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It Pays to Help Out

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This all happened a few weeks ago.
I live with my dad and my 12-year-old little sister who we'll call Kim. One night, Kim invited over two of her friends to spend the night. It just so happened that my dad was called into the hospital the same night. Since Kim has never really been any trouble, I volunteered to keep an eye on the three of them. The night went on without any problem. My dad said he'd be home around 2am so I decided to set up a movie for the girls to watch. I ended up sticking around for the movie.
Now I've never been attracted to someone so young, but one of my sister's friends really made me horny. This girl who we'll call Kelly was pale and pretty chunky for her age. But with the extra weight comes extra development. This little girl was wearing a tank top and shorts and with this skimpy clothing, her perky little titties were practically hanging out!
Since my cock was starting to get some crazy ideas, I decided to retreat to the bathroom to relieve myself. I laid there naked on the floor, beating my medium sized cock, thinking of Kelly's plump little titties. Apparently I was in there for a while because before I shot my load, the door opened and my sister and her friends caught me in the act! I screamed at them to get out. I had no idea what to do!
When I finally came out, my sister's second friend, a small black girl we'll call Kristen was freaking out on the couch. Kim and Kelly were just the opposite. These two apparently knew what I was doing and asked me to show them!
I was completely shocked. My little sister wanted to see me masturbate! This chubby little girl that I was just fantasizing about wanted to see the same thing. I immediately started thinking about what I should do. I was worried about Kristen and about getting in trouble, but I was still incredibly horny since I wasn't able to finish up in the bathroom.
I told them I'd show them on three conditions. The first was that they had to make sure Kristen was ok. After about ten minutes of talking, Kristen seemed to join the bandwagon. I later found out that she thought she was going to get in trouble. The second condition was that they couldn't tell anybody since I didn't exactly want to get in trouble... After they agreed to that, I said that the third condition was that they had to be completely naked while I did it. Strangely enough, Kim almost immediately stripped. She had barely started to develop. She had little buds for nipples and barely a hint of fuzz on her pussy.
At this point, I almost blew my load, but I held on, hoping to see Kelly and Kristen. They slowly got undressed as well. I just wanted to put Kelly's titties straight into my mouth, but I held back. She had a surprising amount of hair covering her pussy.
Seeing these three girls nude in front of me was just to good to be true. I hadn't seen a girl naked in real life at this point and to have three in front of me was a dream come true, even if they didn't have much in the way of t and a.
After they were naked, I brought out my cock and quickly finished the job I started back in the bathroom. The girls all giggled when they saw my semen all over my hand. After asking what exactly it was, Kristen asked what it tasted like. I told them they could try it if they wanted. All three of them did!
After this, I got up the courage to ask them about masturbating, and blow jobs. Before the night was over, each of them had masturbated, and sucked my cock. I even had each of their titties in my mouth, and my tongue in each of their tiny pussies. Kim and Kristen even ate each other out! This awesome night continued until around one in the morning. It was a good thing we stopped then because my dad got home around 1:30. Kim has had these girls over again since this all happened. And the second time was just as good as the first.



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