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It Must Have Been Hard To Ask.

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We had threesomes before.But always with another woman.He wanted another bisexual man this time.


I have been reading the stories on this site foe about two months now.I never thought I would want to share but I seemed to have changed my mind.A woman is allowed to change her mind.We have been married now for twenty years.For the last two years we have been going to swing clubs,and have been enjoying threesome sex with other women.

My husband came to me about two months ago asking me if I would be interested in having a threesome with another man.I smiled thinking to myself oh yes fresh cock.He also wanted the man to be bisexual.This surprised me.I never thought for a second that he would want to try a bi experience.I said to him another man??He replied we had other women and you enjoyed it.I want to try this.

He wanted me to ask my friend John,who was tall thin and had a great ass.Almost shaped like a woman's.I told him I would ask him but I think he is strictly gay,and has no interest in women.If that is who he wanted I would just watch.If it was alright with him.Just watching would get me going and make me explode with pleasure.(My husband with another man)

Two days passed and I came home to my husband with good news.John was excited and willing to have a threesome with us.As long as my husband was involved.Turns out he is bi sexual and he has always wanted to have his way with me.We made a date for Saturday night.My house about 8.30.

He arrived on time with a bottle of wine.The three of us sat talked and got ready for what was going to be the start of something great.I sat next to John and got things going.I started kissing him.My husband was sitting on the other chair beginning to touch himself,as John began touching me.

I instructed both men to come up to the bedroom.I started undressing.As I instructed the men to undress each other.They were down to nothing fast,standing naked by the bed.I still had my bra and panties left about to come off.Also standing nude with the men. John said OH YES..You are beautiful.As the men approached me putting me on the bed.Both men touching and kissing me.John was fingering my pussy.As my husband Ed was fingering my ass.He knows that is my "other G spot". Anything up my ass drives me crazy.It did not take long before they had me bucking and yelling for more.As I reached a climax,my ass lifted off the bed and I had full release.

Now the men needed the same.My husband nervously reached down to get hold of John's very large and natural cock.there was no doubt he was much larger than my husband.He was natural with foreskin.shaved with just a little hair over his cock.My husband was shaved clean.Ed started masturbating Johns large cock.As John then took Ed's erect cock began playing with it.I got out of bed now being fully satisfied sitting on the bedroom chair.Watching the men enjoy themselves.

I was now touching myself masturbating my own pussy getting ready to cum again,at my own hands.Just then John took Ed's cock putting it in his mouth.and my husband did the same to John.Watching this just took me over the top.I brought myself to a great climax,sitting in the chair watching.Never thinking two men could be so exciting.John was saying oh here I cum.As he shot a load all over my husband's face and neck.And shortly afterwards Ed was now getting his turn.Shooting a load like when he was twenty.I mean a good creamy load.He has not came like that in a long time.This must have been something he really needed or really wanted to experience.

Still naked and on the chair.the men now were holding each other.John was running his hands across Ed's ass.My husband wanted John to finger his ass.Both men were touching each other and shortly there after Ed also had his fingers up John's beautiful girlish ass too.I now made my way back to the bed getting between both men,and enjoy the after glow.

I think we are now going to be a bi sexual couple.No doubt Ed enjoyed the company of another man and I also in the past enjoyed the company of other women.So as long as we are consenting adults and enjoy something a little out of the ordinary,I see nothing wrong with it.

We now look on line for other couples who would enjoy a foursome.Both parties have to be bisexual.My husband also wants the man to be thin and cleaned shaved.Face and cock.We have a date with a couple next weekend.If anyone is interested I will let you know what happens.Till then..



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