There were lines that were not meant to be crossed.

Shaking it off, we spent the day together visiting people I hadn't seen in ages and just generally having a good time. That evening over dinner with friends, she and I sat together, and I noticed that she sat close enough to me that our legs touched for much of the time. This was strange and so unlike her, but once again, I played it off as innocent. How could she be flirting with me? That night before bed, she changed into another revealing gown and as she kissed me goodnight, she pressed her body to mine in a way she hadn't done before. Strangely, I felt my body respond. It was involuntary, but as she kissed me goodnight there was a definite feeling that she wanted more. Crazy, I thought. I'm reading way too much into this. At least I was to leave the following evening and take these stupid, dangerous thoughts with me.

That night in bed, I thought I would bring myself off. I had an erection and was thinking of her body against mine and those wonderful, soft breasts of hers pressed tightly in that skimpy gown. She was even sleeping just next door just like those many years ago when I used to orgasm every night. Tonight though I tried to come to my senses and will my erection down. I had a wife and children to think about. She was supposed to be the furthest thing from my mind sexually. I finally slept, though fitfully.

The next morning was more of the same. It was like she was shamelessly teasing me. Her hair hung in strands around her face as she moved around the kitchen making coffee and rolls. Her thick thighs were held almost as tightly as her breasts within the confines of that tight gown. On more than one occasion, she caught me staring and just smiled. She didn't catch me though, as she bent over to open or close the oven, and the gusset of her panties outlined the thick space between those large thighs of hers. Two distinct puffy sides with a cleft in between in which her panties clung were clearly open to my view.

We made it through breakfast and cleaned up before the heat of the day got too much. It was hot there as it usually is in August, which meant we would be staying in or going to the mall or a movie before heading to the airport. We chose a movie.

As the movie started, she came in after getting popcorn and sat next to me. Her perfume smelled very nice. It was floral and not at all what I would think she'd wear. I had lifted the armrest so we could share the popcorn and quite frankly, I wanted to be close to her. What that meant in that dark, nearly empty theater was that our hips touched. As she sat next to me, she scooted her hips to settle in. Our legs were touching almost to our knees and as I looked over, her skirt had ridden up some that the tops of her knees were visible. This was so unlike her. Yes, in private, she allowed me to see more of her, but this was a public setting. From the way she was sitting, each time I reached for popcorn, there was a very real chance that I would touch her. My hand grazed her breast twice. It was not on purpose, or so I thought, it was just that she's big up top and I couldn't see well in the dark. I apologized sincerely. I hadn't meant to do it, but her lack of reaction made me take notice. Her belly had a roll to it that somehow now gathered my attention too. She reached across me to get the drink and the side pressure of her breast against my arm and shoulder made me start to get an erection. This was so wrong on so many levels. I never thought of cheating on my wife and especially not with her. I'm not even sure if you could call what I wanted to do with her cheating. It went so much farther than that.

After the third time of my touching her breast, all she said was 'Tom, please.' I needed some air, so I offered to get a refill on the popcorn and drink. We shared both. We always had, but now the thought of my lips touching the same straw as hers had my head spinning. I got up to go around her in a way that she couldn't see what was happening in my pants. What did she mean by that? 'Tom, please' could mean quit it or go on. What was I thinking? Never in my life had I thought this would happen. I mean, I must be really sick for this to be going through my mind. 'Just get through the movie and get on that plane,' I told myself.

I willed my erection down and made my way out of the theater. When I went to the lobby, I briefly thought of the idea of going to the restroom and relieving myself of my aching erection, but the idea of doing it there seemed so dirty and inappropriate. It also meant that I was turned on by her, which was not supposed to happen and had never happened in the past. Not even growing up. After this weekend though, I definitely needed release. Now I was horny. I willed my erection down and as I stood in line I tried to think back to my last orgasm. Had it been a week? Two? 'Stop it,' I thought. 'No matter how long it's been, you can't be think of her that way.' In my mind, though all I could think of were her breasts and belly and what lay between her legs under that crease in her panties I saw this morning. In a flash of insight or stupidity, I made up my mind to flirt back with her if she wanted to. It would never lead anywhere, we both knew that. I made my way back in the theater after getting the refills. As I did, my erection returned as I thought of turning her on. I passed by her facing toward, allowing her to look at my crotch if she wanted to. This time I didn't care who she was or how this would turn out. I looked down at her and she just gave me a smirk. Did she know? Could she see what was in my pants pointed right at her?

I purposely sat so our hips touched more this time. Oh the feel of her next to me. Does she see the effect she's having on me or does she think it was innocent? I think I was going a little crazy. Yes, it was true that my wife and I haven't been intimate as much as we used to, but this was so wrong. I must be imagining what's going on between us here. It was the heat or the fact that I hadn't seen her in a while. She took the drink and pursed her lips against the straw. She handed it to me and as I took a drink, it was like we kissed as my lips passed over the same straw as hers. My erection grew again thinking about that.

She actually snuggled a bit next to me and pressed her body to mine. In the cool darkness of that theater, it seemed like she was tossing out all the rules we were supposed to live by. I tried to concentrate on the movie to take my mind off the heat her body was giving off. After a minute, she laid her hand on my upper thigh and wiped her fingers on a napkin that I had placed there. It was close enough to my erection that she had to feel the fullness of it. It grew even more to the left, pointing toward her. She smiled at me like that was the most normal thing in the world. She moved her hand before she had a chance to feel it. If she felt my erection, we could never go back to what we have. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye and just smiled. I could have sworn she looked down at it.

She held the popcorn and as my hand passed in front of her, it was all I could do to not just caress that big breast. What would it feel like, I wondered. It must be so soft. What about them pressed together like in her skimpy gown? She did show some nice cleavage when she wore that gown. I never thought she could look so good. It had just never occurred to me that she looked pretty or for that matter looked sexy. I've been with my wife since high school and since she's petite with small breasts, the idea of even being next to these big, round globes which were almost begging to be touched had me more turned on than I'd been in years.

As I imagined all this, my erection stayed at full size. Could she see it, and if she could, would she want to? I was crazy. Crazy for feeling this way about her, but also for thinking that she could feel the same way. After all, it was the least-natural form of attraction. She kept glancing over at me. She really was beautiful. I remember old pictures of her when she was in her twenties, all thin and stylish. Time had aged her body of course and she had gained weight, but she was still beautiful.

I reached for more popcorn and this time she leaned forward and looked at me as my hand stopped against her breast. My hand stopped as she leaned against me. There was no mistaking it. She just looked at me. Against the back of my hand I felt the creamy softness of her breast, but also the more firm feel of her hardened nipple. I could hardly believe it.

I remember just looking at her. She looked at me with such a look. Guilt? Passion? Brushing her hair aside, she set the popcorn down. She looked back up at me. It was that look I had seen so many times before, but this time it took on a whole new meaning. She bit her lip. Oh God, I had never seen her bite her lip like that. It was unmistakable. I just couldn't look at her like this. She just said 'Yeah...' It was all I needed as I let the back of my hand stray across her soft breast. She bit her lip again then pressed her hand to mine, forcing it harder against her breast.

That was when she looked down and reached for the napkin in my lap. I looked at my lap and as I did, I felt my erection shift or even grow bigger if that was possible. She looked too, and as I shifted to make room in my pants, she made a sound. Not a moan and not a sigh, but something that showed me the passion she must have felt. How could this be happening now after all this time? She wiped her hand on the napkin and used the moment to softly caress my hardness. Her long, slender fingers caressed my shaft back and forth for several minutes.

I rubbed her hard nipple between the knuckles of my left hand. She leaned over until her head was on my shoulder. I didn't have any memory of seeing her completely topless, but from the hard nipple I was fondling I could tell that her nipples were large and by the sounds she was making, they were sensitive.

She leaned over and with the softest whisper in my ear, said, 'Let me see it.' Taking complete leave of my senses, I did the boldest thing I had ever done in my life. I looked around the theater to see if we wouldn't be seen and then slowly opened the top button of my trousers and pulled the zipper down. I didn't say a word. Pulling my now almost painful erection out of my pants for her to see, I just began to stroke up and down. She softly touched it with the back of her hand, but then moved away as I took over. We sat there in the darkness of the nearly deserted theater as she watched me do one of the most personal and private things anyone can do. At that point, all I know was that I needed relief and I was going to get some with her sitting there next to me watching. She whispered, 'It's so thick. I never knew.' Maybe it had been a long time since she had seen a man's erection, or maybe her experience had been with men who are smaller. Mine wasn't especially long or anything, but I know that over the years I had satisfied my wife just fine.

As she watched me, she squirmed around until she had her hand free and raised the hem of her skirt. It slowly slid up exposing her heavy thighs. They were so pale in the light from the movie. Of course they were pale. I had never seen her naked thighs up that high. She never even wore a swimsuit that I could remember. Her thick thighs were wedged together and I could see they were slightly marbled with fat. She parted them slightly and to do so, she brought her right calf over my left thigh. Her knee so close to my erection that it was almost touching as I stroked.

She pushed her large panties down in front over the bulge of her stomach until I could see a thick mat of curly dark brown hair. She let her skirt fall back down, but then did something that almost drove me over the edge. She took my left hand that had previously been massaging her nipple and pushing down, she wedged it down between her thick hot thighs. She peeled her panties away from my hand and literally shoved my fingers down into her. I felt her curly hairs and slick, smooth wet tunnel. I was surprised at how open she was. Yes, she had a couple kids, but I didn't remember her being with a man in years. She was such a contrast to my wife. I had three fingers inside of her when she used her hand to force my fourth finger into her as well. She forced my fingers in and out of her for a minute or two. Once they were coated with her feminine moisture, she pulled them up and outside of her to concentrate on her engorged knob. My middle and ring finger slid easily in and out of her while my index finger and pinky slid along her hairy outer lips. She used her hand to manipulate my fingers as I rubbed her in that forbidden place. The nub at the top of her slit hardened slightly as it grew. She alternated between plunging my fingers inside of her and quickly rubbing her up top. I remember she was watching my hand working over my erection and I was mesmerized by the sight between her legs. I could begin to smell her wetness. It was so different than any I had known.

I was close to my own orgasm so I slowed my hand down, concentrating on pleasing her. Lucky for us, there was no one nearby to hear the sounds my fingers were making as I rubbed her. I thought how lucky I was to be doing this with her and that most people never got this chance. Just that thought of where my hand was made me start to climax. My body jerked up and to the side and with that, my semen flowed and coated her knee that was over my leg. My orgasms have slowed down over the years, but the sexiness of what was happening meant a great deal to me and it seemed to go on forever. I rubbed my erection back and forth against her knee as my orgasm subsided. I started to increase the pace of my hand working inside of her and we built up a steady rhythm. We continued this pace for another four or five minutes, speeding up and slowing down to make the most of her sensations. This made her begin to orgasm I think because she pressed my hand tight up against her big puffy mound and tossed her head back. She was completely silent, but her thighs quivered and I felt her squeezing my fingers both from inside of her and from her hand pressed tightly to mine. I kept rubbing as best I could until she whispered for me to stop. The air surrounding us was now a combination of her own scent and her sweet perfume.

As we regained our composure the guilt started in me. This would change our relationship forever. I know she felt it too because she said 'Take your fingers out of me.' I was reluctant to let go but finally did. As I pulled my fingers out from between her legs, she pulled her panties up over her stomach. She then pulled her leg off of mine and used the napkin from my lap to wipe my semen off her thigh. She said, 'We shouldn't have done this.' That was when the enormity of it hit me that I had just made her orgasm. I had also made myself orgasm all over her. She smoothed her skirt down and tucked her hair behind her ears.

What had brought this on? Maybe a better question would be what do we do now. She just said, 'Let's go,' and we made it out of the theater and into the heat and sun of that summer afternoon. When we got to her car, she checked her makeup in the car mirror and said 'I look awful.'

'No you don't,' and before even thinking added 'You look beautiful.' She glanced over at me and let out a breath. She was beautiful and flushed with that look that happens after an orgasm.

Taking me on to the airport was an uncomfortable silence. We were early, but I think we both wanted to get away from each other after our episode in the theater. I know I needed some space. I think we both wanted to say something on the ride out but, to say anything would acknowledge it and maybe ruin it. As she dropped me off, she got out to help me with my bag. We just stood there. I finally leaned in to kiss her like I always did when we met or said goodbye. But when we hugged I pressed myself to her in a way I had never done before. We stood there hugging, her head on my shoulder as I smelled her perfume and caressed her back. We did break off eventually because people were starting to stare. I held her hand for a moment and as I stood there, she teared up. She simply said 'Thank you,' as she turned and got in her car.

Her scent was still on my hand that evening as I got home and kissed my wife. Usually after being away like that, she and I would make love, but instead I slipped upstairs to take a shower, but before I did, I brought myself off with her scent on my hand and the memory of my hand in her panties.

Returning back to my normal life meant I had to forget. I just can't though. It's been eight months now and I felt if I didn't write this out I might forget or make myself crazy. Re-reading this I realize that I just rambled through it so I hope it makes sense. I was just going to write it and keep it, but I don't want my wife to find it so I hope you readers can get something out of it even knowing how wrong it was.



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