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It Only Happened Once

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Small house, and parents who insisted on inviting friends to stay.


Our house was a typical three bedroom property in Hastings, East Sussex, UK. Large-ish main bedroom, smaller one for me, and what was little more than a box room for my brother. (Well, maybe a little bigger than that, because he could fit a large-ish single bed in there as well as all his computer stuff.

From my earliest memory of having my own room, I got shipped out into my brother's room whenever mum and dad had friends or family (usually family) to stay over. That meant a weekend cramped up into one bed. That was ok when I was younger, but as my brother was older than me, he soon resented it. When I started to develop, so did I. Mum and Dad didn't see any difficulty though. 'You have to be generous, Jayne, it's only a couple of nights.' I remember feeling really angry about this, but because dad was handy with his belt, I never said what I was thinking which was 'Then be generous and put them up in a hotel!'

When I was 16, I had got into a bearable routine when my brother and I had to share a bed. We would sleep back to back and I would wear PJs and a t shirt. (Sometimes my dressing gown too.)

So, this particular Sunday morning, (it was in the summer too) I woke up to find something very VERY different. My brother had his arm around me and his hand was under my top and cupping my boob! I wondered if he was asleep, but by his deep breathing I figured he was. I was also aware of something VERY hard and large pressing against my bum. Now, I had a sexy dream in the night. Although I am still a virgin, at that time in my life I had seen a few things on the internet and I must admit, I used to masturbate thinking about these images. I decided that this was no good at all and gently moved his hand away and rolled over onto my back. He didn't seem to move or be aware of what I had done.

That put me on my back and him breathing into my right ear. That's when I heard him say 'Well, sis? Want a bit of fun?' It went through me like an electric shock. I had planned to go to the bathroom and jill off in response to my dream, but suddenly I thought why not? I took his hand and put it on my tummy and then guided him down lower until he took over and was soon fingering me. He seemed to know what rocked my boat and soon, I had my right leg spread across him and he had his right hand on my clit and his left hand under my bum with a finger deep inside my pussy. I came long, very very long, and very very hard.

Then I reached for him. He felt really big and I almost had trouble getting my fingers around him. I started to jack him off. He said 'Talk to me'. So I said 'Mmmm your fingers felt great, but I think this would feel better. You want to fuck your sister?' And stuff like that. I felt him hold the quilt out of the way and he went stiff and pumped a load of sperm up onto his chest and tummy. It was my first time not only seeing, but making a boy produce sperm. I remember it felt, oh, I don't know, kinda like egg white, but it was the smell that I really loved. For a few minutes, I traced my fingers through it on his tummy before he reached for a towel and cleaned himself up.

That was the only time we ever did anything and we never referred to it again.

Thing is, since then, I have often wondered about doing it again with him... and more besides. I think that some sexual activity between siblings is more common that people think and I would love to know, (and I mean REALLY, not in fantasyland) how many girls have really had a one off event of any kind with their brothers?

I have to admit, mine has been the subject of a lot of lovely jilling since.



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